Fully Grown Toy Poodle: Size, Growth Charts, & Breed Basics

toy poodle growth

Are you wondering if your home is big enough for when your toy poodle is fully grown? Do not worry: you are not the only poodle owner asking this question. The toy poodle is the smallest of all the Poodle breeds. Because of their petite size, these dogs are typically content to be confined in … Read more

Corgi Poodle Mix: Hybrid Facts and Tips for Future Owners

Corgi Poodle Mix is a result of the up-to-date designer dog craze. And as you can guess, it’s a cross between two of the most beloved breeds of dogs: Poodle and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Both parent breeds are intelligent and known to be great family pets. So it’s not surprising that Corgipoo has drawn a … Read more

Beagle Poodle Mix: Do They Shed? Are They Healthy? How to Train Them?

The Poodle, a cross between the Poodle and the Beagle, was first created in the USA in the 1980s. Poodle and Beagle are among the most popular family-friendly breeds in America. And Beagledoodle definitely deserves a closer consideration if you are looking to adopt a new pup. Are you interested in a particular topic about … Read more

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix: Interesting Facts and Basic Care Rules

Are you looking for an intelligent crossbreed? Then the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix is the right choice. This breed is a cross between most beautiful and world’s brainiest breeds, the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix seems to have it all! Are you interested in a particular topic about this breed? Then use the table of contents … Read more

How to Take Care of Poodle Hair

You see them on the streets and in dog shows. You admire them from afar and coo over them in salons. What are they? Poodles. Most people love a good cuddle with a Poodle. The furry canines are cute, and their hair is just soft enough to pull fingers through. What people who don’t own … Read more

Poodle Teeth Health Essential Guide

Poodle teeth

Dogs have shown to develop major health problems if their oral care is not catered to. Poodle teeth are even more prone to infection, and this only increases fatality if left untreated over time. Chronologically, here are five steps that you must take to ensure your poodle teeth remain healthy. #1 – Start to care … Read more

The Ultimate Collection of Mini Aussie Weight and Height Charts

miniature american shepherd

Does a mini Aussie’s weight match up to its name? Yes and no. The name “miniature” Australian Shepherd suggests that this dog is a severely scaled-down version of the famous Australian Shepherd, which in some ways, is true. A full-grown mini Australian shepherd’s weight will typically be 50% less than its non-mini counterpart. Here is the … Read more

Why is My Dog Throwing Up Yellow Foam?

“Why is my dog throwing up yellow foam all over the floor!” Seeing your poor dog vomiting and dealing with tummy issues can be a scary & overwhelming experience. But, it’s vital to maintain your calm & focus on the facts when such unfortunate incidents occur.  What color is the puke? How often is the … Read more

How Many Cups In A Pound For Dog Food?

You are often recommended to feed your dog a certain amount per day. But, what about the measurements? How many cups in a pound of dog food is ideal for your canine family member? Do you need a proper answer to ensure your dog gets the best possible nutrition? Then there are all the answers … Read more

Do Antibiotics Cause Frequent Urination In Dogs?

Frequent urination in dogs is classified into two types: an insatiable desire to urinate, which can indicate other disorders, and incontinence, which is more of a lack of awareness of urine. While incontinence can be caused by different disorders, it can also be a symptom of other issues in the body, such as bladder infections, … Read more

How To Groom Goldendoodles: 5 Easy Steps

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog resulting from crossbreeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. These designer dogs have spiked in popularity in recent years due to their dashing looks and good manners. Since Goldendoodles are a cross between two different breeds, they inherit their looks and personalities from their two parents. And since their parent breeds … Read more

How to Choose the Right Breed for the First Time Dog-Owners?

Over the past year, as we came to find ourselves restricted to our homes for everything other than essential trips and exercise. And the number of families welcoming a furry member of the family into their houses exploded. Many people expected to work from home for an unspecified time. Many families decided that the time … Read more

12 Best Dogs for First Time Owners (+ the Worst One)

best first dog

Bringing a dog to your life requires dedication. Your dog will depend on you for everything in his life; food, exercise, bath breaks. That’s a huge responsibility. So the less maintenance the breed has, the more chances it will be among the best dogs for first-time owners. You might be flexible about what you’re looking … Read more

20 Fluffy Dog Breeds: Huge, Big, Small, Toy, Cutest & More

All dogs are amazing. But fluffy dog breeds are practically born for cuddles. If you are looking to adopt a pup and big on petting, squeezing, and hugging, I’ve shortlisted the best choices to consider.   Do you have a specific question about a particular fluffy dog breed? Then use the table of contents below to … Read more

Best Emotional Support Dogs: To Soothe Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, & More

Numerous studies are proving that pets can be beneficial for many emotional health conditions in humans, including various forms of depression. E.g., this experiment made it clear that adopting a pet can be used as an effective method of dealing with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder. Especially if pet therapy is combined with regular medical appointments. … Read more

Juji Dog: Is This 450-Pound Pup Real and Where Does He Live?

Juji, also known as a 450-pound dog, went viral after being mentioned by numerous celebrities (from Ashton Kutcher to Adam Levine) and media outlets (from Today to BuzzFeed).  But is it real? And how big this pup actually is? Read on to know everything about Juji. Do you have a specific question about the subject? … Read more

Top 12 Smartest Dog Breeds. What Makes Them Smart (Or Not)?

One of the most comprehensive research on dog’s intelligence in an attempt to identify the smartest dog breed was done by psychologist Stanley Coren. He surveyed almost 200 dog-obedience judges in an attempt to figure out the smartest dog breed. And summarized the outcome in his book  . He defined the dog’s intelligence as a … Read more

12 Most Loved Beagle Mixes: From Cheagle to Poogle

Beagle is amongst the most popular breeds in the US. If not number one popular, but definitely in the top 10. And one of the cutest things about those smart and cute pups is their voice: they have all types of sounds for any occasion – they will bark, yowl and howl. So, in a … Read more

Best Dog Breeds for PTSD and How to Train Them?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, also called PTSD, is usually associated with service veterans who have seen the horrors of war. Still, PTSD can affect other individuals who have been through some different rough life experiences as well. People who are dealing with PTSD may not be able to live a healthy life due to flashbacks, anxiety, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Dried Mango? Dehydrated, Sweetened, or Freeze-Dried?

Dried mangoes are a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. The first type is essential for stabilizing high blood sugar levels, and the second can be quite beneficial for digestion. Dried mangoes might also help to increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. Also, dried mangoes make a delicious snack for us humans. But is it as great for dogs? Let’s try to figure it out.

13 Better-Than-Unicorns Australian Shepherd Mixes

Aussie Shepherds are one of the most amazing breeds – loyal, hardworking, smart, and beautiful. But if you mix those qualities with other popular and loudly praised breeds, you are literally on track to create a superdog.  So let’s dive into some of the most amazing Australian Shepherd Mixes that are getting momentum.  Are you … Read more

13 Barkworthy Dog Pajamas: Plaid, Christmassy, Cutest, and Cheapest

Dog pajamas might be a massive help in maintaining your home furless during the shedding season, and keep less hairy four-legged friends warm during the cold seasons.  And is there anything more pawesome than watching your pupper going around wearing cute little pajamas? If you agree with me, then your answer would be “No.”  In … Read more

Dogs That Don’t Shed: Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Free Couches

Low shedding dogs_Yorkies

Dog’s hair… probably one of a few downsides of owning a pup… It’s getting everywhere! Not only does it get messy, but for many people, allergies are also a factor. What’s the potential solution? A dog that doesn’t shed. Or shed less, at least. This post features a list of dog breeds that don’t shed to come to rescue you and your couches and more information you have to learn about shedding (or not).

Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Train?

It takes some digging to answer the question “are golden retrievers easy to train?”. Most of the time you have to keep in mind that these dogs love nature and they enjoy exercising. So this will make them perfect for training outside at all times. That being said, there are some challenges along the way. … Read more

10 Best Behaved Dogs

Certain owners want to expect a great degree of hospitality from their dogs. They want them to welcome their guests with generosity and play with their kids. Lonely, owners want their dogs to be all in one. They simply expect them to be their genuine companion. Well, such well-behaved manners are not innate in dogs. They need proper training of learning such behaviors. But there are certain breeds that have more tendencies to be well behaved.

The Smartest Small Dogs Rating: Top 11

Amongst the smartest small dogs that make intelligent small dogs list are Poodle, Shetland sheepdog, Papillon, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Yorkshire terrier, Fox, and Rat Terriers, Brussels Griffon, Cairn Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, and the Schipperke. But let’s go into deeper details about each breed to find out what makes it so smart.