Homemade Dog Food for Kidney Stones (Tips and Tricks)

In dogs, kidney stones or Nephrolithiasis is a medical condition that is caused when crystals are formed and lodged in the kidney or urinary tract. The kidneys are essential organs in our dogs that help eliminate toxins from the body.

 They are responsible for the production of urine which is, undoubtedly one of the most critical functions of the kidneys. If the kidneys fail to produce an adequate amount of urine, your dog’s health can be compromised.  

These stones are sometimes formed of a compound called calcium oxalate. They form a urolith or stone that is difficult to prevent. As a pet parent myself, I have realized that the best way to be mindful of my dog’s needs is that dogs are actually present and observant of their behavior and body language. Kidney stones are actually quite uncomfortable.

 You will be able to pick up on the signs and symptoms by being mindful of your dog. Preventing and treating this condition may be best handled with the help of homemade dog food for kidney stones.  

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Symptoms of Kidney Stone in Dogs 

Kidney stones are a painful condition in your dog that prohibits urine from leaving the body. However, suppose the kidney stone is not preventing the flow of urine. In that case, it can be left untreated but under close observation.

 But, in the case of large stones that obstruct normal blood flow, you have to be careful. Large stones have to be treated almost immediately because they are extremely painful. You will observe several symptoms on your dog, which will let you know that it is time to visit the vet. 

Some of these symptoms include extreme abdominal pain, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, swelling in the kidney, blood present in urine.

 Along with kidney pain, change in urination frequency, weight loss, lethargy, poor appetite, and a general deterioration in energy level.  

A diagnosis of kidney stones is a complicated process that considers various factors and requires a plethora of testing. However, along with medical solutions, a homemade meal and dog treats for calcium oxalate stones are equally important. 

Dietary changes are vital for treating a dog with kidney stones. This is a life-threatening situation that has to be dealt with carefully as a dog owner.   

Homemade urinary diet for dogs: What you should give?

According to a study, the occurrence of lower urinary tract stones is higher in dogs than in humans. One of the best ways to treat kidney stones in dogs is with the help of dietary regulations. Good homemade dog food for kidney stones can make the difference between a healthy and a struggling dog.  

Here are some of the things that you should consider including in the diet of your furry friend, who is suffering from kidney disease:

  • Hydration of the dog is critical because it helps dilute the urine. Make sure that your dog drinks fresh water, which is changed regularly.
  • If your dog suffers from kidney disease, ensure that the homemade diet has lower oxalate levels. Consider including food like white rice, peeled apples, and fish. 
  • You can give your dog boiled vegetables, and there’s a there’s to reduce the oxalate level of the vegetables. Drain away the water as much as you can before you serve the boiled food to your dog. This brings down the level of oxalate in the food.
  • You may also include root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips in the homemade dog food for kidney stones because they contain low amounts of purine.
  • Eggs can also be given.
  • Another great thing to offer to a dog with kidney disease is cranberry. Cranberries play a significant role in flushing out bacteria from the urinary system, so the chances of new infections are lowered to a great extent.
  • Also, consider including marshmallow roots in your dog’s diet if the pet is suffering from kidney stones. Marshmellow roots are great at healing internal membranes that may be affected by kidney stones. They are also very good at reducing irritation.
  • Remember to give your pets a fresh diet if they suffer from kidney stones.

Homemade dog food for kidney stones: What you should avoid? 

When your dog has kidney stones, one of your primary concerns should exclude those foods that might aggravate their problems. 

  • Foods like sweet potatoes, spinach, brown rice, and organ meat should be avoided because they contain oxalate in large quantities. 
  • Reduce the salt content in your dog’s food, cut the intake of dietary sodium is brought down.

Types of kidney stones and management of homemade urinary diet for dogs  

Kidney stones in dogs may be of various forms: struvite, urate, and calcium oxalate. Depending on the type of stone infecting your dog’s urinary tract, a healthy meal needs to be planned. 

In the case of struvite stones, they can be dissolved entirely just with the help of a special diet. Encourage your dog to drink a good amount of water regularly, which dissolves the stones. Besides, the consumption of proteins and minerals has to be controlled to change the acidity in urine. 

On the other hand, for calcium oxalate stones, they are generally more aggressive. They cannot be dissolved just with the help of homemade dog food for calcium oxalate stones. These stones are usually formed due to a higher concentration of calcium or oxalate in the bloodstream. 

However, a diet can be designed to reduce the risk of calcium oxalate stones in dogs.  

Finally, urate stones are generally caused due to some genetic predisposition and are related to liver diseases. These stones are made from a compound called purine. 

Food high in purine includes seafood, fish, meat, and organs like the liver and heart. These stones can be dissolved by providing your dog with a low purine diet and by treating liver disease in the first place. 

When providing a homemade urinary diet for dogs, it is important to contact your vet and consult him before choosing a diet. The dietary regulations have to be followed very closely to restore the health and wellbeing of your dog.

Thanks for the blog graphics: Canva.com

Thanks for the blog graphics: Canva.com

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