Dogs That Don’t Shed: Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Free Couches

Low shedding dogs_Yorkies

Dog’s hair… probably one of a few downsides of owning a pup… It’s getting everywhere! Not only does it get messy, but for many people, allergies are also a factor. What’s the potential solution? A dog that doesn’t shed. Or shed less, at least. This post features a list of dog breeds that don’t shed to come to rescue you and your couches and more information you have to learn about shedding (or not).

How Long Do Huskies Live?

Husky is a generic name for a sled-type of canine cultivated in northern regions and developed by Arctic natives. Those dogs were distinguished from other sled-types by their quick pulling method. In this article, we will focus on the life expectancy of Siberian and Alaskan Huskies, two of the most popular types.

Beagle Lab Mix: Personality, Training and Care Tips

Blending one of the cutest (beagle) and one of the most awesome dogs breeds (labrador) definitely wasn’t such a bad idea.  And both are amongst the most loved dog breeds in the United States, as stated by the American Kennel Club (AKC), A crossbreed—often called ‘designer dog’ (and we covered the topic HERE) —is the … Read more Beagle Lab Mix: Personality, Training and Care Tips

Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Your Full Guide to Goberien Breed Also recognized as the Goberien, the Husky Golden Retriever has grown popular during the earlier years. This is not unusual when you think how widespread the parent breeds are. Of course, all hybrid breeds front some controversy. But let’s get you the most details about Goberiens so you can … Read more Golden Retriever Husky Mix