Can Dogs Carry Bed Bugs? And Can It Bite Your Pup?

Bed bugs can be a real problem. And getting rid of those once they infest your home can be a challenging and time-consuming process that often requires the help of professionals.

Most people are focused on keeping bed bugs from invading their homes in the first place. (Good thinking!) That is why you may wonder whether your dog can have something to do with bed bugs’ invasion. Let’s try to find out! 

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Here’s what we’ve covered in this post:

Do dogs get bed bugs at all?

Unless you have a hairless dog, your pup is unlikely to be the first choice of a buffet for a nasty bed bug. Those insects will have a difficult time making their way through pet’s fur. If your dog is showing signs of having been bitten by a bed bug, then chances are good that your entire home is pretty heavily infested by now.

Can bed bugs live on dogs?

Bed bugs don’t usually live on dogs or people for that matter. They live around beds where people and animals may sleep and feed on you and dog. If a bed bug should get caught in your dog’s fur, it can live on your dog, but this is a rare exception rather than a rule.

Will bed bugs bite dogs?

Bed bugs feed on warm-blooded mammals. So it is possible for your dog as well as you to suffer from bed bug bites. While dogs (or any other furred animal) are not the first choice for those bloodsucking monsters, they will bite dogs still.

Especially if there is a significant infestation, and the humans in the home don’t provide enough food for the entire bed bug clan. When bed bugs bite dogs, it is generally on their stomach or around their legs where there is less hair.

Can bed bugs travel on dogs?

Bed bugs rarely move around on the hosts that they feed on. A bed bug can get caught in a dog’s fur and travel that way. But they are much more likely to do so by clinging to human clothing, dog’s bedding.

Can you get bed bugs from dogs?

People do not usually get a bed bug directly from their dogs. However, since bed bugs can hide in your pet’s bedding, toys, and even dog house or crate, the infestation may start in your dog’s items. Especially if your dog has recently spent time being cared for in another person’s home or a kennel. 

Can dogs carry bed bugs from one home to another?

While it is possible that under the right conditions, dogs can carry bed bugs from one home to another, it is pretty unlikely.

Should you be visiting a house with a bed bug infestation during the day time, chances are good the bed bugs will be hiding and not looking for food. So there is a slim chance that your pet can catch any.  

Once bed bugs come out at night, the bed bugs will likely feed then hide again. And they might choose your clothing, luggage, and your dog’s bed as a safe place. Thus they can be transported back to your home.

So, the rule of thumb here, don’t come to a pet slumber party to a house infested with bed bugs, and you will be alright. 

How to get rid of bed bugs on your dog?

There are several things you can do both to get rid of bed bugs on your dog and, more importantly, to keep any bed bugs that may be on your dog or pet’s things from entering your home at all. 

Frequent brushing

Brush and shampoo your dog whenever they have been away from your home overnight or at night time. If you have had your dog in a kennel or in someone’s house while you were gone, then brush him thoroughly upon arrival. This is also something you need to do if you already have a bed bug infestation in your home to get rid of all the bugs that might be hiding in the pup’s hair.

Wash your dog with an Anti-parasite shampoo

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By shampooing your dog with an anti-parasite shampoo, you can ensure that you can kill all the bed bugs, bed bugs dirt, and eggs that may be attached to your pet’s fur.

I found shampoo by Maple Holistics might be one of the brilliant options. It’s not necessarily designed for bed bugs (none of the dog’s shampoo is).

But it makes pet’s fur nice and shine, it clears up the skin from any itches and rashes (it has oats as an ingredient) and keeps all sorts of bugs away from your pup.

One of the most efficient natural remedies one can use to win the battle with bed bugs is the lavender smell. It makes the bugs sick and in some cases dead. And this shampoo is lavender based (and actually smells quite nice for our, humans’ taste).

Wash and dry all bedding and toys on hot

You need to wash everything on hot for about 60 minutes and then dry on medium heat for another 30 minutes. Anything that has to be dry cleaned only should be put into the dryer and dried for at least 60 minutes. Discard any bedding and toys with holes or cuts in them.

Spray all cracks with pet-safe bed bug killer

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You may hire a professional bed bug exterminator to get rid of the bugs safely. Or you may try doing it more cost-effectively, spraying your house yourself. If choosing the right (and dog-safe) product for the task, it will most likely be as efficient as the help of the professionals.

I did a little research and found non-toxic bed bug killer spray that might be an option for you to look into. It’s easy to use and costs little.

You might not want your pets or kids to touch it once it’s wet. But when it dries, it’s completely safe and keeps working on disrupting bugs neurotransmitters.

And you might even like the scent – some find it fresh and piney. Keep in mind that it may take more than one application to get rid of all of the bed bugs. But this product promise to kill 100% of those. 

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