27 Really Cool Gifts for Dachshund Lovers: Decor, Clothing, Appliances, etc.

Dogs come in all sorts of different colors and sizes, and you’re bound to find a breed that you just can’t resist. For some people, that’s the dachshund. What’s not to love, really? Affectionately referred to as the “wiener dog” for its shape, these dogs are playful and loyal.

If you’re looking to get something for someone who adores dachshunds, or maybe for yourself, it’d be great to get something that reflects your love for the breed. Here are a bunch of amazing gifts for Dachshund lovers that you can opt for.

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Tote Bag with Doxie pattern

When looking for dachshund gifts for her, this little tote bag is a great way to go. It’s far from pricey, and it has tiny dachshunds printed all over it. It’s made of soft polyester, and you can get it in any of three sizes.

Dachshund figurine

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Dachshund decorative items like this figurine make for unusual gifts for dog lovers, whether for their desk at work or for their home. This blown glass figurine is gorgeous, and it’s also handpainted, which adds up to its uniqueness.  

Dachshund slippers

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When walking around in your snug slippers at home, it’d be great if you could look down and see a cute wiener dog looking back at you. The dachshund slippers are cute, comfy, and warm.

Dachshund lamp

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At night in your bedroom, or anywhere in your house, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could light up any space with a dachshund lamp? Yep, it would be, so it’s great that this piece of dachshund home décor comes in any of six colors to fit your house perfectly.

Dachshund necklace

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If you’re looking for wiener dog gifts for someone you love, then a dachshund necklace in .925 Sterling Silver is never going to be a bad choice. The polygonal dachshund pendant is adorable, and this is bound to be appreciated.

Sheets with Dachshund print

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You’ll need to take that dachshund love to the bedroom if you want to have sweet wiener dog dreams! These dachshund sheets are great for anyone who loves them, and they look fun too.

Dachshund shower curtain

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This shower curtain has the most adorable photograph of a dachshund wearing a shower cap, with a rubber ducky sitting comfortably on its head. If you need a way to liven up your bathroom, this dachshund shower curtain won’t disappoint!

Dachshund earrings

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These colorful dangle dachshund earrings are the perfect buy for someone who loves dachshunds and wants the whole world to know about it. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re bound to find one you love!

Dachshund-themed wine bottle holder

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Funny dachshund gifts like this will always be a win in my book. The dachshund sculpture is detailed and very well made, and it makes for a beautiful wiener dog wine bottle holder.

Dachshund luggage tag

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For those who are always on the go, a luggage tag is a great way to spot your luggage among what could be identical suitcases. This dachshund luggage tag is an adorable way to go, and it is sure to be unique.

Brooch with Dachshund

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A brooch is an easy way for a lady to brighten up whatever she is wearing while being playful.  Dachshund accessories like this cute wiener dog brooch can never go wrong. It comes in 3 colors too!

Salt and pepper shakers with Weiner dog

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Some people say that the dogs shouldn’t dine at the table. Well, with these dachshund salt and pepper shakers, you don’t need to worry about what they think. They’ll be at the table, and helpful too!

Dachshund ring holder

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Every ring in a collection needs a good place to sit, and there’s no better place than the back of a dachshund. This chrome ring holder is shiny and clean-looking, making an excellent complement to the rings that it holds.

Dachshund themed bottle corks holder

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Dachshund kitchen décor will find it hard to overthrow this wireframe bottle cork holder as the category’s king. It can hold up to 30 wine corks, and the brushed metal finish makes it look stylish the whole time that it does.

Garden flag with Dachshund

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You can’t keep all that dachshund love to yourself. With dachshund garden décor like this flag, you can make sure that the whole neighborhood knows! Don’t be shy. Let this dachshund garden flag fly!

Dachshund shaped outdoor lights

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When the holidays come around, you’ll need to spice up the outside of your house with decorations and lights. Dachshund outdoor décor like this string of cute lights will brighten up your atmosphere, and through adorable wiener dogs!

Dachshund shaped ice tray 

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For those parties in the hot summer afternoons, you’ll need ice cubes to cool down your drinks. Why not go for these fun dachshund shaped cubes? They’re definite to get the conversation started!

Dachshund print leggings

Like they do at home, these leggings will have little dachshunds running around your legs wherever you go. The dachshund fabric is high-quality and elastic, so it is always an excellent fit.

Blanket with a Dachshund print

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Dachshunds are small, so it’s hard for them to cover you and keep you warm as bigger dogs can. Luckily, this dachshund blanket finds a loophole that’ll let multiple dachshunds keep you warm and cozy through the night.

Dachshund rug

This handmade wool mat is sure to leave a smile on the faces of your guests. A little dachshund is caringly woven into the mat, and a friendly farewell written just above it. Dachshund decorative items like this are some of my favorites.

Doxple planter

This gorgeous dachshund planter was born with the help of sustainable materials like coconut fiber, wicker, and nylon string. It is meant as a planter, so you can grow some beautiful plants out of it, but I find it so pleasant to look at that it qualifies as dachshund art.

Necktie with Dachshunds

No one hates fun ties, right? This dachshund necktie is made of 100% silk, so even while it is fun, it is still soft and high-quality. This is one of the few ways you can sneak dachshund apparel into the workplace!

Dachshund-print umbrella

Umbrellas tend to be rather drab, wouldn’t you say? It doesn’t have to be like that, though. You can have a dachshund umbrella that will keep your dry and look cute at the same time.

Socks with Dachshund print

Just like fun ties, fun socks are a great way to spice up more formal outfits. Let some of that dachshund love shine through when you wear these soft dachshund socks.

Dachshund clock

What time is it? It’s a dachshund time! This minimalist clock will go well in any room, and it’ll tell you the time with a bunch of cute dachshunds moving around in the back. You don’t need to love dachshunds to love this!

Dachshund Dad Tshirt

If you love dachshunds, and you’re a fan of dad jokes, then this dachshund shirt is one of the best choices you can make. It’ll make a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates humor.

iPhone Case with Dachshund

Dogs will always do their best to protect, so why not take it a step further and let a cute hot dog dachshund protect your phone too? 

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