Can Dogs Eat Eggplants, Raw or Cooked?

Even though eggplant’s popularity is not quite high, eggplant can be absolutely delicious if it’s appropriately cooked. It’s also very healthy for you because it’s high in a bunch of vitamins and nutrients. However, if you’re thinking to add this vegetable to your dog’s diet, you have to read this first.

Is eggplant good for dogs?

Eggplant is loaded with phytonutrients, which are crucial for preventing many diseases. It contains chlorogenic acid and the phytonutrients nasunin — this power couple known to fight heart diseases, some cancers, and even neurological dysfunction. The Eggplant is also exploding with vitamins K and B6 along with the whole range of minerals from potassium to niacin. Even though your pup’s food designed to have a harmonious balance of nutrients, it’s never a bad idea to add a little extra from a new source.

Is eggplant bad for dogs?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. If your pup has never tried eggplant before, it’s crucial you serve just a tiny portion first to watch the reaction.   If your dog has a record of allergies you probably shouldn’t give him or her an eggplant, in all the other cases – eggplant likely won’t harm them.

Some troubling reactions will include things like rashes, itching, or an upset stomach, vomiting, facial swelling and a painful stomach. If you spotted any of those, it would probably make sense to contact your vet and ask for some guidelines.  

Some pups may require an antihistamine, while lesser effects will resolve on their own. Some of the severe symptoms, especially if it includes swelling and vomiting, might need an immediate visit to your vet for treatment.

Another point to consider if you determined to incorporate eggplants into your pup’s nutrition is your pet’s health story. You have to be confident that your dog doesn’t experience any kidney issued because eggplants are high in oxalate and that can worsen the kidney disease in dogs.  Dog’s Inflammation difficulties, such as arthritis are too in a no-eggplant list because eggplants could worsen those conditions and won’t go well with any anti-inflammatory medication your dog is currently taking.

Can dogs eat raw eggplant?

Some dogs might prefer it raw, and all you have to do is dice a little piece of it and mix it with the rest of their normal food. Raw eggplant, if your pup really likes it, can also be utilized as a snack or even a treat.  And it never hurts to substitute commercially processed treats with a bit healthier option.

Can dogs eat cooked eggplant?

Some dogs might not want an eggplant raw, so roasting it will bring out its zest better.

If you’re cooking it, use oil, butter or anything else fatty very lightly. Ditch the seasonings – dogs can’t handle large amounts of salt, pepper, garlic or any of that.

Never fry the eggplant if you are going to feed this veggie to your dog. Fried versions of any food should not ever make its way to your pup’s belly. Anything fried is a considerable health risk to your pooch, sometimes even life-threatening. Along with the roasting, boiling will be your best option if you are about to introduce your puppy to cooked eggplants.

Can dogs have eggplant? Summary

Yes, they can! If given in moderation, eggplants are safe for dogs.

But your pup should be watched closely after, just in case you want to make sure that the pet is not allergic since the eggplants are the part of the nightshade family, a well-known allergen for both people and dogs. Other than that eggplant is a great source of fiber,  necessary for maintaining a proper digestive tract’s functioning. And it’s also low in calories. Combine that benefit with high fiber content, and you get a terrific nutritional option for pups on a diet, who don’t think they’re getting enough off of their regular “weight loss” food.

Credits: thanks for the cover photo to Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels