Can Dogs Eat Celery? Is It Safe or Toxic? Leaves or Sticks?

Celery contains essential nutrients like flavonoids, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. It also includes other antioxidant nutrients that offer a lot of health benefits. Celery is a rich source of phytonutrients, which can reduce severe instances of inflammation in the body organs, blood vessels, cells, and digestive tract. But let’s learn of all that applies to dogs.

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Is celery good for dogs?

Since it does not contain a high volume of cholesterol and fat, it is good for your dog. Also, celery has different antioxidants and essential nutrients like Vitamin A, C, and K, manganese, and potassium, which has been found very useful for your dog’s health. It only has 14 calories per 100g. And can also freshen up the breath of your dog.

Is celery safe for dogs?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. However, you need to avoid giving too much celery because it can lead to more frequent urination – something that you don’t want about your dog. Additionally, when you cut celery into small, chewable, and digestive pieces, it is considered safe for your dog. Again, make sure you feed it to the pup in small amounts. Also, remove the leaves.

Can celery be toxic to dogs?

Your dog can eat celery, it’s absolutely safe. However, it would be best if you only give your dog the celery as an occasional treat only. Too much celery can cause problems for your dog. Such as upset stomach, high-sodium in the blood, and choking hazards, which is a common condition in small dogs. 

When can celery be bad for dogs?

Celery is bad for your dog only when you don’t remove the leaves. Besides, excess of anything is harmful – even if it is healthy food like celery full of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

A balanced diet is vital. Feeding your dog too much celery or above the recommended amount can cause the kidneys to excrete more Sodium. This puts pressure on not only the kidney itself but also imbalances the homeostatic functions of your dog.

Can dogs eat raw celery sticks?

Yes, your dog can eat raw celery sticks. But the dog owner has to chop the celery sticks into small, bite-sized pieces to decrease the risk of choking. 

Can puppies eat celery?

Your pup’s nutrition is typically based on dry and wet foods, which contain the appropriate amount of supplemental nutrients like vitamins, fats, and proteins.

If you want your little friend to eat celery, then it is safe, but make sure it does not surpass five percent of your puppy’s daily food consumption. Otherwise, it can disturb your puppy’s digestive system. And to be on the safe side, consult your vet first, as you should always do when introducing a new product to your dog’s diet.

Can dogs have celery? Conclusion

Although dogs are carnivorous by nature, many dog owners give their dogs vegetables and fruits for extra nutritional benefits. One such veggie is celery, which has been found nutritionally safe for dogs if they eat the right amount.

Moreover, when eaten above the recommended amount, your dog can have an upset stomach or high-sodium in the blood.100g of celery has 105 g of Sodium. And that’s recommended daily intake of this element for a medium-sized dog.

Increased pressure on kidneys to excrete salt can be disturbing for the overall homeostatic balance of your dog’s body. Therefore, as a dog owner, you need to take care of your beloved friend and avoid giving him too much celery. 

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