7 Ways to Deal with Stubborn Puppy

If you have a stubborn puppy, you are not alone. The best thing you can do in this regard is to try and find some adjacent ways of training your puppy without making the training process more challenging as you go along. It’s important to tackle all these things with confidence all the time. Sometimes … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd is amongst the most loyal breeds, and they are very smart, eager to please, athletic, versatile and usually, enjoy learning. So the proper German Shepherd training will make your pet a breeze to handle. Let’s dig into the basic rules you have to know.

How to Take Care of Poodle Hair

You see them on the streets and in dog shows. You admire them from afar and coo over them in salons. What are they? Poodles. Most people love a good cuddle with a Poodle. The furry canines are cute, and their hair is just soft enough to pull fingers through. What people who don’t own … Read more

10 Not-So-Obvious German Shepherd Training Tips

Once you own a dog you can’t just let it live on its own inside a kennel in your house. You need to invest time in your Shepherd and consider him to be a part of your family.  A family has its own rules and every member is expected to follow them, your dog is … Read more

Golden Retriever Training Tricks: Top 5 Best Rated by Experts

Teaching your golden retriever training tricks is stimulating. Your pet will enjoy it, but it could be a tough thing to accomplish. The whole experience would a pleasant bonding experience and only consists of benefits with no disadvantages. Use the proper techniques, devote enough time, and your golden retriever will be able to show new … Read more

Best 5 Tips for Potty Training

Their own mother would clean up the den if they were all alone. She does that in order to eliminate the scent and not allow the puppies to associate the area with self-relief. The same thing applies to your own potty training in order to successfully train your dogs. If your puppies start making a … Read more

5 German Shepherd Training Tips: Do it the Right Way

German shepherd training tips

German shepherds are not only beautiful but smart as well. These can be your best buddies if trained the right way. Here are 5 essential German shepherd training techniques that will help you to cover the basics of raising your puppy into a confident, well-mannered, lovable, and smart friend: Socialize Your Puppy The best training … Read more

Poodle Teeth Health Essential Guide

Poodle teeth

Dogs have shown to develop major health problems if their oral care is not catered to. Poodle teeth are even more prone to infection, and this only increases fatality if left untreated over time. Chronologically, here are five steps that you must take to ensure your poodle teeth remain healthy. #1 – Start to care … Read more

How to Housebreak an Older Dog

Some adult dogs (older than six months) sometimes can go potty inside the apartment. House soiling can happen in any place of a house, but sometimes dog owners will notice that pet soils more in specific locations, which may uncover the cause. For example, soiling might happen only in rarely used rooms or on a particular kind … Read more

How to Kennel Train a Puppy

Crate potty training is the process of teaching a puppy to accept a  crate as a familiar and secure place. Though,  confined areas can be sometimes misused. They’re best as a short-term training tool, not as a lifetime model of housing. The goal should be to control behavior problems and coach your dog so that it’s not necessary … Read more

The Easiest Way to Housebreak a Dog

The most significant aspect of potty training a dog is the use of great management, including care and supervision.  If you have ever adopted a puppy, you are aware of somewhat daunting challenge of potty training your new pet. Although older dogs may require a bit more patience and time.  For best results, you must … Read more

Why Puppy Pees in Crate?

puppy pees in crate

Before trying to identify the reasons why puppy pees in crate described in this article, first of all, make sure that your pet doesn’t have any medical problem that may be causing the issue (e.g. bladder infection or diarrhea). In case your puppy is currently on any medication, consult with the vet to make sure that … Read more

9 Essential Potty Training Tips

potty training tips

Tip #1 Remember About Puppy’s digestion When it comes to potty training puppy’s digestive tract works to our advantage. Since its extremely fast and efficient, after 5 to 30 minutes after eating puppies need to poo. So with a regular eating plan, and your notice on the timing, your pet can establish the perfect pooping … Read more

Advice on How to Potty Train a Puppy

puppy potty training tips

Learning how to potty train a puppy comes down to patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. There are no substitutes. You want to create good habits while maintaining a special and loving bond. It doesn’t happen overnight either. Give the task at least four to six months to perfect. Puppies have been known to require up to … Read more