Best Collapsible Dog Crate: Top 8 Portable, Soft Sided, Heavy Duty, etc.

Tons of crate training aspects make it a must-have from many perspectives. They provide comfort, safety, and shelter to your dogs and serve as a second home when they accompany you on long road trips. That’s why looking into a collapsible dog crate that takes just a few seconds to assemble, and you can fold it when you’re running out of space might be a good idea. 

If you are here just for a quick suggestion, I’d say, look into option by Amazon basics. It’s durable, cheap, and does the job.  

If you have more time, though, keep reading for detailed reviews and pros and cons. I’ve spent around 10 hours researching for this article, so you won’t have to. 

Do you have a specific question about finding the right collapsible dog crate? Then use the table of contents below to jump to the most relevant section. And you can always go back by clicking on the black arrow in the right bottom corner of the page. Also, please note that some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. For more details, check the Disclosure section at the bottom of the page. 

Best collapsible dog crate: My top choice

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This one has been one of my most favorite dog crates because of its never-ending list of features. Since it’s foldable, it fits easily in practically any car and takes a very small room.

Most pets seem to be quite fond of this model since it provides good ventilation. And has multiple screened panels so that any dog can enjoy the natural scenery. Now I know how hard it is for the pet parents to cope with sudden bumps when out on the road trips. That’s why this dog crate has a fleece bed. The high-end material keeps your pup calm, and hundreds of pockets let you store all pet’s accessories.


  • Sturdy bottom
  • Washable
  • Charcoal grey color (very practical)
  • Spacious


  • None for the price

Collapsible and portable dog crate

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The first thing that allowed this collapsible kennel made this list is the wide range of sizes. It is essential because you don’t want your dog to stay in such a crate that isn’t his size. This struggle to adjust and constant shrinking of the body frame can lead to several bone conditions like Panosteitis. To avoid this from the beginning, it makes sense to opt for a slightly larger kennel than the dog’s height. You may get this one in dimensions as in 21, 26, 30 inches, and so on.

It has 2 doors, impressive ventilation, and zipper pockets paired up with the PVC frame and polyester fabric (not the most amazing materials, but still quite sturdy).


  • Front and top door
  • Luxurious design
  • Easy to assemble
  • High quality


  • Might not be suitable for some dog breeds

Soft-sided dog crate

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I was looking for a soft dog crate that promises the highest degree of comfort. This one comes to par with a sleek design and a weight as light as a feather, making it a perfect accessory for any outdoor plans. The key to its softness lies in the fleece bed, which has a high-end cottony filling that soothes your pet’s muscles. The three entrance doors with small paneled windows let your pet breathe in the fresh air. This folding crate is also washable and takes a few minutes to re-assemble.

The springs with the collapsible bars are resistant to all the potential damage and definitely make it more durable.


  • Mesh sides
  • Best for long-distance travel
  • Spacious
  • Easy to set up


  • The zippers aren’t very high quality

Best large collapsible dog crate

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If your pet is medium to large, this option is one of the best collapsible kennels you might encounter. It deals with any nasty odors and ensures your pet has access to the fresh air outside. It has a screw-in frame design that holds the bars tightly and makes the assembling process easier than ever. This crate does work as an open bed and comes with quality mesh and durable zippers. You may find two doors at the top, which are also foldable.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Perfect for outdoor trips


  • Zippers are not great

Best collapsible crate for travel

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This collapsible pet carrier measures up to 18 x 29.8 x 11 inches and is expandable that adds to its commodious aspect. Remarkably, this one claims to follow the standard airline size as it fits under most carriers’ regulations. And it also has that cool hard pad at the bottom so that the crate retains its shape even when you hold it from the top handle.


  • Does well with your dog’s attacks
  • Has enough space
  • Your pup can breathe in it
  • Mesh windows


  • It does have a strange plastic smell when you just start using it

Collapsible fabric dog crate

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This one can be a potential savior as it works for a 70-pound canine beautifully without causing an inch of harm. The dimensions follow as 36 x 24 x 2.4 inches and have one top access on either side. If you are worried about spillage incidents, this folding dog crate has a leakage-proof body to prevent that. I love that it says the assemblage won’t take more than 45 seconds and seems like it stands by each word.


  • Best for long-distance drives
  • Saves car’s leather seats
  • Lightweight
  • Works well for heavier breeds


  • It may not be the best option for the small dogs

Chew proof collapsible dog crate

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After spending a lifetime researching for the best collapsible pet carrier, I’m convinced that my pet is capable of tearing apart the expensive fabric crates in seconds. For this reason, I suggest to check out this chew proof collapsible dog crate as it has a metal design with hard bars that resists all violent attempts. To improve it further, two heavy-duty latches prevent all the escaping plans of your animal.

Despite the metal frame, it has a light-weight and takes a few minutes to put it together. It is convenient for beginners because you don’t have to use a tool to set it up. The plastic tray puts an end to leakage accidents and keeps your car seats clean for a longer time in case you are willing to take this crate on a road trip.


  • Withstands all the chewing attempts well
  • Best for the hardwood floors
  • Good for the smaller breeds


  • The metallic wire parts are challenging to use

Heavy-duty collapsible dog crate

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Sometimes when your pet is in the mood to move, regular folding crates are of zero use. This is where you are going to need this heavy-duty collapsible dog crate that has a sturdier composition and is capable of resisting your pet’s efforts to escape. The handles at the top make it highly portable.

However, its design allows your pet to relax comfortably without feeling all the jolts while in it. Since it has a tougher body, you may think that it may get all heated up under the sunlight, but it’s not true. Contrary to this, it protects your animal from the heat outside, serving as a layer towards heat exhaustion (that can be pretty dangerous for dogs), and also lets him fill his lungs with a fresh breeze.


  • Heavier and sturdy construction
  • Durable
  • Takes lesser time to set up
  • Works for all breeds


  • The latches can be too hard for the newborn puppies

What is the collapsible dog cage average price?

When we come to the price, it depends on your budget and the type of collapsible kennel you are looking for. Suppose you want to go with the wire crates. They are so common that you can find them easily for $60 to 600$, which is quite a difference, so you have to choose wisely.

How to fold collapsible dog crate?

The easiest way to fold the collapsible crate is to first ensure that you have closed all the doors and the folding crate’s windows. You may go ahead by removing the plastic pan as well. Then you’d just have to separate the door panel from the top hooks and push it towards the inner bars until you see the side panels are fully bent. Lastly, take the top panel and lower it to either side. This would flatten out everything. Simply secure the kennel with all the hooks, and you’re good to go.

How to take apart collapsible dog crate?

First of all, to take apart a dog crate, take all the things out like your pet’s toys or the food container. Take a damp cloth and wipe everything clean. Secondly, close all the doors or the openings present on the crate. Start from the shorter panels and cautiously remove the bars.

After this, all you have to do is lift the bottom part and push the side panels to give a rather flat shape to the crate. In the end, don’t forget to latch it so that you can carry the foldable dog crate to your car with zero difficulties.

How to assemble it?

It’s pretty easy to assemble a dog crate since it doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Just bring the crate out of the box and place it on the floor with the plastic bottom at the top. Coming to the top panels, you may open them like you’d open a book so that the crate is partially covered. Use the hooks and go for the back layer. You can find hooks on both the top and backside of the crate, attach them, and the same goes for the side panels as well. Place the bottom tray back to its place, and you’re all done!

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