Australian Shepherd and Husky Mix: Lifespan, Temper, Grooming, Diet, and More

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Australian Shepherd Husky: Breed history

The Australian Shepherd Husky mix is the blend of the energetic working dog breeds Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky. These mixed pups sometimes also called Aussie Siberian or Aussie Husky. As it’s quite typical with those recently created “designer dog” breeds, there’s not much history about Aussie Husky yet. But why not become a part of it? 

Aussie Husky Mix: Breed Specifications

Average weight35 to 65 pounds
Average height20 to 23 inches
Average lifespan10 to 13 years
Easy to train?Yes
Energy levelHIgh
Space requirementsSpecious house with yard
PersonalityAffectionate, active, loyal
Good for families?Yes

What does this mix look like?

The Aussie Husky has a thick double-layered short or medium length weather-resistant coat. Their overall body fur may be flat, or wavy, with short, straight, smooth hair on their head and ears.

The breed is available in a variety of colors ranging from red merle to three shades (black, white, and tan) blue merle. It’s rare for these dogs to be just one shade. 

The cutest Aussie Husky girl called Althea. You can follow her and her dad’s journeys on their Instagram account here.

How big will they get?

The Australian Shepherd mixed with Husky puppies weighs from 35 to 65 pounds. The height of this crossbreed varies from 20 to 23 inches, making them medium-sized dogs.

The lifespan of Aussie Husky mix

Expected Aussie Huskies lifespan estimates between 10 to 13 years, given that the pet gets the proper care.  

Husky Aussie mix temperament

Since this breed is a combination of two purebreds, we can never be sure of the personality of the offspring.

The Aussie Husky is, by definition, an active, loyal, and outgoing breed. They are also very affectionate to their family, but they may seem cold when it comes to strangers.

 Engaging in proper socialization during the puppy stage will ensure that your puppy grows into a friendly, well-trained, and well-mannered dog in his adult years.

How easy is it to train this mix?

Australian Shepherd Husky, in general, is a very intelligent breed, and those dogs can be easy to train.

Training tips for your Australian Shepherd Husky

You must start proper training and reinforce that you are the king of the castle, starting from the early puppyhood. Thus you’ll get a perfectly behaved adult pup. As long as you are not dreaming about an extremely stubborn dog that refuses to listen. 

Aussie Husky Mix loves the outdoors, so it’s better to move your training efforts outside. They will feel happier and learn more efficiently.

While learning, make sure to do so consistently and repeatedly with constructive feedback so that your pet remains loyal to you.

It will take some time for the pup to get there, so stay calm and patient at all times. 

This is Max. He is also an Aussie Husky. Sometimes they turn out like this. You can follow Max and his mom Cheri on Instagram.

Australian Shepherd and Husky mix grooming 

The Aussie Husky Mix has a double coat with a thin undercoat and will need regular brushing. No matter how much you take care of them, they’re always going to shed a bit. So be prepared to do a lot of cleaning. (Or check our guide on the low-shedding dogs if you don’t feel inspired with frequent pet hair cleaning).

You need to brush your Aussie Husky at least twice a week or once a day for a clean and shiny fur. When brushing, it is recommended that you use a standard brush with an undercoat rake. It will remove the thicker, more dense fur from the undercoat. Something like one, that one guy described as the best brush for double-coated dogs he’d ever used. 

Siberian Husky and Aussie mix called Zeus. He is just gorgeous. Check out his Instagram account for more of Zeusness and some kick-ass landscapes of Colorado.

The Australian Shepherd Mix only needs a bath when it’s freezing. Otherwise, the frequent wash will dry their hair, so you shouldn’t go overboard with it. But it is still essential to cut their nails regularly.  

Your ear health and dental health are just as critical as taking care of your dog’s hair. You will want to check and wash your doggo’s ears regularly for possible ear infections. And cleaning pup’s teeth every day is also quite recommended. Thus you’ll prevent the accumulation of the plaque. You can use some tasty dental treats for that to make things easier. , for instance, should do the trick, and dogs of all ages seem to enjoy it very much.  

Australian Husky possible health issues

The Aussie Husky considered being a healthy breed. But they still may be prone to some health issues. The ones that you want to be aware of are different ear and eye problems, various allergies, hip and elbow dysplasias, etc.

Husky Australian Shepherd mix diet

Every dog’s metabolism is the same. So it’s important to remember that some dogs (even of the same breed) will need more or fewer calories and nutrients than others. Therefore, start with a long chat with your vet to determine the proper diet for your dog.

Since this breed is susceptible to both elbow and hip dysplasia, high-quality fish oil is an excellent supplement to enhance their diet.

It is also vital that you ensure that it does not get overweight-obesity can lead to extra pressure on the joints, raising the risk of experiencing more severe health problems.

I just can’t get enough of Zeus

Is this breed good for families? 

The Aussie Husky is quite affectionate dogs and also good with children, which makes it great for families. But as for all dogs, proper early socialization training is a must.

Australian Shepherd Husky mix: is it right for you? 

If you have the energy and time this breed needs, then Aussie Husky will be a good friend and companion. 

 And now, to the details. 

If you want to adopt one of these animals, you need to ask yourself the following :

  •  How do you feel about high-energy dogs?
  • Do you have time for proper exercising and playing?
  • If you have a backyard, is there a fence to prevent your pup from running away? 
  • If you live in an apartment, will you be up for daily long hikes?
  • Are there other animals? Australian Shepherd Husky mix is not a big fan of cats. And they also do not get along with larger dogs.

If you’ve answered “yes,” “yes,” “yes,” “yes,” and “I understand” to all above, then the Australian Shepherd Husky mix will be a perfect, lively, playful, and loyal family member. Otherwise, keep your research. 

Aussi Siberian Husky called Zeus, from Colorado

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and Instagram pet parents Smokingmonkeyphoto, Cheri85uga, Zeus_god_dog2.