Australian Shepherd Lab Mix: Is It the Right Breed for You and Your Family?

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What are Aussie Lab mix dogs called?

The Aussie Lab mix is a combination between the Labrador retriever and the Australian Shepherd. Most of the time, the common name for this species is the Aussiedor. But also different combinations of Australian Shepherd and Labrador are quite wide-spread (e.g., Aussie Lab mix, Labrador mixed with Australian Shepherd, etc.). 

What does a Lab Australian Shepherd mix look like?

This mix usually tends to have characteristics from both their original breeds. They are a medium to large dog, and they can be rather heavy, around 55-80 pounds in total. They are also rather tall too. They will usually be medium-sized pups, although they can also be rather heavy depending on the size of their parents. 

Meet energetic ball of fur called Turbo.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix: Breed Specifications

Average Weight55 - 80 pounds
Average Height20 - 25 inches
Average Lifespan12 - 13 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger house with the yard is preferrable
PersonalityActive, friendly, intelligent

How much do Aussiedor puppies weigh?

Aussiedor puppies weigh 20 pounds or something around that number. But as we mentioned earlier, this depends on the size of their parents. If the parents are larger, then the puppy will be like that too.

How big will an Australian Labrador get?

You can expect the Aussie Lab mix to be up to 21.5 or even 24.5 inches tall. They are mostly a medium-sized dog, but it’s important to note that they can be a bit taller than the original breeds. Still, these are estimates, every Aussie Lab mix is different, and that means you will have different ranges when it comes to sizes and length. On average, The adult Aussie Lab mix will weight up to 55 to 80 pounds. 

Just Aww. Charcoal Aussiedor Charlie.

The lifespan of Aussiedor

An Aussiedor will usually end up living anywhere from 12 to 13 years in total. However, to reach the higher end of the lifespan spectrum, you have to take care of your pet. 

Aussie Lab mix temperament

As it happens with the mixes like that, the pup’s character can be a complete surprise. Labs tend to be very friendly with kids and adults. They will, however, chase animals in your yard. On the other hand, Australian Shepherd also has a lot of energy. They can be territorial, too, but they are very loyal.

How easy is it to train an Aussie Lab mix?

The Aussie Lab mix is energetic and smart, so training won’t be that much of a problem for them.

Training tips for your Australian Labradors

A good idea is to focus your pet on a specific type of training. You can help establish the yard boundaries and ensure that everything works correctly and the way you want. Keeping the dog under control and focused on one task is a must for this mix. 

Australian Shepherd and Lab mix grooming and care

Brushing is pretty much mandatory for the Aussie Lab mix as they have a very thick coat. 

Cheerful Aussiedor Lemmy from @thewolfepack

Aussiedor: possible health issues

There can be some health issues, as the Aussie Lab mix is at risk for eye diseases like cataracts. They are also at risk of cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, along with hip and elbow dysplasia. Other than that, the mix tends to be quite healthy. 

Australian Shepherd Lab mix: fun facts to know 

The Aussie Lab mix is a herding dog, so they enjoy being around other dogs.

Aussiedor: is it right for you and your family? 

The Aussie Lab mix is smart and can be family-friendly, too, if it takes more from the lab parent. This is also an excellent working dog. However, it does need lots of exercise. If you get past that and the shedding issues, the Aussie Lab mix can be a fantastic dog for you and your family.

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