Gifts for Yorkie Lovers: From Cute & Basic to Extraordinary

The Yorkshire Terrier, also called Yorkie, is a tiny, sassy, super cute, and also one of the smartest small dogs that don’t shed much (a dream pup!). So it’s not surprising that the breed has so many fans.

If you are on a hunt for the perfect Yorkie gift, your job is easy. Yorkie owners love anything that reminds them of their beloved dog. But you always have to look out for the quality. Since the breed is so popular many wantrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunity and shifting some low-quality gifts for Yorkie lovers on the market. 

I’ve spent 10 hours researching the options and reading the reviews to make sure that you have some great Yorkie stuff to choose from. So let’s get right into it. 

Do you have a specific idea about that Yorkie themed gift? Then use the table of contents below to navigate through all the options quickly. And you can always go back by clicking on the black arrow in the right bottom corner of the page. Also, please note that some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. For more details, check the Disclosure section at the bottom of the page. 

Yorkie home decor

Yorkie Clock 

Perfect option not only for Yorkie superfans but anyone who appreciates excellent craftsmanship. The colors of the print are bright and lively. And the outside of the clock is made of bamboo. Very stylish and affordable piece.  

Bathroom curtains 

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An absolutely incredible piece of Yorkie decor perfect for a fun bathing time! Made of lightweight waterproof and mildew-resistant material. The colors are vibrant as the printing is of very high quality, and it’s supposed to stay this way for years to come with the proper care.

Yorkshire Terrier bottle holder 

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Another stunner. And you will be impressed with the quality because the eyes of the pup are so realistic. And guess what, the receiver of this gift even shouldn’t be big on wines. The piece does a great job of holding any kind of bottle – whether it’s filled with wine, tequila, water, or juice.  

Yorkie ornaments

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Ornaments are turning to be more and more popular pieces of Yorkie decor. This one is beautifully hand-painted and features unbreakable wings. It comes with a gold rope for hanging (that gets handy during Christmas), or you can remove the string to shelf display this masterpiece. 

Yorkie tapestry 

This tapestry features a gorgeous, high-quality Yorkie print and made of 100% lightweight polyester, so you can machine wash it and even tumble dry it on low. The fabric is thick, and the coloring is very vibrant. It’s an absolutely delightful option of Yorkie inspired gift if you ask me. Especially if it’s for someone crazy about both Yorkshire terriers and Star Wars.

Yorkshire terrier figurine  

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You might scoff at this suggestion and say: “Figurines tend to collect dust! Why should anyone even buy those?” 

But this one is so pretty, well-made, very realistic, and will most likely make the receiver smile every time he or she will be looking at it. 

Yorkie blanket

This super soft and fluffy fleece throw blanket comes in three sizes. So it will work for various purposes and furniture pieces – from bed to chair. It’s thinner than you might think, but it definitely works as a decorative blanket to go over a comforter. Cutest Yorkie gift! 

Pillow with Yorkshire Terrier print

This exceptionally well-made soft and durable throw pillow will make a solid decor addition to any room in a house of a true Yorkie lover. It features a concealed zip opening, so the item looks clean and very easy to care for. And you can purchase it with or without the insert.  

Gift ideas for Yorkie mom 

Tote bag with Yorkie print

This is the great classic tote bag with a Yorkie twist all over it. It measures 16 inches per 16 inches and has 4 extra pockets inside (one with a zipper). The strap is adjustable. And the overall feel of the bag is wonderful and sturdy. So your Yorkie mom will be able to carry it around while running some errands and even take it to the upcoming vacay with no problem. 

Yorkie mom’s t-shirt 

I personally love these kinds of shirts. The fit is very flattering to wear with leggings or jeans. Or even at home when your intention is to look cute but feel comfy. It’s 90% cotton and 10% polyester for extended durability. And the print is so fun! Super cool Yorkie stuff! 

Shoes with Yorkshire Terrier design

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These Skechers are perfect, lightweight, and have a cushioned footbed. The pair also features the memory foam, so they are super comfortable and very eye-catching too. A real conversational piece destined to unite all the Yorkie people together! 

Yorkie mom PJ

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Super soft 100% cotton breathable pajamas designed to complement Yorkie mom’s curves while bringing in some extra comfort to the table. I bet that any female Yorkie owner will be happy to wear the set. So this gift is a no-brainer. 

Yorkshire terrier jewelry

I have two options here. One is this unique pet nose pendant from

It might not be the cheapest but absolutely worth every penny since it will be a true Yorkie lover’s favorite necklace for years to come. Here’s how it works: the company will send you the kit with the silicon mold to take an impression of a Yorkie’s nose. Then you send it back, and in a few weeks the company will create a handcrafted custom charm necklace with your pup’s nose. It makes an extraordinary Yorkie gift. 

And another one is less sophisticated, but still gorgeous Yorkie bracelet. 

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/image product=”us-B012GYBVYG”]

The bracelet is super heavy, and the charm gives it that little bit of extra sparkle as it features 1 carat of pave set cubic zirconia stones. Pretty and of incredible quality with a great sturdy clasp. And it’s a fantastic way for Yorkie mom to show her pride and strike a lively conversation with other pup moms easily. 

Yorkie dad gifts

Custom pet portrait cufflinks 

First, let me kickstart with a few words praise for I am so in love with this store! They have so many UNCONVENTIONAL and really cool items that will make a pretty unforgettable gift for anyone, whatever your budget is. LOVE! 

But let’s get back to the cufflinks. Those are personalized. And the designer (Erin Harris) who is making it works with the picture of your Yorkie you will have to provide to proceed with the order. 

She transfers the image onto a customized rubber stamp by hand. And then it used to emboss the image into the cufflinks’ surface. The result is a precious keepsake that will last a lifetime, celebrating Yorkie dad’s connection with his pet. Incredible gift idea.

Funny Yorkie T-Shirt 

If Yorkie dad tends to be a bit dorky too, then this T-shirt is such a fun gift idea. But if you don’t like this particular print head on to Redbubble (that’s where I found this one) and look for more Yorkie-related prints for men. They literally have thousands of unique options. You can browse those here

Yorkie tie 

Another great piece from This one will let the pup’s dad finally take his furry baby to work or any buttoned-down occasion. Proudly made in New York from 100% imported silk. The best thing, even though this tie is not very conventional and even a bit cartoonish it still looks and feels very classy (even though this particular reminds me more of Shih Tzu. But maybe it’s a Yorkie who hasn’t been groomed for a while? It’s still a super adorable tie. 

Personalized Yorkie gifts

Custom portrait of your pup 

Californian artist, MG Stout, is willing to turn any piece of art Yorkie into true art. 

To make it work, the painter uses the photo as a reference. With pencil and charcoal, she will draw her initial sketches. And then add layers of color to it for an expressive texture of the piece. MG Stout does a fantastic job of capturing the puppy’s expression and personality via the picture. So little Yorkie is destined to be remembered by all the future generations. 

Custom pet pillow with your Yorkshire Terrier 

I absolutely adore the idea of putting my dog’s face on a pillow. And is there any pet parent who wouldn’t (Yorkie lovers included)? 

To make the miracle happen, you will have to send your favorite picture to Brooklyn-based designer Ronda J Smith. And she will use it as a baseline to create that extraordinary Yorkie gift. 

The pillow size is 16″ L x 10″ W x 4″ H, and the portrait will be printed on cotton sateen fabric. So this piece of Yorkie decor not only be beautiful but also last for years. 

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