The Ultimate Collection of Mini Aussie Weight and Height Charts

miniature american shepherd

Does a mini Aussie’s weight match up to its name? Yes and no. The name “miniature” Australian Shepherd suggests that this dog is a severely scaled-down version of the famous Australian Shepherd, which in some ways, is true. A full-grown mini Australian shepherd’s weight will typically be 50% less than its non-mini counterpart. Here is the … Read more

Fully Grown Toy Poodle: Size, Growth Charts, & Breed Basics

toy poodle growth

Are you wondering if your home is big enough for when your toy poodle is fully grown? Do not worry: you are not the only poodle owner asking this question. The toy poodle is the smallest of all the Poodle breeds. Because of their petite size, these dogs are typically content to be confined in … Read more

How Big Do Blue Heeler Get? Full Guide on Blue Heeler Size

size and weight of your blue heeler

Most modern-day breeders set specific height limits on what they consider to be the maximum Blue Heeler size. So, if you are set to be the lucky pet parent of a male Blue Heeler any time soon, expect the dog to reach a height of 18 to 21 inches by the time he reaches maturity. … Read more

Full Guide to Black Jack Russell Terrier: Do They Even Exist? 

black jack russell

The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the better-known breeds of dogs. However, finding information on them can take a lot of work since you might hear them referred to by a few different names. For instance, you might hear them referred to as the Parson Russell Terrier or even the Parson Jack Russell Terrier. … Read more

How To Groom Goldendoodles: 5 Easy Steps

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog resulting from crossbreeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. These designer dogs have spiked in popularity in recent years due to their dashing looks and good manners. Since Goldendoodles are a cross between two different breeds, they inherit their looks and personalities from their two parents. And since their parent breeds … Read more

9 Elegant Dog Breeds: Skinny Supermodels of a Dog World

All pups are lovely and beautiful. But some definitely can be called an elegant dog more than another. I’ve listed my favorite elegant dog breeds (with no particular order) that are simply a pleasure to watch. Do you have a question about a specific elegant dog breed? Then use the table of contents below to … Read more

7 Skinny Dog Breeds: from Tall and Long-Legged to Compact and Lean

Skinny dog breeds have many advantages compared to their chubby counterparts. Being slim allows these dogs to stay fast and agile so they can be good hunting hounds. They love being busy even though they’re not hunting, and they can be perfect companions to active people. Most of these dogs are very loyal, but they … Read more

Ancient Dog Breeds: Extinct, from China, America, Africa, etc.

ancient dogs husky

The archeological documentation and genetic analysis found dogs’ remains laid to rest beside humans more than 14,200 years ago. However, there are still arguments whether they dated back 36,000 years ago. So, there are still many debates about the list of ancient dog breeds and which one can be called the oldest. But I hope … Read more

11 Awesome White Dog Breeds: Small, Bigger, and the Cutest

white dog breeds

Dogs who usually have a colored coat may be born with a white coat because their DNA has a mutation that causes a lack of pigment. These dogs can be adorable. But they also have additional genetic mutations, such as deafness. So ask your family doctor to examine a white dog you consider taking to … Read more

11 Dogs That Look Like Foxes: Black, White, Red & More

fox looking dog

It’s no surprise that many dogs look like foxes, as today’s dogs descended from wolves, a close fox relative. The dog breed most comparable to the fox is Spitz. Well, many breeds of Spitz, in fact. They tend to be intelligent and shed a lot. We’ve trained dogs to be our friends. However, foxes haven’t … Read more

12 Best Dogs for First Time Owners (+ the Worst One)

best first dog

Bringing a dog to your life requires dedication. Your dog will depend on you for everything in his life; food, exercise, bath breaks. That’s a huge responsibility. So the less maintenance the breed has, the more chances it will be among the best dogs for first-time owners. You might be flexible about what you’re looking … Read more

20 Fluffy Dog Breeds: Huge, Big, Small, Toy, Cutest & More

All dogs are amazing. But fluffy dog breeds are practically born for cuddles. If you are looking to adopt a pup and big on petting, squeezing, and hugging, I’ve shortlisted the best choices to consider.   Do you have a specific question about a particular fluffy dog breed? Then use the table of contents below to … Read more

Corgi Lab Mix: Training and Grooming tips + Personality Quirks

Corgi Lab Mix is a cross between the Corgi and Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Very humble yet energetic, these dogs inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents.  And since the popularity of this mutt is growing, let’s try to figure out what you might expect if you decide to adopt a … Read more

Corgi German Shepherd Mix: the Cutest Protector For Your Family

Corgi German Shepherd Mix, the crossbreed between German Shepherd and Corgi, is one of the most popular mixes for both parent breeds. And I am not surprised. These dogs are loyal, hardworking, and intelligent. Not to mention, they are also ridiculously cute. But let’s try to learn more about Corman Shepherd’s physique, personality, and care.  … Read more

Corgi Pug Mix: Full Guide to Personality, Grooming, and Training

Corgi Pug mix originated by blending two small (and adorable) breeds – Pug and Corgi. Both parents have a loving and playful attitude, which makes Porgi them one of the most popular amongst both Pug and Corgi mixes. But let’s figure out if these dogs are as cool as it may seem on the surface. … Read more

Corgi Pomeranian Mix: Lifespan, Grooming Tips, and Health Issues

Corgi Pomeranian mix is a cross of one of the cutest pups of all: Corgi and Pomeranian. And they proved to be a fantastic friend, respectful and affectionate towards its family. But there are still some more things to know about this mix if you consider adopting Corgipom.   Do you have a specific question about … Read more

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix: Training, Grooming, and Health Issues

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix is a designer dog created by crossing purebred Corgi and Golden Retriever. Both parents are very popular amongst dog lovers all around the world. But is the cross any better? Well, on the cute side, you get a Golden Retriever with small legs. But let’s try to figure out more about … Read more

Corgi Dachshund Mix: Grooming & Training Guide to Dorgis

Corgi Dachshund Mix is a so-called designer dog created by crossing the Dachshund and Corgi. The mix turned out to be loyal, kind, and smart, as these pups inherited all the best features from both parents. But are there any caveats? Let’s find out.  Do you have a specific question about Corgi Dachshunds? Then use … Read more

Corgi Poodle Mix: Hybrid Facts and Tips for Future Owners

Corgi Poodle Mix is a result of the up-to-date designer dog craze. And as you can guess, it’s a cross between two of the most beloved breeds of dogs: Poodle and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Both parent breeds are intelligent and known to be great family pets. So it’s not surprising that Corgipoo has drawn a … Read more

Corgi Pitbull Mix: Personality, Grooming, Care, & Training Tips

Corgi Pitbull Mix is a very new and quite rare designer dog. It blends the American Pitbull Terrier and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  It’s believed that the very first Pitbull Corgi was bred around the 1990s. Those are lively, smart, and loyal dogs that potentially can make a wonderful pet for any family. But let’s … Read more

Akita Corgi Mix: Training, Grooming & Common Health Issues

I don’t know about you, but both Akita and Corgi are definitely in my top list of cutest breeds ever. So mixing it up together seems like I a great idea (cuteness*cuteness=cuntenss², right?)  But let’s figure out if Akita Corgi Mix really is such a dreamboat as it sounds.  Do you have a specific question … Read more

Akita Pitbull Mix: How to Train This Dog & Is It Right for You?

The Akita Pit most likely has been existed for many years. Still, designer breeders started to develop this Mix intentionally by crossing Akitas and American Pitbull Terriers in the late 1990s.  Both parent breeds are known to be smart and loyal. So is Akita Pitbull Mix delivers the best from two worlds to the owners? … Read more

Akita Lab Mix: Training, Grooming, Health Issues, and More

Most of the time, when we are speaking of Akita Lab Mix, we mean the pups created by crossing Akita and Labrador Retrievers.  Akita, one of the signature breeds from Japan, was created as the strong-willed, independent hunting dog. As for Labrador Retrievers, those are amongst the most affectionate breeds and practically the most popular … Read more

Great Dane Akita Mix: Training Tips, Personality, & Grooming

A Great Dane Akita mix is a pretty rare crossbreed, but these crossbreeds do exist either by accident or plan. People who own a pup of such a cross find these dogs to have unique personalities and be a joy to deal with. Although it can be somewhat challenging for people, who are not used … Read more

Akita Husky Mix: Fun Facts, Personality, Care, and Training

Both  Akita and  Husky are old breeds of dogs that are known for their strength and courage. A mix of these two dogs will give you a wonderful pet that is intelligent and energetic. Here is a look at what  Akita Husky mix is like. Do you have a specific question about the Akita Husky … Read more

Dogs That Look like Bears: Big, Teacup, Fluffy, Chubby, Etc

Some of us just love bears. But adopting one has its challenges. And you probably shouldn’t be doing it. (Unless it happens by mistake like with this Chinese family bringing home and raising a bear instead of Tibetian Tibetan mastiff). But there’s at least a considerable chance that your puppy will resemble a bear if … Read more

Juji Dog: Is This 450-Pound Pup Real and Where Does He Live?

Juji, also known as a 450-pound dog, went viral after being mentioned by numerous celebrities (from Ashton Kutcher to Adam Levine) and media outlets (from Today to BuzzFeed).  But is it real? And how big this pup actually is? Read on to know everything about Juji. Do you have a specific question about the subject? … Read more

Top 12 Smartest Dog Breeds. What Makes Them Smart (Or Not)?

One of the most comprehensive research on dog’s intelligence in an attempt to identify the smartest dog breed was done by psychologist Stanley Coren. He surveyed almost 200 dog-obedience judges in an attempt to figure out the smartest dog breed. And summarized the outcome in his book  . He defined the dog’s intelligence as a … Read more

12 Most Loved Beagle Mixes: From Cheagle to Poogle

Beagle is amongst the most popular breeds in the US. If not number one popular, but definitely in the top 10. And one of the cutest things about those smart and cute pups is their voice: they have all types of sounds for any occasion – they will bark, yowl and howl. So, in a … Read more

Golden Retriever Lab Mix: Do They Shed? Are They Trainable?

A mix of two different pure breeds of dogs is often referred to as designer dogs. The deliberate mixing of two different breeds may be done for looks or to breed in certain personality traits. And the mix between a Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever is probably one of the sweetest dogs ever. Are you … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Agouti Husky: Lifespan, Grooming&Training

Agouti refers to the color of a dog’s coat (just like Red Husky), not to a breed of dog. In this article, when talking about an Agouti Husky, we will be talking about the Siberian Husky with an Agouti colored coat.  Are you interested in a particular topic about Agouti Husky? Then use the table … Read more

Dalmatian Dachshund Mix: Temper, Health Issues & Training

Designer breeds of dogs (crosses between two pure breeds) are popping up all over the place these days. One of the newest and perhaps cutest designer breeds is Dalmachshund. This eye-catching dog is sure to capture the hearts of many. Are you interested in a particular topic about this mix? Then use the table of … Read more

Akita German Shepherd Mix: Full Guide to the Breed

This mix is not exactly great with kids, but if you train him, it can become a perfect pet. This is a somewhat moody pet, which might be a problem for some people. But if you take good care of him and you are ok with lots of grooming requirements, results can be awe-inspiring in the end. It’s not just a simple pet, and a lot of people will love him for that.

A Complete Guide to Red Husky: History, Training, and Grooming

The Red Husky is just as beautiful as the other variations of the Husky breed. In this guide, you will learn its history and how to care for one.  These dogs are known for their powerful limbs, graceful gait, athletic build, and sled-pulling abilities. It has triangular ears that are covered in soft fur as … Read more

Akita Rottweiler Mix: Shedding, Training, and Care

For the most part, the Akita Rottweiler mix is excellent for your family. They tend to be friendly with kids, and training the Akita Rottweiler mix is not that complicated. It will take some time to get used to the process. Still, overall it’s a great experience, and you will find it incredibly rewarding and exciting.

Icelandic Sheepdog: Personality, Traits, and Care

The Icelandic Sheepdog, is one of the totem creatures of Iceland. Its lively character, noisy bark, and thick coat make it the perfect ally for any Icelandic rancher. Particularly for the farmers who need to herd their sheep, horses, or cows in enormous open fields in any climate! This popular spitz-type hound breed was brought … Read more

Border Collie Rottweiler Mix: Is It Right for Your Family?

The Border Collie Rottweiler comes from a friendly Border Collie and protective Rottweiler. Both parents are high energy breeds too. As a result, you are getting a very active pup that might not be ideal for everybody.  Most of the designer breeds, including this one, are relatively new, and you never know which parent’s genes … Read more

Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix: Temper, Shedding & Health Issues

If we talk about the best designer dogs, Border Collie Golden Retriever mix might be one of them. This dog has a sweet nature. They are super playful and friendly. They come from Golden Retriever and the Border Collie, both known for intelligence and kindness. Which makes this new mix something worth considering, if you … Read more

Border Collie Corgi Mix: Grooming, Care, Shedding & Training

Are you looking for a loyal and friendly pup that is also great with kids? Then stop for a second. Because Border Collie Corgi Mix might be just what you need.   This designer dog, as it follows from the mix’s name, comes from Border Collie and Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and it’s getting popularity fairly quickly.   … Read more

Beagle Terrier Mix: Lifespan, Training, and Health Issues

There are many types of terriers, but in this review, I will focus on one of the most common cross breeds – beagle with rat terrier. These dogs are intelligent and energetic. And that’s why it’s not surprising that their popularity slowly but steadily is growing.

Boxer Beagle Mix: How to Take Care of Boggles? Do They Shed a Lot?

Boxers and Beagles are two of the most popular dog breeds around the world. As such, their mix breed, known as the Boxer Beagle Mix, is desirable among people as well. It is a very active dog with a bright and playful personality. A Boxer Beagle mix makes a great companion for casual dog owners … Read more