Why is My Dog Throwing Up Yellow Foam?

“Why is my dog throwing up yellow foam all over the floor!” Seeing your poor dog vomiting and dealing with tummy issues can be a scary & overwhelming experience. But, it’s vital to maintain your calm & focus on the facts when such unfortunate incidents occur. 

What color is the puke? How often is the dog puking? Is there any evidence of foul play on your dog’s side in your house (e.g., breaking into your cookie stash)? Addressing these questions will lead you to the answer to the main question on your mind – why is my dog puking yellow bile? 

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What Does It Mean When Dog Vomits Yellow? 

To effectively treat any sickness, we first need to find out the root source of the issue. Next, pay attention to the clues surrounding your dog’s stomach-related misfortunes. Your main clues are – the vomit’s color, the vomiting frequency, and the consistency in the dog’s behaviors. 

Your first clue, i.e., the color of the vomit, will reveal two possible causes behind the vomiting. In this case. Did your dog throw up bright yellow liquid? Then there are two possible causes behind this type of vomiting. 

First – your dog may have eaten something yellow-colored & now its digestive system is struggling to process it. Or, the dog may be expelling bile – a digestive mucus produced in the liver. In most cases, the latter is the cause. So let’s understand why dogs cough up yellow mucus. 

Why Your Dog Coughs Up Yellow Mucus? 

Bile plays a key role in a dog’s digestive system. During digestion, this yellow-colored mucus travels through the dog’s gallbladder & into its small intestines. Here, the bile aids in the process of breaking down the food. Without it, the food won’t be converted into digestible nutrients. 

So, why is your dog throwing up yellow bile instead of using it to process food? There are four possible reasons – 

Bilious Vomiting Syndrome

Bilious vomiting syndrome (BVS) is a condition that occurs in dogs due to various reasons. It causes the bile inside the dog’s small intestine to leak into its stomach. This can happen if the dog has stayed hungry for a long time. It can also occur if the dog eats too many ‘hard-to-digest’ food items like grass or fatty foods. To fix this condition, veterinarians recommend giving the afflicted dog high-fiber, low-fat, & easy-to-digest diets. Presenting the food in smaller, more frequent servings can help the dog overcome BVS naturally. 

Gastrointestinal Diseases

When your dog vomits yellow, one thing is sure: the pup’s digestive system is not 100% healthy. Many gastrointestinal diseases might be causing this ailment. They include – parasite infections, inflammatory disease, ulcers, & certain types of cancer. Irrespective of the underlying disease – visiting a vet to have the condition diagnosed and treated is vital. Bile is an acidic fluid. It can wear down your dog’s esophagus if left unchecked. So, having a veterinarian diagnose & treat the underlying condition as quickly as possible is very important. Poodles, retrievers, bulldog breeds, & toy breeds are the most common dog breeds that suffer from such gastrointestinal diseases. 


Pancreatitis is an endocrine disorder that may get triggered if your dog consumes too many fatty or oily foods. This condition occurs 3-5 days after the dog eats fatty foods. Pancreatitis causes intense abdominal pains, diarrhea, & bilious vomiting.

Blockages & Allergies

Hairballs, bones, or toys may block the dog’s intestine, causing your pet to vomit bile. In such cases, immediate medical intervention is vital. Your dog vomiting yellow liquid may also be caused by allergies. Dogs can develop sudden allergies to beef, egg, chicken, dairy, wheat, corn, pork, rabbit, lamb, & fish. Again, veterinarian intervention is vital for dogs that suffer from allergic vomiting.

What to Do When Your Dog Throws Up Yellow Foam?

The first thing to do when your dog throws up yellow bile is to stay calm. Notice your dog for 24 hours. If the dog vomits more than twice & displays signs of illness like – weakness, diarrhea, & loss of appetite during this period – contact your veterinarian. 

If your dog’s vomiting yellow bile without showing symptoms of other illnesses – skip a meal. However, if the vomiting continues by the next meal time, contact your veterinarian & book an appointment. 

Treatment for Dogs Throwing Up Yellow Mucus 

Your veterinarian will examine your dog & ask you about the pup’s medical history. So, don’t forget to bring information about your dog’s diet, medications, and eating habits. The vet will then perform various diagnostic tests to determine the underlying source of the vomiting. 

They include – blood testing, urine testing, stool testing, radiographs, & ultrasounds. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the vet will start treatment. Typically, vets administer a variety of antacids, anti-nausea medicines, and similar drugs to treat the condition. 

If a gastronomical disease is the cause of the vomiting, these drugs will solve the problem. If not & the vomiting is the result of an endocrine disorder or something more serious – the vet will recommend surgery or endoscopy. 

If your dog throws up yellow bile continuously, the pet will suffer from severe dehydration. Such dogs are given intravenous fluids & medications. They may require hospitalization & close observation from the vets.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Vomiting Yellow Liquid?

The best way to prevent vomiting is to bring your dog to the vet for yearly wellness check-ups. Feed the dog a proper diet. Don’t give your pup too many treats. Ensure your dog never licks, chews, or eats any potentially dangerous things. 

If your dog’s stomach is mildly upset & you don’t want the pet to vomit, make dietary changes. Feed your dog high-fiber food items that are easy to swallow and digest. They include – stage II meat-based baby foods, shredded chicken (plain & unseasoned), sweet potatoes, & pumpkins.

Follow the steps in this guide whenever your dog throws up yellow bile! 

Thanks for the blog graphics: Canva.com

Thanks for the blog graphics: Canva.com

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