Can Dogs Eat Dates? Pros and Cons Revealed

Dates are quick to digest and have a slew of crucial nutrients that can help your dog’s health. But there’s often a lot of uncertainty about the safety of dates.

Are dates bad for dogs?

Dates are a wonderful way to reward your dog. They can be given in moderation without any concerns about any harmful side effects. Usually, they’re supposed to be clear of allergens. If you’re still having some doubts about giving dates to your pup, here is the list of its exceptional nutritional benefits that you should be aware of.

Dates are a legit source of fiber. Fiber can support your dog’s digestive tract’s health. It can sustain its proper functioning and help avoid problems like diarrhea or constipation.

Moreover, a healthy share of fiber is necessary for keeping healthy blood sugar levels. It reduces the speed of glucose absorption and may aid to stop excessive weight gain and prevent diabetes.

To sustain your fluffy friends’ overall well-being, you have to avoid extreme amounts of fatty meals that could clog the pet’s arteries. Store-bought treats are loaded with fat to provide more flavor and an extra boost of energy to the pup. Dates can supply your dog with similar positive outcomes that fatty treats have, without the harmful trade-offs.

And when it’s time to think about heart health, dates can get even more interesting, as they are known to be a help in keeping your pup’s cardiovascular system in order. As dates are high in potassium, that can maintain your dog’s blood pressure.

Can dogs eat dried dates?

If you’re on the mission to find a healthy treat that can satisfy your picky pup, serving dried dates to the pet is fine. Those are a safe alternative to other traditional store-bought snacks. And since dates are also packed with nutrients and vitamins it’s an excellent addition to your dog’s regular diet.

Word of warning though: dried dates are high in sugars (it can be up to 16 grams of sugar in one date), so you’ll need to restrict the frequency of feeding your pup with this treat otherwise it can cause your dog to gain weight, and that’s “straight to diabetes” road.  

When dog is eating too many dates. Here are the side effects:

  • Dates should only be given in small amounts. You wouldn’t serve your dog a whole bag of treats in one day, so you’ll need to keep that identical reasoning when you’re treating pup with dates. It has to be used as compensation for sound behavior or a special snack, and that’s it.
  • As stated earlier, dates are very high in sugars. So, eating too many will make your pet hyperactive.  Feeding your pet with dates regularly might also lead to upset stomach, diarrhea and weight gain.
  • More things to notice: most dogs won’t have trouble eating all the dates you put in their mouth. They’ll be excited by sweet aroma. So you have to be in control here.
  • Also, an important thing to mention, as usual for all the food you are about to give to your pup for the first time you have to make sure that it’s safe and there no allergic reactions. So start small, and watch your pup. If all clean you are both safe with healthy dates snacks.
  • And even more. You also have to make sure that you removed the pit, the hard seed from the center of the fruit. While it’s not intrinsically dangerous or toxic like some of the other seeds, it can be a reason for choking. Even if your dog eats it without gagging, it can be stuck in their intestinal tract and create a blockage.
  • It’s best to get clear of the pit completely to eliminate the risks. Just slice each date and discard the hard seed.
  • While dates are supposed to be safe for dogs, adding a new food to their regular diet may cause abdomen pains. See how your dog reacts before you begin serving them dates regularly

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Can dogs have dates? Summary

Yes, they can. Dates don’t contain any toxic ingredients that can be dangerous to dogs, so can feed them to your pup as you pleased. But you’ll also need to be careful about the serving amount because the high fiber in dates can lead to your pup’s diarrhea struggles. Also, count that sugars and calories and don’t forget to remove the date’s pit before giving the treat to the pet, as it can cause a dog’s choking.

Credits: thanks for the cover photo to Ella Olsson from Unsplash.