How to Teach Shih Tzu Tricks

Whether you want to learn how to teach Shih Tzu tricks or you want to do it to better communicate with him, these easy techniques will make your dog a confident animal that will be able to calm down and use his energy into good works, rather than chasing him around the house.

You will be impressed by your dog’s abilities while testing his mental and physical talents. It’s among the smartest small dog breeds. Of course, you must keep in mind that each dog is unique therefore different methods apply to everyone.

Make Your Dog Dance

This is the most easy to learn trick for your dog. Put your dog into the sitting position and gradually raise a treat over your head. Use a specific command like ‘dance’ until he ascends on rear legs, and you may want to move the treat behind you in order to make him holding up longer. Now, it is time to hold the treat before his nose and move it around until he manages to turn around.

Learn How to Skateboard

For many sessions, you need to keep the upside down and allow your dog to really examine it. Now, you can turn it upright and be careful not to intimidate your dog or frighten him. Move the skateboard outside and remember to praise your dog every time he expresses interest. Encourage him to get on top. Continue to praise him while putting him on top of skateboard and moving him forward and backwards slowly. Continue to praise him whenever he steps to the skateboard and wants to learn more about it.

High Five with Your Dog

This is an easy trick to learn to your Shih Tzu dog. The first step is to command your dog to sit and offer him a treat. Keep it a little further and say the command ‘high five’. Then tap on to one of his feet. Normally, your dog will raise its foot. When he does, grab it gently and shake it. Then you can reward him. Keep doing it until you do not need to tap his foot and raise it on his own. Don’t forget to praise him and soon he will be lifting his paw with the sound of your command.

Shih Tzu dogs are very clever and very easy to learn all kinds of tricks. Even if you didn’t start the training from a young age, it is never too late to learn your beloved dog a few tricks your children will absolutely adore. Be sure to keep it simple and not overdo it with the training. The steps need to be easy to learn and very clear to your dog so that you won’t confuse him.

Of course, before teaching your Shih Tzu Tricks, it is best to first teach your dog some basic behavior lessons. Teach him how to properly respond to others, how to go to the bathroom or how to respect your will and your commands.