Beagle Lab Mix: Personality, Training and Care Tips

Blending one of the cutest (beagle) and one of the most awesome dogs breeds (labrador) definitely wasn’t such a bad idea.  And both are amongst the most loved dog breeds in the United States, as stated by the American Kennel Club (AKC),

A crossbreed—often called ‘designer dog’ (and we covered the topic HERE) —is the result of two different purebred parents. And currently, more than always, owners are taking advantage of what some experts regard as a solution to the generational health problems that increasingly disturb purebred dogs.

Despite where you stand, on the whole ‘designer dog’ concept, one thing is certain; if you are thinking of a new dog, it’s essential to learn as much about your fancied class as possible! And since the Beagle Lab mix (also called Beagador or Labbe) is so brand-new, there’s not that much of information about it. But we will try to uncover the most important aspects of the breed.  

Beagle/Lab mix: Breed Specifications

Country of OriginUSA
Lifespan12 to 15 years
TrainabilitySmart and fast learners
Exercise NeedsQuite active
Energy LevelHigh
SheddingModerate to frequent
Grooming neeedsLow to moderate
Hypoallergenic BreedNo
ProtectivenessVery protective
Space RequirementsHouse with Yard
Average weight25 to 45 lbs
Average height19 to 24 inches
Creative commons video of a Beagle Labrador mix shared by United Hope for Animals

Labrador Beagle mix personality and behavior

This beagle mix is just at the beginning of its history, so there’s still some unpredictability in terms of breed’s temperament. Crossbred dogs can obtain traits from either parent. In general, the character of the Beagle and Lab are quite alike, so Lab Beagle Mix puppy is supposed to be highly energetic, intelligent, and loyal crossbreed. So far we know that Labbe has not only a charming look but boasts with curiosity and intelligence. So it will take less effort to train your new pal.

Beagle/Lab mix is ideal if you want to have a dog that can be a great friend with your kids. This breed’s very gentle, playful, and sweet. What’s more, this is a loyal dog that reacts to your commands quickly. However, at the start period, you need to allocate more time to follow the direction since they are very stubborn. To make sure your dog is in charge, you should complete all necessary training steps.

You should socialize and educate your Beagle Lab Mix immediately because the ability to absorb everything of a pup is better than older dogs’.Their friendly nature needs your attention. For instance, they always need to go out during the day to take part in physical activities and doing some exercises.

There is another characteristic which the Beagle Lab Mix inherited from their parents  – they can gain weight quickly. Hence, apart from maintaining a healthy diet, it’s necessary to provide it enough activity (30-40 minutes daily, at the very least). If your dog is still restless after that – play with pup even more. The Beagle Lab Mix will be fine with an active lifestyle owner. And for that reason, the big house with the yard is way more suitable for beagle lab mix.

Beagle Lab Mix: Grooming

Beagle Lab cross is simple to care for and requires merely bathing several times per month. Both the Beagle and the Lab have comparable coats, and their shedding is seasonal.

This breed will also need weekly brushing to help maintain its coat healthy. If your Beagle Lab Mix inherits the longer Lab’s nails, you will also have to clip them.

The second option is to play with your dog on a hard concrete surface to wear them down. And don’t overlook those teeth. Your pet can’t brush it himself, and dental disease is the most prevalent recurring problem in dogs. So, it’s essential to keep an eye on your dog’s teeth. You should think of teeth brushing routine, at the very least three times a week.

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Labrador Beagle mix: health issues and nutrition

Although  Beagle Lab Mix dogs do not suffer from the EXACT same health issues like their parents, there are some particular problems which they still might inherit.

The list includes seizures, hip dysplasia, eye problems, cold tail, Hypothyroidism, skin problems, bloating, Beagle Dwarfism, and OCD.

So when adopting a Beagador, you should examine the health records of pup’s parents – thus you will be aware of what your pet may experience. If the breeder can’t give you this data, that isn’t the right place to get the pup anyways.

Advanced health screening can help to bypass future problems.Both the Lab and the Beagle are predisposed to overeating and obesity, so it’s essential to have a sound feeding plan.

Get healthy dog food brands that give proper nutrition. And thus you will reduce the chances that your dog will be overweight.

Also, you should always measure the precise amount of food in each meal. If you feed your Labbe with dry kibble, the perfect serving size is 1.5 – 2.5 cups per day divided into two meals. And if the pet still gaining weight even when the serving and the quality of his nutrition is right don’t hesitate to consult the vet.

Labrador cross Beagle: Summary

This dog is a perfect combo of love, joy, loyalty, and energy. The Labbe is very loving, devoted and sweet.  

So, If you are too occupied and don’t have sufficient time to play with your energetic and affectionate dog, perhaps it’s not the right breed for you. It needs to be active, so only suits owners who enjoy outdoors. Besides, the place you live should be spacious enough for playing.

Credits: author of the cover photo for this post is A. from and Canva.