How to Potty Train a Puppy When You are Away

Books on how to potty train a puppy not always talk about what to do while you are away. You can’t effectively train if you are not physically present. Since consistency is primary, you have to be home at pooping time. Remember, it can be as much as every half hour with the younger ones. It is especially important after eating or drinking water, but a play session can also instigate the need for relief. What do you do when you need to be out of the house, or even take a nap!

Bedtime for you is potty time for your pet. This is a must. As always, use rewards and praise, then place the animal in his personal crate. Hopefully, the puppy makes it through the night and you can promptly take him outdoors first thing in the morning. He can return to the crate or roam freely depending upon your availability. Watch for behavior after feeding time, and by the way, make it the same time and same place every day.

Okay, we know you are sometimes away for a significant period of time. There are tips here for good potty training. The animal can go into a bathroom (complete with disposable floor ) or a laundry room equally outfitted for the purpose. A bed, , and food and water should always be provided. The puppy will go as needed at first and cleanup will be sorely required. Young dogs have been known to play with and rip up newspapers and pads, so don’t be surprised.

Using a bathroom, for example, is part of how to potty train a puppy and it helps build good habits of elimination on paper.

As a puppy repeats elimination action in other designated spots, he will transfer this behavior outdoors. Preferred places are common and you can even set them up by using newspapers where they occur. They will eventually be reduced and eliminated. Less paper will be required to signal “this is the spot to go.” It is best when using this potty training method to move the papers slowly at first. A mishap denotes that you have moved the papers too quickly. It is normal for a puppy to have accidents with a paper target at first. They may not always be dead on. It is called paper training and it works.

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