Can Dogs Eat Pistachios? Are These Nuts Safe, Bad, or Good for Your Pup?

Taking care of a dog can be like taking care of a child for some people. You have rules to live by with much care and love involved. One of these ‘rules’ is to ensure you are feeding your pet the right foods-knowing what is good/healthy for them and what is absolutely dangerous for them to consume. 

Now, you are probably on this article for one thing only: pistachios. Can dogs eat pistachios? I’m assuming either your dog snuck into your pantry accidentally eating some. Or you gave your dog pistachios nonchalantly then realized you don’t even know if this is allowed for them. This food is ultimately not toxic for dogs, but pistachios and dogs should not mix. Here, we will explain why and what is recommended. 

For a quick answer: Yes, dogs can eat pistachios IF they were just a few pieces. NO, if they ate a large amount, or if you are planning to feed them this regularly. If they ate a large amount, keep an eye out for them throughout the day if they vomit or look sick or weak. 

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Are pistachios safe for dogs? 

Though pistachios are generally a healthy snack with many benefits, it is important to note that pistachios are actually high in fat. Very high.

So, if we are talking about ‘safe,’ they are safe for dogs to eat in that it will not kill them. However, the high-fat content could cause the dogs to feel sick if taken in large amounts.

So, if you drop pistachio or two on the floor, and your dog quickly picks it up to eat, there is no need to panic. A piece or two is safe and okay. This will not cause horrible symptoms or behaviors. 

Are pistachios bad for dogs?

If you give a dog large amounts of pistachios, and any nuts, in fact, then yes, this is bad for dogs. Snacks such as pecans, macadamia, hazelnuts, and pistachios can cause diarrhea and vomiting with dogs. If you decide to give your dog some nuts, 5 pieces or so are innocent and will not harm them.

But if it is a huge amount–an amount you, the human, would consume–then this could cause pistachio poisoning, which, of course, will upset the dog’s stomach. So, answering the question of are pistachios poisonous to dogs is a matter of looking at the portion you give them. 

In worst cases, foods high in fats might also be able to cause pancreatitis. This is a condition in which the pancreas becomes inflamed.

So, keep snacks such as nuts very high on your kitchen shelf. Especially for commercial brands that sell pistachios, these could include artificial flavors and extra salt. This could be bad as it leads to high sodium levels in your dog’s body, leading to sodium ion poisoning. 

Are dogs allergic to pistachios?

We often forget that dogs get allergies, too, with each dog reacting differently to various foods. I don’t know about you, but I thought there was just a list of dos and don’ts for dog foods.

Common signs of a dog’s food allergy are chronic ear inflammation, chronic gas, chronic diarrhea, stomach problems, itchy rear end, and licking their feet. As you may notice, ‘chronic’ comes up a lot, so the question of whether dogs eat pistachios regarding allergies depends on whether it often happens, even with small amounts of these nuts. 

Allergies are a genetic problem. It is especially evident when a dog is allergic to pistachios because the most common allergens are beef, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, rabbit wheat, dairy, and fish.

So if your dog reacted drastically to a few pieces, then it is best to check with your vet if your pet is all okay. Your vet will be able to advise you on the best course of action following a possible pistachio poisoning, simply treating them on the spot. Or giving you some recommended recommendations to take at home. 

Are pistachios good for dogs?

As previously mentioned, a few pieces of pistachios are fine for a dog–not bad, not good, but just fine. If we ask whether pistachios are ‘healthy’, I would say no, and best avoid it. In fact, you should not just be asking if can dogs have pistachios.

You should also get familiar with all the other types of nuts, which is okay to eat, and which are the biggest no-nos. (Quick note: Macadamia is one of the worst things you can give to a dog! Avoid at all times!).

The only nut that is somewhat ‘safe’ for a dog are peanuts. They are technically legumes and are okay to give to dogs when unsalted or unseasoned. Cashews are also okay, but as something not given as a regular snack. Some other safer fruits and vegetables are considered far more ‘good’ for your pets to create a positive, healthy lifestyle. You are not missing so many health benefits by not giving them pistachios.

Can dogs eat pistachio shells?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO. Dogs cannot eat pistachio shells. They are simply not edible. If you, the human, cannot even eat it, then why would it be okay for our dogs to consume it also.

If you decide to give them a piece or two, always remember to take the shell off. If your dog ate a pistachio shell, then keep an eye for him/her.

The reason is that this is a major choking hazard. There could be the chance that your dog, especially puppies or smaller dogs, will not properly chew the pistachio shell into smaller pieces.

If your dog chokes, there are different techniques to help them cough it out. I give a hard pat on the back multiple times for my dog. And it usually helps.

My dog ate pistachio. What should I do? 

Accidents happen, and of course, dogs will be dogs! They are bound to snoop around and eat whatever is placed before them, especially for young puppies. Suppose you are already late and discover that they are already consuming one.

In that case, the first thing to do is to investigate how much they have eaten. Look around the house, the kitchen, and even open their mouths. If it looks like they only ate a few pieces, then it is fine. If you are still worried, just continue monitoring your dog’s behavior.

 If they act restless and lick the floor a lot, this is often a sign that they want to throw up. Let that happen to get it out of their system. If you deliberately give it to them, just make sure you are not giving a large amount, and don’t do it often.

If you do it often and notice the same effects, this could be an allergy. If in doubt, always bring this up with your vet. They will examine and test if this is a substantial problem. 

Can dogs have pistachios? Summary

In summary, just avoid giving your dogs pistachios. There are plenty of other treats that are beneficial for your dog’s health. If they had eaten a couple of pieces by accident, or you just couldn’t handle their sad, begging, puppy-face when you were snacking, then this is okay too. 

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