Beer for Dogs: Is it Safe? And Will Your Pup Really Enjoy It?

Let’s get straight to the point. Dogs are the best people. Period. Okay, they’re not people, but they’re man’s best friend who deserves the best, and we probably would want to take them everywhere we go. And some would even add sharing a pint with them to the list. 

That’s right, beer for dogs joins the list of human products that have been altered for our beloved pets. And there were a few brands launched new product category. But is it worth a hype? And does it make sense to waste your money on it at all? That’s what I am trying to figure out today. 

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How does beer for dogs made it to the market? 

dog and beer

Admit it, once in a while, we pamper or spoil our dogs, so the industry for dog products or dog-friendly services is continuously growing. A few examples would be desserts for dogs (cupcakes, ice cream), dog keto food, dog perfume, dog nail polish, dog treadmills, dog strollers, and high chairs.

Over the last 30 years (from 1988 to 2018), pet ownership in the US alone has increased from 56% to 68%. And with this growth comes the demand for some fancy dog products. 

As I’ve mentioned, this doesn’t just go for products, but services as well. Dog hotels and dog spas may sound ridiculous right now, but they too are on the rise. Additionally, bars, restaurants, and other public places have made their vicinity dog friendly. Not to mention, dog yoga! In case for those who want to get their pup involved in their workout routine. So it’s not surprising that dog beer scratched its place in the dog parents’ minds as well. And that’s what I will focus from now on to make sure you know what’s going on with this product. 

Dogs and alcohol: life before dog beer

doggy beer

First things first, how does alcohol affect dogs? Obviously, our first priority as dog owners is to make sure that the food and drinks we give our little furry friends are safe. So, alcohol is actually toxic to dogs.

The two main aspects of beer, ethanol (the intoxicating agent in beer) and hops (what brews beer) are poisonous to dogs and will intoxicate them. 

Wine, of course, is a big no-no because it’s made from grapes. For those that don’t know, grapes are one of the most dangerous foods for dogs. Vets and researchers still don’t know what ingredient in grapes are so toxic to dogs. But even just one grape could be serious effects on these animals. 

What happens if a dog drinks beer? 

dog beer

If your dog drinks beer or alcohol, the best thing to do first is to check how much alcohol your dog has taken.

Obviously, harder wines, liquor, and beer with higher percentages of alcohol will have worse effects. It can cause vomiting, fever, restlessness, excessive panting, drooling, disorientation, increased thirst, and muscle tremors. If you notice that your dog overall has become more weak, depressed, or slow, then best check with your vet. 

The good news is, most dogs don’t automatically go for alcoholic drinks anyway; they simply don’t like the taste, and it doesn’t usually appeal to them. However, just in case, it’s best to educate yourself on what the symptoms are for pets

Can you give alcohol-free beer to dogs? 

The answer is no. Dogs can’t hand the same food and drinks we consume as easily. So just to play safe, it’s better not to give your dog any beer as there may be ingredients in them that may have a minor effect on your dogs. Non-alcoholic beer is made just like alcoholic beer except the later steps when the “alcoholic” component is removed through various procedures. So just because it is labeled “alcohol-free” doesn’t mean it is safe for dogs. 

Why do dogs love beer? 

beer for dogs

Dogs typically won’t go for a beer as fast as they would for any sort of meat. However, given that dogs are generally social animals, they will most likely ask for a beer in a social setting (just like most of my human friends).

During home parties or gatherings, dogs will want to be next to guests, mingling, and getting their attention; hence, they may want a piece of the action and drink beer. Mainly because some humans will most likely find this hilarious and encourage it by cheering!

Additionally, some beers are a little sweeter and, or are heavily flavored. This is one other reason why dogs may love beer and have a greater chance of attracting them. That sweet smell will tingle their senses. So make sure you have a good grip on your drink the whole night because you’ll never know when your dog might reach for it. 

Do they make beer for dogs? 

The answer is YES. There are now a variety of options you can choose from companies that make beer specifically for dogs. By taking away the alcohol component or substituting it with healthier options, these dog beers make it even more fun to grab a drink not only with our human friends but with our canines too. 

Your access to dog beers will depend on where you live. However, there are already many options online that are ready to order. Read on to learn what your options are for the best beer made for dogs. 

Best beer made for dogs

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/image product=”us-B07FPXBVJZ”]

not only doesn’t contain any alcohol, but they have also made their beers with chicken, beef, and pork flavor. So for sure, your dogs will be attracted to this beer. Scent, taste, and everything! It is also high in Vitamin B due to the Glucosamine and Malt Barley ingredient. Not only delicious but sort of nutritious. Plus, the packaging is cute and will be a party pleaser amongst your guests.  

Busch Beer has also been making the headlines lately, catching on to the trend. I personally don’t drink. But some of my beer connoisseur friends mentioned that Busch’s human-grade beer was shite. So maybe they will have a better success making a drink for a new audience? 

Called Dog Brew by Busch, it is brewed from bone broth and includes corn, basil, celery, turmeric, ginger, mint, and water to appeal to the tastes of the dog. Basically, the perfect dog beer recipe. For now, it’s sold online and also comes with some impressive packaging, similar to the human version! Once again, another great treat to give your dog. 

Beer for dogs benefits

dog and beer

Other than the fact that these beers are fun ideas, beer for dogs also have some other benefits:

  • Glucosamine and Malt Barley provide Vitamin B
  • Natural beer with natural ingredients; which means no added salt or fat, and is nutritious 
  • Can be served alone as a treat
  • Can be mixed with dog food to soften it 
  • Comes in various flavors appealing to dogs

Beer flavor for dogs

Smell and taste have to be the strongest senses that our dogs have. Any time they are around food and see you preparing your dinner, you bet they’ll be just right next to you, watching your every bite!

Hence, these breweries’ goal is to ensure that the flavor is just right for this target consumer. Some of the beer flavors available are chicken, beef, pork, or a mix of all three. flavors are called “Cock-a-Doodle Brew” and “Porky Pug Porter.” 

Side effects of beer for dogs

As we’ve mentioned before, beer for dogs is made with natural, dog-safe ingredients using safe procedures. Hence, I would say there are no major side effects of beer for dogs, given that you continue to provide them with a healthy, balanced diet. Usually, dog food and drinks are made simply.

Simply, meaning they will appeal to the dog’s tastes and satisfies their basic nutrient needs. These are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. As long as you’re providing them this, and not just dog beer, then there should be no acute effects that this beer will have on your dog. 

Health benefits of beer for dogs

The vitamin B and amino acids that are in the dog beer promote healthy joints. Because there is no alcohol or hops, the natural ingredients would mean a healthier and more nutritious diet for your dogs. This, in the long run, means a stronger and longer-living dog. 

How good is a beer for dogs? 

dog looking at beer

So, in conclusion, is a beer for dogs safe? Will make this easy for you with an immediate YES. With the options mentioned above, you’ll find that the producers create a safe beer for your dogs to drink—natural ingredients, harmless brewing process, and tasty to your dog’s likes.

If you were to choose your own beer from any other company or brewery, just check the ingredients/nutrients of the beers to ensure that everything is safe for them to drink. Always update yourself on what is considered toxic and dangerous to your dogs

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