Do Bully Sticks Cause Diarrhea in Dogs?

If you wonder if bully sticks cause Diarrhea in dogs, it is best to know the answer before giving your dog one. While many complain that bully sticks have led to Diarrhea in their dogs, others think that bully sticks are an efficient and effective treat for most dogs. 

While there is much debate on whether bully sticks are actually safe for your dogs, probably the best option is to just provide it to them in moderation. Bully sticks are mostly made of steer or beef penis, which are dried after being stretched and twisted. The drying process often considers some treatment phases whereby chemicals and bacteria are killed to make sure they are a safe treat for your dog.  

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What are the benefits of bully sticks?

Besides understanding whether bully sticks cause Diarrhea in dogs, it is also important to know whether bully sticks are nutritious. The following are the advantages of bully sticks: 

Bully sticks provide dental benefits for your dog. It is challenging and requires your dog to chew on it well.

A bully stick requires about 30 minutes of chewing time in a big dog, while in the case of a small dog, they might be preoccupied with the treat for several hours. This chewing activity is undoubtedly great for their teeth, removing tartar and making the gums and teeth much stronger. 

Bully sticks also have a great load of mental health benefits as the chewing activity releases a surge of endorphins. Endorphins are highly recommended for dogs as it provides adequate mental stimulation and decreases anxiety in dogs. It is beneficial for dogs with particular phobias and separation anxiety. 

Being low in cholesterol and a rich source of protein, bully sticks have various nutritional benefits. They are a dense source of protein with almost no fat. But, be aware that bully sticks are very high in calories, so they should be fed to your dog in moderation. Although it has other benefits, do not overfeed your dog with bully sticks. 

Dangers of Feeding Bully Sticks

When understanding do bully sticks cause Diarrhea in dogs, it is essential to bear in mind your intentions when giving this treat to your dog. In a study, 71% of dog owners have reported that they do not feed treats to dogs that have synthetic products and other by-products.

However, the main problem is that most owners have said that they could not recognize the by-products in the first place. Now, when it comes to bully sticks, some hazards are attached to them.  

Bacterial contamination 

While dogs have better digestive health than humans do, bully sticks can cause digestive problems in dogs. Dogs indeed have a higher tolerance for the ability to tolerate bacterial contamination. But bully sticks are often contaminated with bacteria that lead to vomiting and Diarrhea in dogs.

However, if you buy sticks from reputable companies, you can easily bypass this problem. Companies that process and manufacture bully sticks under extremely hygienic conditions never create such problems. However, you have to ensure that you do not overfeed it to your four-legged friend. 


If your dog is prone to allergic reactions, it is best to avoid bully sticks. If you notice your dog showing signs of irritation on their skin or a behavior change, it might be allergic to beef, in which case, do not feed it bully sticks at all. 


It is a big hazard if the bully stick becomes too small and gets lodged in your dog’s throat. Make sure that the size of the bully stick is long and thick. 

Should I give my dog bully sticks? 

It is okay if you’re still unsure whether you should give your dog bully sticks as a treat or wonder if bully sticks cause Diarrhea in dogs. Being your dog’s primary giver is no easy task as you have to be very careful about what you put in their body. It is truly a challenging task but also a rewarding one.

Dogs can definitely develop Diarrhea after ingesting bully sticks, mainly because they are so rich in calories and also because of bacterial contamination (if any).  

Detecting Diarrhea in Dogs 

It is vital to keep your eyes on your dog, especially if they start developing symptoms of Diarrhea after having a bully stick. If your dog develops signs of Diarrhea, you might need to take them to the vet, or it can clear with a few days of a bland diet. However, most dogs can tolerate bully sticks without any poor results in most cases. 

Be attentive to your dog’s health after giving them bully sticks for the first time! If your dog develops diarrhea-like symptoms, take the necessary steps.

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