Why Is My Dog So Clingy? Is It Normal? Can I Fix It? 

When not in the same room with his human companion, a clinging dog remains unnaturally physically near him, displaying discomfort signals. When they are physically separated, the dog may refuse to leave the human’s side, watch their every move, and whimper, bark, and attempt to follow the person. While loyalty and bondedness are commonly regarded … Read more

When Do Puppies Start To Calm Down?

When choosing a dog to adopt, many things must be considered. While many people believe that the dog’s breed matters the most, you must focus on your dog’s activity level. For the most part, raising a puppy on your own is a tremendous task that often requires patience and care. While it is widespread for … Read more

Signs of Dominance in Dogs and Puppies and How to Fix It?

dominance behavior in dogs

Dogs are classified as herd animals whose dominance is rooted in their territorial instincts. In the wild, this behavior acts as a key to survival. Still, it can lead to inappropriate behavior and violence. That’s why it’s important to be conscious of all the signs of dog dominance and watch out for them. So you … Read more

Anti Barking Device That Works. Best of Ultrasonic, Outdoors, Shock and No Shock Collars

There are various types of anti-barking devices to control your dog’s excessive barking. This noisy barking could be disturbing sometimes, and you want to put a stop to it by getting the best anti-bark device available. Additionally, these devices also take dog training to a different fun level. Here are a few types to choose from depending on your situation and preferences.

Indestructible Dog Toys: from Rubber to Plush

“Indestructible” “chew” toys usually are made of a very tough material…even though the producers might claim it won’t harm the teeth, strong chewers can still break a tooth on those. But I found an excellent option, that might not be only a safer choice pup’s dental health-wise, but also suitable for “let’s make this toy last” mission.

Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Train?

It takes some digging to answer the question “are golden retrievers easy to train?”. Most of the time you have to keep in mind that these dogs love nature and they enjoy exercising. So this will make them perfect for training outside at all times. That being said, there are some challenges along the way. … Read more

10 Best Behaved Dogs

Certain owners want to expect a great degree of hospitality from their dogs. They want them to welcome their guests with generosity and play with their kids. Lonely, owners want their dogs to be all in one. They simply expect them to be their genuine companion. Well, such well-behaved manners are not innate in dogs. They need proper training of learning such behaviors. But there are certain breeds that have more tendencies to be well behaved.

The Smartest Small Dogs Rating: Top 11

Amongst the smartest small dogs that make intelligent small dogs list are Poodle, Shetland sheepdog, Papillon, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Yorkshire terrier, Fox, and Rat Terriers, Brussels Griffon, Cairn Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, and the Schipperke. But let’s go into deeper details about each breed to find out what makes it so smart.

Golden Retriever Training Essentials

Golden Retrievers are a favorite among dog lovers. The little canines are very friendly and sociable. They’re cute enough tag along with, and they’re great company at home. But like most good dogs, Golden Retrievers need a lot of training before you can let them run around. Without the Golden Retriever training, your dog could … Read more

What Are the Easiest Dogs to Housebreak?

There are thousands of dog breeds and some are a pure joy to teach. Certain breeds are considered the easiest precisely in potty training. Amongst those are cute Shiba Inus, along with tiny Shih Tzus, German Shepherds, and Miniature Schnauzer. Let’s cover each in detail.

5 German Shepherd Training Tips: Do it the Right Way

German shepherd training tips

German shepherds are not only beautiful but smart as well. These can be your best buddies if trained the right way. Here are 5 essential German shepherd training techniques that will help you to cover the basics of raising your puppy into a confident, well-mannered, lovable, and smart friend: Socialize Your Puppy The best training … Read more

10 Key German Shepherd Behavior Problems

german shepherd training tricks

Amongst the most challenging german shepherd behavior problems are biting, digging, door dashing, jumping on people, excessive barking, chewing, aggression, and even more. Let’s cover those in details and try to figure out how to fix it. Do you want to know more about GSP behavior problems? Then use the table of contents below to … Read more

How to Housebreak an Older Dog

Some adult dogs (older than six months) sometimes can go potty inside the apartment. House soiling can happen in any place of a house, but sometimes dog owners will notice that pet soils more in specific locations, which may uncover the cause. For example, soiling might happen only in rarely used rooms or on a particular kind … Read more

The Easiest Way to Housebreak a Dog

The most significant aspect of potty training a dog is the use of great management, including care and supervision.  If you have ever adopted a puppy, you are aware of somewhat daunting challenge of potty training your new pet. Although older dogs may require a bit more patience and time.  For best results, you must … Read more

Basics: How to Potty Train a Dog

potty train a dog

Puppies are the usual targets of potty training, but older dogs sometimes are not housebroken too. If tackling the latter, a few different techniques are in order. It should take less time and have effective results. You must dedicate yourself to the task, however, and be consistent. A crate is fine to start as with … Read more