Can I Give My Dog A Bath With Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough is somewhat common in dogs. If you see that your dog is making a sound as if they are choking. It is an indication that your dog has kennel cough or what is also called tracheobronchitis, which is a respiratory disorder. As a pet parent, being responsible for your dog comes with many things to keep in mind. Suppose your dog is having any form of physical disturbance. In that case, you must take proactive steps and find suitable treatments as soon as possible. A good thing about kennel cough is that although it sounds rather disturbing and you might feel that your dog is suffering a lot, it is not a very serious condition for the most part. Your dog can recover without much treatment. However, you should know the do’s and don’ts when caring for a dog with kennel cough, like can I give my dog a bath with kennel cough. 

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How to understand that your dog is suffering from kennel cough?

Kennel cough is caused by various airborne viruses and is an upper respiratory infection. Since it is caused by a broad spectrum of airborne viruses, it is pretty typical. All dogs will likely experience this disease at some point in life, although it is not so severe. In most cases, kennel coughs last for no more than three weeks and can even last for a shorter duration in other cases. It generally clears itself up without any medical attention. However, it is always important for you to understand if your dog has a kennel cough to differentiate it from other more serious disorders. The symptoms of kennel cough include:

  • Coughing right after starting exercise. 
  • Increased coughing at night.
  • Dry cough that does not produce phlegm or mucous. 
  • Wheezing and honking sound when coughing. 
  • Runny eyes. 

If you see that your dog is vomiting mucus after a point, it is a sign that the cough has progressed to pneumonia. 

Giving a bath to a dog with kennel cough: yes or no?

For the most part, there is not much harm in giving your dog a bath, even if they are suffering from kennel cough. If you can arrange for a nice and relaxing bath for your dog at home, you must provide it to them. It can be a great way for them to find some peace while also serving as a treatment option itself. However, it is advisable not to take your dog to an outside facility as that can be stressful, and the virus can also attack other dogs. Make sure that the bath, even at home, does not stress your dog out. Any form of stress can worsen the case of kennel cough. 

What to consider when giving your dog with kennel cough a bath?

For the most part, a bath can be a perfect treatment option for your dog, but you have to ensure that it is a relaxing environment for them. Any kind of stress will make the condition worsen. So, if your dog is already stressed about taking a bath, it might not be a good idea to give them a bath while they suffer from kennel cough.

Benefits of giving bath to a dog with kennel cough 

A steam treatment is often recommended for dogs suffering from kennel cough. It is a great way to clear the respiratory tract and ensure the viruses are taken care of. Although taking your dog to an outside facility for this duration is not recommended, you can also create a sauna for your dog right in the comfort of your own house. The steam is quite soothing to the bronchial tubes and can provide much relief to your dog. 

So, the point is- kennel cough is generally not severe. Still, you always need to be on the watch to ensure that it doesn’t evolve into pneumonia. Keep your dog’s comfort in mind when caring for your furry friend. Make sure to do ample research before providing any treatment for kennel cough. 

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