Golden Retriever Lab Mix: Do They Shed? Are They Trainable?

A mix of two different pure breeds of dogs is often referred to as designer dogs. The deliberate mixing of two different breeds may be done for looks or to breed in certain personality traits. And the mix between a Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever is probably one of the sweetest dogs ever.

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What other names does Golden Retriever Lab mix have?

Golden Retriever and Lab mixes are called by a few different names, but the most often name for this mix breed is a Goldador. Other names are Goldador Retriever, GLab, and Golden Labrador.

Golden Retriever Lab mix: breed specifications

Average Weight60 - 80 pounds
Average Height23 - 25 inches
Average Lifespanup to 15 years
Easy to TrainEasy
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger places with the yard are preferable
PersonalitySmart, energetic, and loving

How much does a Golden Retriever and Lab mix puppy weigh?

Golden Retriever and Lab mix puppy mixes can weigh different weights at birth, depending on how many puppies are there. The importance of a mixed puppy can also vary depending on age and many other factors.

Full-grown a Golden Retriever and Lab mix can weigh between 60 and 80 pounds. Unless there is a significant health issue or you overfeed your Goldador, and the dog becomes obese.

How big do Golden Lab mixes get?

Both male and female Goldadors are about the same size. They typically run between 23 inches to 25 inches at withers when fully grown. Some may be slightly larger or slightly smaller, depending on the size of their individual parents.

The lifespan of a Labrador Golden Retriever mix

A healthy Golden Retriever who receives proper care has an average lifespan of ten to fifteen years. Since the mix of these two breeds has only been bred for about 15 years, there are no records yet on their life expectancy. But typically, you can expect it to be somewhere from 12 to 15 years.

Lab Golden Retriever mix temperament

Lab and Golden Retriever mixes are not known to be aggressive dogs. In fact, these dogs tend to be energetic and loving and easy to please their owners and other family members. These dogs typically get along well with other animals and children and may even show affection to strangers.

How easy is it to train a Golden Lab mix?

Golden Lab mixes are very talented and eager to please, which makes these dogs extremely easy to train if you know what you are doing. However, because they are intelligent, you need to keep the training exciting and avoid being too repetitive.

Training tips for your Golden Retriever Lab mix

Because Golden Retriever Lab mixes are so smart, they can learn bad habits as well as good habits quite quickly. This means that you need to start their training as soon as the puppy settles into your home to avoid inadvertently teaching them negative behaviors. Here are a few training tips for training Goldadors.

  • Start training early, teaching your young puppy to come, sit, stay, heel, quiet, down, leave it, and bed.
  • Keep training sessions short. Holding training sessions right after exercise when your dog has burned off some of their energy often works better than training them when bouncing about.
  • Use positive reinforcement such as shows of affection, play periods, and toys rather than food treats since Goldadors tend to become obese.
  • Keep training sessions enjoyable for your dog.

Do Labrador Golden Retriever mixes shed?

Goldadors can either be shorthaired or have slightly long wavy hair. Many people think if their Goldador has short hair, it won’t shed a lot. This is not true, this breed sheds a lot often all year round, but more during the spring and summer months.

Lab Golden Retriever mixes grooming and care

While grooming a Goldador is pretty much typical of grooming any dog, these dogs do need to be brushed daily. And have their teeth cleaned at least twice a week. Also, check and clean their ears regularly to prevent infections, clip their nails at least once a month, and bathe them as needed.

Goldadors also need at least a ½ hour of exercise every day but do well with more.

And you should consult your veterinarian as to what types of food and how much you should feed your dog per day based on their age and condition. (These dogs should be fed twice a day rather than give them all their food at once.)

Lab and Golden Retriever mix possible health issues

Lab Golden Retriever mixes are subject to several health issues. Potential health issues include hip and elbow dysplasias, diabetes, and various eye conditions, like progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts.

Golden Retriever Lab mix: is it right for your family?

Only you can decide if a Goldador is right for you. However, if you are looking for a big loving dog that is good with children and easy to train, then this dog might be worth considering. 

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