Training a Puppy: What to Do When Accidents Occur?

Accidents go with the territory, but there are ways to prevent them no matter what method is used or theory you subscribe to as to how to potty train a puppy. Regular walks help as well as the proper discipline. If you are lax, don’t expect the dog to be vigilant about his business. Catching dogs in the act speeds up the training process as he knows just what your reaction is all about. You can firmly say “no” at the right time—during the act is best. You can also remove the animal from the house and state something to the effect that “this is for potty.” proper behavior at all times. Don’t forget to let the puppy finish what he has started.

With older dogs, you may be using a leash and you also may as yet be unfamiliar with his or her reactions and behavior. Saying no still works at any age before taking the animal outside. Again, show the desired spot or spots. It is unwise to rub a dog’s nose in his poop or hit him with an object. Yelling or hitting will only cause more accidents. In addition, forget “old accidents” that a dog has most likely forgotten. If you think he is guilty—he isn’t.

If a dog has health problems, accidents may happen that are not his fault. There could be an illness brewing or just a change of diet and therefore mood. Emotional upsets like relocating or adding a new family member to the household have been known to cause temporary problems. Lapses will occur. If there are persistent accidents, check with your vet for urinary tract infections. In old dogs, it might be a case of diabetes. Watch for frequent squatting: it is a clear tip off something is wrong.

Diarrhea is a particularly disagreeable result from a change in diet or too many . Eating food from the dinner table has been known to cause problems. Stick to one brand of food that agrees well with your pet. If you must switch, why not mix the two at first before making a complete change. Even water from a new source can affect a pet’s digestive system.

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