Why Puppy Pees in Crate?

Before trying to identify the reasons why puppy pees in crate described in this article, first of all, make sure that your pet doesn’t have any medical problem that may be causing the issue (e.g. bladder infection or diarrhea). In case your puppy is currently on any medication, consult with the vet to make sure that you are not dealing with the side effects of the therapy.

After that check this list of most common reasons why your pet has an accident  in a crate:

  • Stress

There are various reasons why dogs have accidents in crates and stress is one of the majors. Maybe your pet came from a not very clean pet store where he was both sleeping and eliminating or maybe he is just having accidents because he’s anxious about being suddenly imprisoned.

  • Not enough of supervision

Be sure that you follow your dog outside on his potty journeys before putting him into his crate as you need to be sure that he’s doing his thing when he goes to his outside potty area. When he’s out on his own, you may thing that he’s doing all the right things, but in fact, he can be out running in attempts to catch the butterflies and chewing grass.

  • Wrong crate size

Make sure that your pet confined in the proper . If it’s too large, then your dog will use one side to poo and the other – to sleep.  A crate should only be enough for your pups to turn around a bit, lay down and stand up.

  • Alone time

Some dogs are doing their business when left alone and miss their guardians. This reason can be crossed out from the list if a pup defecates or pees in your presence. However, you can easily spot out separation anxiety – if your pet barks and howls when left alone – this is it. In this case just be patient – you dog does the wrong thing just because he or she misses you. Give your pet some time!

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