How To Groom Goldendoodles: 5 Easy Steps

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog resulting from crossbreeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. These designer dogs have spiked in popularity in recent years due to their dashing looks and good manners.

Since Goldendoodles are a cross between two different breeds, they inherit their looks and personalities from their two parents. And since their parent breeds also require regular grooming, it shouldn’t surprise you that Goldendoodles also need frequent grooming to stay fit and healthy.

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How Often Should Goldendoodles Be Groomed?

Since Goldendoodles are a very active breed and require plenty of outdoor playtimes. The frequent outdoor activity makes them prone to have dirt, mud, and other debris trapped in their coats. Goldendoodles often have three coat types: Wavy, curly, or straight. However, a straight coat is rarely found in Goldendoodles.

Although all three coat types require grooming and maintenance, we’ve listed coat types by the ease of maintenance below:

1. Straight Coat

Straight coats need minimal maintenance. You will also not need to regularly brush a straight coat on your Goldendoodle, and a straight coat will also shed less. However, a straight coat may not give your Goldendoodle their trademarked teddy bear looks.

2. Wavy Coat

A wavy coat is also typically considered an easier coat to maintain. However, you will need to groom a Doodle with a wavy coat every week. Wavy coats shed low or rarely at all. So, if you’re allergic to dog hair – a wavy coat should be a priority.

3. Curly Coat

A curly coat can be challenging to maintain. It requires daily brushing to prevent mats and tight knots. However, a curly coat is also non-shedding, so the difficulty of maintenance evens out.

How Should I Groom my Goldendoodle?

Step 1: Brush Time

Start with combining all the grooming supplies to give your Goldendoodle a nice brush. They are the medium shedders. So, depending on the type of coat your four-legged puppy has, it is suggested to do some grooming at least three to four times weekly to keep their coat smooth, clean, and gorgeous.

Ensure you start brushing your furry baby with a slicker brush. Brush in the direction you see the skin growing in, brush down and out, away from the skin.

Always be gentle as otherwise, you risk damaging your dog’s coat by pulling hair until they tangle, which results in breakage. However, if you notice any stubborn mats that will not be easy to brush, gently cut them off using dog clippers to prevent them from getting longer.

Next, grab a metal pin brush to comb the dog’s coat thoroughly. If the brush moves smoothly through the coat, you’re good to go! Otherwise, if the brush gets stuck in an area, brush the tangle out again using the slicker brush.

Step 2: Trimming Ear Hair

Ear hair on your dog’s hair can be a difficult task. But it’s not impossible. Remember that it’s best to trim ear hair before bathing so they’re dry. Gently pull the hair from your dog’s inner hair using your pointer finger and thumb. You can use a small set of trimming shears or trimming clippers for the task.

After you are done, insert some cotton balls in your pup’s ears to prevent water from entering during and after the bath.

Step 3: It’s Bath Time

Next up, it’s time to thoroughly clean up your BFF. For that, it’s best to grab the supplies before you start the bathing process. You will need dog shampoo, a dog conditioner, a metal flea comb, a rinsing cup, and some towels for this step.

Bonus Tip: Ensure the air conditioner is turned off and the room is not too chilly. You do not want your pup to get sick!

As you start, talk to your dog in an exciting and fun manner. This will cause it to calm down. Or, if your dog is prone to feeling anxious during baths, try giving them different things to focus on. For example, you can smear some peanut butter on the bathtub or use his favorite treat as leverage.

Next up, thoroughly wash up your pup and ensure no shampoo and conditioner is left on the skin to prevent skin problems.

Step 4: Dry the Moisture

To prevent tangles after bath, run your fingers through the dog’s coat in single-direction motion. Then, use the towel to dry any moisture. Make sure never to ruffle. Instead, pat the towel in individual motions.

Lastly, blow-dry only in the direction of hair growth.

Step 5: Comb, Trim, and go!

After the dog’s coat is clean and entirely dry, comb through the coat once again to detangle. With the help of some grooming scissors, start grooming with the head so you can smoothly reach the neck.

Next, use an electric dog chipper and a comb and take two swipes down each cheek. Then go over to the eyes using hand scissors.

With the help of the dog chipper, clip the neck, back, sides, belly, and chest. When you reach the legs, get the long comb (1-inch attachment) and clip down each leg in one pass in a downward motion. Lastly, by using a comb and a hand grooming scissor, you can comb up the legs and remove any hair as needed.

When it’s time for the feet, you can use clippers to trim the nails. Trim the feet from the front, so nails are also covered. Continue trimming feet but do not trim to the point that the pads become visible.

Goldendoodles – Other FAQs

1. Are Goldendoodles Easy to Train?

Goldendoodles can relatively be quite easy to train, which makes them an ideal match for first-time pet owners. They’re obedient and adorable creatures that are not known to have aggressive characteristics. However, socialization is necessary to avoid shyness.

2. How much exercise do Goldendoodles need per day?

Goldendoodles are highly active and energized dogs that need roughly 2 hours of exercise per day.

3. How much Does a Goldendoodle cost?

With Goldendoodle rapidly growing in popularity since the 1990s, one of the most essential questions when adopting a dog is cost. The price of a Goldendoodle can range anywhere from $500 to $4000. But the cost varies depending on whether you choose to purchase a Goldendoodle or adopt one. However, the average price of a standard-sized Goldendoodle pup is approximately $2,100, especially if you choose a reputable breeder. For more details, check the complete guide on how much does a Goldendoodle cost.  

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