Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs? Possible Health Outcomes and Cure

We all know that bed bugs often bite humans. But, what about our four-legged, furry friend? First and foremost: yes, bed bugs do bite dogs.

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Do dogs feel bed bugs bite?

Dogs feel irritated and uncomfortable due to bed bugs bite. If their skins are sensitive, they often scratch, which affects the wound and can even cause a rash. Though these don’t generally spread diseases, it can be annoying as it causes itching and lack of sleep.

What does a bug bite look like on a dog?

Once any bed bugs bite a dog, you may find little red bumps, much like rashes on human skin, on the belly and limbs of the dogs. Bed bug bites on dogs generally occur in a single straight line, in a group of two or three on a row.

Based on the length of the dog’s fur, the bug bites can be easy or difficult to spot. If the dog scratches his or her skin quite often, their skin can be irritated, and a rash-like appearance may be traced.

What are the potential consequences of bed bugs bites?

You will notice several symptoms in your dog to identify a bed bug bite. These might include excessive itching and scratching, irritations, and swelling of the skin.    

In some cases, especially if your lovely ball of fur has sensitive skin, it may develop a severe allergic reaction due to bed bug bites.

How to soothe your pup’s pain?

The sight of your puppy being in pain is unbearable for any responsible pet parent. And here are a few things that you can do to relieve your pup’s suffering:

  • You may opt for home remedies like baking soda that helps to ease the itchiness. Aloe vera is also beneficial for a dog with severe skin rashes and irritation. All you need is to put some on the affected part. You may also apply cold compress that helps to reduce swelling, redness, and offer temporary relief. But in the long run, a cold compress isn’t enough. 
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  • You may go for medical treatment. Usually, topical ointments can be used to reduce scratchiness, irritation, and heal the pain. However, if the dog got a strong allergic reaction, oral steroids or injections are administered. And before you use any remedies, you have to …
  • Consult a vet. Every dog is unique, and one’s treatment may not apply to another. Instead, consult your doctor who can suggest to you which treatment or product is ideal for your dog’s fur or skin type.

Bug bites on dogs. Summary

Bug bites can cause irritation and rash on a dog, along with severe allergic reactions in some cases. So it’s better to keep control over the situation. Clean your mattress and bedding regularly, keep close attention to the dog and the appearance of his skin, and consult a vet to learn how to keep him inflammation free.

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