Can Dogs Eat Olives? Black or Green: Are Those Really Safe for Your Pup?

Olives  (which is a fruit, by the way) are known for their rich taste and astonishing nutrition value: high levels of vitamins, antioxidants minerals, and healthy fats. All of that store many health benefits to humans.

This fantastic fruit can assist in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as decrease the risk of heart diseases and certain types of cancer. It also reduces inflammation,  improves digestion, defends against infections, and even soothes allergic reactions. But can dogs eat olives and get all the same benefits?

Are olives bad for dog?

Fed in moderation, dogs can too experience the numerous health advantages of olives.

Plain, pitted olives seldom cause problems to dog’s health. But, ones that are pickled or canned might contain extreme amounts of sodium. That is unhealthy for dogs and can cause dehydration and even be toxic.

Olives glazed with oils, seasonings or garlic, also carry extra risks. So be careful if you want to give your pup that healthy olive.

And even when we are talking fresh, zero seasoning version, fruits themselves are not toxic they still have the pits that may cause choking in dogs.

Can dogs eat black olives?

To cut the chase, the answer is YES.

Plain black olives, fed in moderation, will bring not only some variety and deliciousness to your pet’s diet but also tremendous nutrition value. On top of the ones mentioned in the first part of this article, when we were talking about olives in general,  the black ones contain the most healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Those acids help break down the body’s fat cells, so it’s great for a good diet and weight loss. It also decreases cholesterol levels and improves your pup’s skin and coat condition.

If you are going to feed your pup olives, don’t forget the major rules:

Human food and treats can’t contain more than 10% of the pup’s daily calories consumption. And it’s surely can’t be all olives. Share one or two olives at a time.

Get rid of the pit

Particularly if you intend to feed olives to a small dog. The pit is not poisonous, but it may block airways, crack pet’s teeth, lodge in your dog’s intestinal tract or provoke choking. You can buy olives without the pit, but those generally come with salt and other toxic seasonings, so you might want to use the

Never feed your dog a whole bowl of olives

That amount of fat (even though it’s a good one) may cause pancreatitis.

Check the labels

Many processed olives might include ingredients that can be dangerous for your puppy. E.g., surprisingly, a bowl of olives has as much as 735 mg of sodium. (and maximum daily recommended is 100 mg). Other ingredients to keep an eye at and avoid include pepper and garlic.

Prefer organic olives. They are much better not only for you but also for your canine.

Look for indications of molds

The trouble with olives is they can quickly grow molds. Before feeding them to your dog, check if those are still good. The best method to do this is to sniff them. Molded olives normally have a disturbing odor that means they should travel directly to the trash land.

Watch how your furry friend reacts to the olives

If he appears to like it and you didn’t spot any behavioral changes feeding pup with olives won’t be an issue.

Can dogs eat olives if it’s green?

Green olives are plucked from the tree before riping. And black, on the other hand, were left to ripen on the tree. Still, olives are a fruit that you not supposed to eat raw simply because the taste very bitter and this product requires a curing process to turn edible.

Same rules as for black olives are applied to define if green ones are safe to eat for your pup.  for green olives if you

The important thing you have to know: green olives contain slightly more sodium than black olives. So possibly you’d prefer to stick with black ones when thinking of rare treats for your furry pal.

Can dogs have olives? Summary:

Dogs can eat olives in moderation. They are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for human health. And even though pup fed a complete and well-balanced diet doesn’t require these extra nutrients, plain, unsalted olives can be a healthful snack for your dog.

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