Tips on How to Potty Train a Puppy: Real Life Examples

Based on people’s real life experience, you can learn how to potty train a puppy by example. While the experts have their theories, puppy owners seem to know best when it comes to this fundamental problem.

James and Princess

To begin, I wish to relate the story of James, my recent acquaintance, and Princess who was adopted from a shelter at 8 months. He initiated puppy training using a so the dog would not pee in the house. The problem was that it didn’t work and the pup refused to go outside. Hence a couple of accidents ensued. Even eating and drinking was a chore for James. Typical training went down the drain in this case and even were ineffective. It was always the crate and nowhere else.

At first when something like this happens you think your puppy is ill. There is no question that she should not have been in the for such a long time. If you must, you can try putting a disposable pad at one end and spray it with a good dog housebreaking product. Remember that dogs can’t always hold it. James really took a wrong turn in his puppy training with Princess. Now he might need professional help. It should have been much easier right from the start.

Jane and Dottie

How nice for Dottie, a two-year old Pit Bull who was rescued by Jane. Everything went well with the puppy training at first until the peeing started in the house. There didn’t seem to be a good reason and the dog wasn’t ill. Dottie slept with the kids just fine but in the morning proceeded downstairs to do her business. There is no rhyme or reason for such behavior! Jane wasn’t sure how to potty train a puppy, as crating seemed to be cruel.

Looking at this situation from the outside, Dottie has adopted the attitude of pack leader. This means that being allowed to sleep on furniture puts here in a unique position in the household as a pet. As a result, she decides when and where to poop. Instead, Jane needs to become the pack leader and call the shots. She must use commands like “heel” or “come” and show who is boss. Teaching Dottie to be submissive is the goal. This applies even to eating for which Jane must give permission. How to potty train a puppy is all about taking charge and retraining. This is not a punitive tactic because it will result in a happier pet.

Clara and Gracie

Gracie is a boxer who was getting her puppy training at the age of three months. Crate training was begun but was not successful. The puppy store no doubt let her run free in one area where eating, sleeping, and pooping occurred. Clara, her owner, resorted to a schedule and a designated sleep area with bedding. No luck. Poop seemed to proliferate all over the house including the cage and the floor. It was exasperating! In this case, two things turned out to be a solution – change the since it was too small and add a touch of softness to the trainings – a towel or blanket should have been used on the new bed for a puppy to acclimate to it.

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