Do’s and Don’ts of Potty Training a Puppy

The wrong approach to potty training a puppy can wreak havoc on the dog’s mood and behavior. This includes excessive and overly loud scolding and punishing. You don’t want your dog to react with fear.

Clapping loudly is recommended as the best practice followed by a quick trip outdoors. You needn’t grab or drag the pet. Praise or a upon completion is wise. It is more about positive reinforcement when it comes down to how to potty train your puppy than punishment.

No dog likes his nose rubbed in excrement. No pet likes to hear a nasty tone of voice. A puppy will react instinctively without reason. He may not connect with the origin of your anger. Accidents have to be curbed in other ways, most notably trips outside. Don’t cut these trips short because you lack time. Meanwhile, clean up any mishaps with and wait for the next potty training opportunity.

You can use a mistake as a potty training a puppy example when you catch your pet in the act. It is a timely moment that will make sense to the pet. You must stop the action mid-point if you can (unless he is in the act of actually pooping), pick up your puppy, and make a beeline for the door. Be expedient. It is indeed an urgent matter. Meanwhile, scaring the puppy is a big “no no.” Point out the correct elimination spot and wait for the dog to complete his business. Then offer an appropriate reward before going back to clean up.

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