Best Practices on Potty Training German Shepherd Puppy

People are very fond of German shepherd puppies and it is a breed of medium to the large-sized dog which is originated in Germany. The official popular name of this breed is German Shepherd Dog in the English Language and is also known as Alsatians in Britain and Ireland. German Shepherds are working dogs and they are very strong, intelligent and obedient. That is why these dogs’ services are mostly availed by police, military. German shepherd dogs are originally developed for rounding up sheep. These dogs are also trainable and that is why these dogs are used in movies. The standard height of a male dog is 60 to 65 cm and 55 to 60 cm for females. The standard weight is 30-40 kg for males and 22-32 kg for females.


Potty training a German shepherd puppy is not a big deal. When the pups are born they do all the activities like eating, poop, and pee in their shelter only. And the shelter will never produce bad smell and it is not polluted at all. Mom’s duty is only to clean up the mess. It helps to keep the shelter very clean. One disadvantage of owners is taking pups outside for at least 6 to 8 weeks because the pups don’t learn from mom to go outside for their daily activity. But it is only a part of training the German shepherd puppy to show them a proper place to relax and get rid of the urge.


Dogs are very brilliant, means once they trained about something or activity, they will never forget and keep doing the same.

For example: if a puppy is trained to poop and pee outside on the grass instead of their shelter or the parking space, she will always do the same. In the same way, if you through some article and train her to bring it back, she will always bring back the articles thrown outside.

Reliable Digestive Tract:

German shepherd’s belly is well-heeled and energetic. After having the food between 10 to 30 minutes the pup will be ready to out to comfort station. So the owner’s duty is to maintain the time in feeding them regularly.

Reliable Bladder:

After 20 days of birth, German shepherd puppy will be able to have control of her body functions. It means she will pass out when necessary. A pup can hold her pee for 2 hours after 8 to 16 weeks, but better to take her out after every one hour. After 16 weeks of age, the pup can hold pee for approximately 4 hours. After 6 months she will have control to hold pee for 4 hours.

Your attitude:

Owner’s attitude matters on how to potty train a German shepherd puppy. The time is taken to train and how successful the training will be is influenced by the owner’s attitude. Puppies and adult dogs will grasp from the owner’s voice and body language. When the puppy is about her daily business the owner should never disturb or make her complete the business in a hurry. Let the puppy relaxed and avoid shouting and pushing her to do it fast.

Tips to make your German Shepherd Dog Learn Faster:

  • You can always find a proper way of training or do things in a better way than the other.
  • Regularly take your German Shepherd Dog from one door rather than changing the way every day.
  • Whenever you are taking her out, don’t forget to put a rope or strap on her neck so that it can recognize you as the owner and follows you.
  • When it eliminates or exhales in the correct spot, try to appreciate her or give some gifts like toys or some feed.
  • Take her back inside with the help of the strap or belt from the same passage. By mistake, if she poops out inside the shelter or house, please don’t shout or abuse her. Because that promotes various reactions. At the time of the puppy’s early days, the owner should check twice or thrice during the night time to check pup. The owner needs to take it out for poop if it feels uneasy, standing on the cage, mourning. Unless the puppy gets the awareness of routine works and house rules, never let her go out of the cage.
  • Overall the potty training looks like a lengthy process, once it is over, the owner can feel carefree after that.
  • When we buy a puppy, buy a small cage for each puppy with a door, small bag of biscuits. Have some cleaning liquids which can remove stains and keep the premises clean always. Don’t try to train the puppy by reading and getting information from outside. It has to be always from our inner feeling only. We need to take care of the puppy s or pet animals as we take care of our own children.
  • These are some of the important tips to train and take care of German Shepherd Puppy.  But you’d like to learn more check this article for further reading.