Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds: Types and Breeds, Mini, Fluffy & More

German Shepherds are consistently hitting the top 3 of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Although those are not the easiest dogs ever and not recommended for the first time dog owners. But how about dogs that look like German Shepherds then? 

Maybe those can be an alternative if you are in love with GSP look, intelligence, and work ethics?

My list will help figure out some options (although more research will be required if you’ll settle your mind on one of those). It includes several types of German Shepherds and also looks like breeds that are somehow related to GSP. 

Are you interested in a specific breed of dogs that look like German Shepherds? Then use the table of contents below to jump to the most relevant section. And you can always go back by clicking on the black arrow in the right bottom corner of the page. Also, please note that some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. For more details, check the Disclosure section at the bottom of the page. 

White Shepherd 

fluffy german shepherd

Technically, the White Shepherd has a slightly different coat shade then German Shepherd, though they have been recognized as their own breed by the United Kennel Club (UKC). Still, the breed had gone through many scandals before American breeders re-introduced the coloring.

Although the eponymous white coat may look exquisite, it is worth noting that this breed is the product of more inbreeding than most other breeds. This is because white coloration is a recessive gene.

Fortunately, this growth did not give rise to severe health concerns uncharacteristic of the German Shepherd breed in general. Although intelligent and loyal, the White Shepherd doesn’t always play well with others, particularly dogs of the same sex.

Belgian Shepherd

belgian shepherd vs german shepherd

The Belgian Shepherds come from Belgium and are also known as the Belgian Shepherd Dog or the Belgian Shepherd Dog). These medium to large herding dogs are very smart and fast learners. They are big and enthusiastic dogs, and they perform well in tracking, obedience, and search operations. These characteristics make them an outstanding watchdog or police dog.

The Belgian shepherds need to walk and exercise every day. If they get enough exercise, they’ll do well in the apartment. They require a firm owner and are not recommended to an inexperienced or poor owner. They are good with children if they are educated and socialized early, but they are reserved for strangers and other pets. Malinois, a medium-sized square dog with dark brown eyes and triangular ears, is one of the most common types of this type.

Both the Malinois and German Shepherd are members of the same Herding Group.

Dutch Shepherd

dutch shepherd vs german shepherd

Moving a little north, the Dutch Shepherd retains the German Shepherd’s size and form rather than the Belgian races. Described by the UKC, the Dutch Shepherd describes itself with a brindle color and a distinctive, bushy muzzle.

If to compare Dutch Shepherd vs. German Shepherd former has a shaggy undercoat instead of a straight fur of the latter. One of the best working dogs, the Dutch Shepherds, is easy to train in such a way that they can be left to their duties without their owner’s guidance.

On top of that, Dutch Shepherds are some of the healthiest breeds of Northern European Shepherds. Dutch Shepherds are also great with kids and other dogs, but they don’t like strangers.

Bohemian Shepherd

dogs similar to german shepherd

The Bohemian Shepherd, or Czech Sheepdog, is a medium-sized dog known as Chodský pes, Czech Sheepdog, Bohemian Herder, and Chodenhund. This breed is not accepted by any big club outside the Czech Republic. 

This breed is very similar to the German Shepherds, but it is more social and less aggressive. And it’s also quite a fluffy German Shepherd type. The Bohemian Shepherds are less tall and less muscular. Also, maintenance is low, and there are no significant health problems.

Few if any dogs of this breed are available, as this dog’s modern breeding was only initiated in 1984. The Bohemian Shepherd has many talents, and he can play many various roles in both work and sport. They’re very obedient, too. After you’ve been conditioned, your dog will listen to what you suggest and not misbehave.

Berger Blanc Suisse

dogs similar to german shepherd

It’s tough to distinguish Berger Blanc Suisse and German Shepherd for real! The White Swiss Shepherd appears to be smaller than their German counterparts. They’re bred initially from German Shepherds, but they’ve been their own breed in the UK since 2017 – so they’re really new!

Great Family Pet-Swiss White Shepherd is a very caring breed that is great with kids. They are considered to be very friendly and very involved. They are trainable and work very well for families, as they’re very cautious of their owners, particularly children. They are rarely hostile, however, and very unlikely to attack.

Shiloh Shepherd

fluffy german shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd is a special breed, the least protective of the shepherd breeds. They are also very smart and have a calm, well-balanced personality.

The Shepherd of Shiloh is a crossbreed between the German Shepherd and the Malamute. 

However, their size is larger than that of the German Shepherd, and their disposition is also gentler.

They are experienced in searching and locating items, providing help such as carrying baggage and sleds, herding, obedience, and rescue work.

Their coat comes in various colors, such as white, black, dark brown, red, golden, silver, and even a shades combination. They also shed, so they need regular grooming.

As for their personalities, they are charming to their families and other pets. They are very dedicated and have high energy to make exercise a must. And don’t let their size deceive you. These dogs are very caring and much less aggressive than their German counterparts.

American Alsatian

german shepherd look alike

This large American dog looks very much like a German Shepherd. American Alsatians appear to be much larger than German Shepherds but still great companion dogs. They’re very calm and quiet. They’re fine with children and other pets, they’re reserved for outsiders, but they’re never violent. Every day, American Alsatians require physical activity and exercise.


belgian shepherd vs german shepherd

A part of the Belgian Shepherd family, the Laekenois breed loves its owners and can be very defensive.

They have lovely pointed ears and a beautiful suit. These dogs are better known for their loyalty and protection. Their initial aim was to stock herding, but they can make successful working pets work in various jobs.

Need a Job – The Laekenois breed is indeed a working dog that needs a purpose and focus for its energy. Without any kind of job, this breed will create a mess out of boredom.


belgian shepherd vs german shepherd

Groenendaels is another type of Belgian Shepherd. This breed is stunning, with a dark, silk coat and brown eyes.

They’re herding dogs by nature, but they’re making great pets.

As a herding dog, Groenendaels has a lot of energy that needs to be increased to maintain their best behavior.

Carpathian Shepherd

eastern european german shepherd

These dogs emerged from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. They are known by many names, including the Romanian Shepherd, the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd, the Carpathian Sheepdog, and the Romanian Carpathian, to mention a few. They are trained to be strong, athletic, and intelligent enough to battle the wolf or the lynx. And can make great working dogs.

Miniature German Shepherd 

short legged german shepherd

This is a carbon copy of the traditional German Shepherd. Small-sized regular German Shepherds do not exist unless the dog has dwarfism. This is an unusual hereditary genetic disease that results from the mating of two purebred German shepherds. The dwarfed version of GSD will look exactly the same as your average dog of that breed, though slightly smaller (up to 30 lbs).

Besides dwarfism, you can come across mini German Shepherds by crossbreeding (most typically with Collie or Poodle, or even Corgi to breed that cute short-legged German Shepherd).

And it’s a crossbreed in most situations.

To get a Miniature German Shepherd, the standard Shepherd has to be mixed with another purebred, most often Collie or Poodle. But in this case, you never know what you’re going to get in terms of height, attitude, and appearance. Instead, take a look at the parents to get an idea about how a puppy might turn out to be an adult.

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