7 Secret Hacks of Shih Tzu Puppy Training

One of the most popular dog breeds today is the Shih Tzu. They are adorable creatures that make a good addition to your family. However, just like any pet dog, you should know the best methods to Shih Tzu puppy training. This will ensure that the dog adjusts well to its new home, and be … Read more

How to Teach Shih Tzu Tricks

Whether you want to learn how to teach Shih Tzu tricks or you want to do it to better communicate with him, these easy techniques will make your dog a confident animal that will be able to calm down and use his energy into good works, rather than chasing him around the house. You will … Read more

What Are the Easiest Dogs to Housebreak?

There are thousands of dog breeds and some are a pure joy to teach. Certain breeds are considered the easiest precisely in potty training. Amongst those are cute Shiba Inus, along with tiny Shih Tzus, German Shepherds, and Miniature Schnauzer. Let’s cover each in detail.

The Ultimate Collection of Mini Aussie Weight and Height Charts

miniature american shepherd

Does a mini Aussie’s weight match up to its name? Yes and no. The name “miniature” Australian Shepherd suggests that this dog is a severely scaled-down version of the famous Australian Shepherd, which in some ways, is true. A full-grown mini Australian shepherd’s weight will typically be 50% less than its non-mini counterpart. Here is the … Read more

Why is My Dog Yelping in Pain?

cause your dog yelping

Is your dog yelping in pain? Maybe it’s because of a painful injury. Dogs can sustain sprains, strains, fractures, and even ACL injuries. Your dog may be screaming in pain because of a laceration, puncture wound, or bite. Older dogs can even yelp in pain due to ailments like arthritis. But, what if your dog has … Read more

Why Is My Dog So Clingy? Is It Normal? Can I Fix It? 

When not in the same room with his human companion, a clinging dog remains unnaturally physically near him, displaying discomfort signals. When they are physically separated, the dog may refuse to leave the human’s side, watch their every move, and whimper, bark, and attempt to follow the person. While loyalty and bondedness are commonly regarded … Read more

9 Elegant Dog Breeds: Skinny Supermodels of a Dog World

All pups are lovely and beautiful. But some definitely can be called an elegant dog more than another. I’ve listed my favorite elegant dog breeds (with no particular order) that are simply a pleasure to watch. Do you have a question about a specific elegant dog breed? Then use the table of contents below to … Read more

Ancient Dog Breeds: Extinct, from China, America, Africa, etc.

ancient dogs husky

The archeological documentation and genetic analysis found dogs’ remains laid to rest beside humans more than 14,200 years ago. However, there are still arguments whether they dated back 36,000 years ago. So, there are still many debates about the list of ancient dog breeds and which one can be called the oldest. But I hope … Read more

12 Best Dogs for First Time Owners (+ the Worst One)

best first dog

Bringing a dog to your life requires dedication. Your dog will depend on you for everything in his life; food, exercise, bath breaks. That’s a huge responsibility. So the less maintenance the breed has, the more chances it will be among the best dogs for first-time owners. You might be flexible about what you’re looking … Read more

20 Fluffy Dog Breeds: Huge, Big, Small, Toy, Cutest & More

All dogs are amazing. But fluffy dog breeds are practically born for cuddles. If you are looking to adopt a pup and big on petting, squeezing, and hugging, I’ve shortlisted the best choices to consider.   Do you have a specific question about a particular fluffy dog breed? Then use the table of contents below to … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Dried Mango? Dehydrated, Sweetened, or Freeze-Dried?

Dried mangoes are a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. The first type is essential for stabilizing high blood sugar levels, and the second can be quite beneficial for digestion. Dried mangoes might also help to increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. Also, dried mangoes make a delicious snack for us humans. But is it as great for dogs? Let’s try to figure it out.

Dogs That Don’t Shed: Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Free Couches

Low shedding dogs_Yorkies

Dog’s hair… probably one of a few downsides of owning a pup… It’s getting everywhere! Not only does it get messy, but for many people, allergies are also a factor. What’s the potential solution? A dog that doesn’t shed. Or shed less, at least. This post features a list of dog breeds that don’t shed to come to rescue you and your couches and more information you have to learn about shedding (or not).