How to Keep an Apartment Clean When Living with a Dog?

Ah, the joys of dog ownership! They fill our lives with love, laughter, and, let’s face it, a little bit of chaos. It’s no wonder that 85% of dog owners consider their furry friends as family members. But, as much as we adore our canine companions, keeping an apartment clean with a dog prancing around can be akin to brushing your teeth while eating Oreos – a bit counterproductive, right?

Now, let’s bark up the right tree here. Selecting a dog often involves falling head over heels for their adorable looks – and who can resist those puppy eyes? However, a startling 39% of people find themselves surprised by their dog’s behavioral quirks that they weren’t quite prepared for. That includes their little indoor tornadoes that can turn a neat apartment into a fur-coated, toy-strewn landscape.

But fear not, fellow dog lovers! I’ve got your back (and your broom). In this blog, I’ll share some tail-waggingly good tips on maintaining a clean living space while enjoying the wonderful chaos that comes with having a dog. So, grab your pooch, a cup of your favorite beverage, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of canine cohabitation and cleanliness! 

 Several useful tips can help maintain cleanliness in the house while enjoying the company of a pet.

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All Dog Things in One Place

To alleviate a dog’s loneliness while you’re not home, toys can help. They are designed for the dog to chew and chase. Dogs particularly prefer balls or artificial bones, as well as vitamin sticks. Such entertainment will keep the pet busy for the entire day.

To prevent toys from being scattered around the apartment, they are stored in one place, inaccessible to the animal. Give out 2-3 pieces a day, changing them. This way, the apartment won’t turn into a playground, and the dog will not lose interest in its toys over time.

No – Sleeping on the Bed

The bed, sofa, or armchair is a favorite resting place for dogs. Even if it’s not allowed, they will always try to occupy it. Just one time of giving in, and the animal will not leave.

Pets are trained out of this bad habit starting from puppyhood. Neither its cute appearance nor its soulful look should sway the owner.

The presence of a dog or cat significantly reduces the sleep quality of their owner. Some animals wake up several times a night and wake their owners. Some owners claim that their dogs snore and prevent them from sleeping.

Dog experts do not recommend sharing your bed with a dog initially. This can affect the leader-subordinate relationship. A dog is a man’s faithful friend, but it remains a pet. Besides, they can be carriers of parasites from the street or not very clean.

Always Keep Your Dog Well-Groomed

If a dog is kept clean, there’s no need to worry about the apartment. To achieve this, the animal is bathed, brushed on time (especially during shedding), and its paws are washed and claws trimmed.

Shedding fur, or rather its spread throughout the apartment, is a common reason people hesitate to get a dog. However, this problem can be easily solved. The pet is thoroughly brushed with a de-shedding tool. Animals with thick undercoats and long fur are brushed three times a week. Short-haired ones – twice a week. They are accustomed to this from an early age, as some adult dogs do not allow brushing in sensitive areas like the groin, paws, or ears. A massage brush is suitable for daily care.

During shedding periods, not only a de-shedding tool is used but also a furminator. For long-haired dogs, a fine-toothed comb is used.

Another issue is claws. To prevent the animal from damaging floors, doors, or furniture, their claws are trimmed on time. Small breeds need it every two weeks. Large breeds – once a month (depending on the dog’s activity level). To make the process quick and calm, pets are accustomed to claw trimming from childhood, starting with one claw a day. Once the dog is assured of the safety of the procedure and trusts, the trimming will take no more than a couple of minutes. A special tool is purchased from a veterinary pharmacy for this.

Animals bring sand and dirt into the apartment from the street. To avoid this, paws are washed after every walk. It’s not necessary to take the dog to the bathroom. Just place a damp cloth near the entrance door and wipe the paws as soon as you enter the house. Pet stores offer a selection of special wipes with antiseptic, antiparasitic, and moisturizing effects. They are also suitable for quick cleaning.

In some cases, washing paws in the bathroom is unavoidable. For instance, when it’s muddy and there are puddles outside. In such cases, specialized shampoos and sponges are used. A large breed dog is placed in the bathtub, on the bottom of which a polyurethane mat is laid to prevent slipping.

Washing paws is not only about keeping the apartment clean but also a necessary sanitary measure for the space where the animal lives.

Invest in a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

Dogs constantly shed fur. With varying intensity, but all do it. It’s challenging to completely eliminate fur, especially when it comes to long-haired breeds.

To prevent the apartment floor from being covered with a thick carpet of hair, the pet is actively brushed, paying attention to this not only during the shedding period. In spring and autumn, this is done daily.

A vacuum cleaner becomes a faithful ally in the battle for cleanliness. The more powerful it is, the better. A turbo brush is suitable for cleaning short hairs. For long hairs, it’s better to use a regular attachment to avoid having to remove fur wound around the roller.

Daily Wet Cleaning

This will help keep the apartment clean, where any dog breed lives, at any time of the year.

Daily express wet cleaning is necessary. A simple broom or brush dampened with water will do. This prevents the fur from scattering in different directions.

If the dog is allowed on the sofa or chairs, then the furniture will also need wet cleaning. To do this quickly, wear a rubber glove dampened with water. Run your palm over the surface, applying slight pressure. The fur will stay on the glove.

Every other day, thoroughly clean the floors using a vacuum cleaner, and then wash them with a special agent to eliminate germs. To prevent any allergic reactions in the pet, afterwards, wash the floors with plain water.

Always Be Paw-Prepared at Your Doorstep

Let’s talk about the great outdoors – a wonderland for our furry friends, but not so much for our clean floors. Even on the driest days, our canine companions have a talent for bringing the whole park back home on their paws. And when the leaves start to fall and the snow begins to whirl, oh boy, it turns into a muddy paw-print parade in the hallway!

For the little ones, like our pint-sized Chihuahuas or dapper Dachshunds, it’s a bit like a post-walk spa ritual. Picture this: you come in, take off your shoes, and there’s your little buddy, patiently waiting to be scooped up and have their paws gently cleaned in the bathroom. It’s like a mini bonding session, but with more bubbles!

However, if you’re a parent to a larger furball, like a majestic German Shepherd or a bouncy Labrador, this bathroom ballet isn’t quite as practical. That’s where a bit of front-door ingenuity comes in! Imagine a cozy corner in your hallway, armed with a small basin, a couple of sponges, and some soft cloths (sourced from places like, where they know a thing or two about keeping homes pet-friendly and chic). It’s your first line of defense against the dreaded muddy pawprints. Right after your adventure in the great outdoors, give those paws a good wash in the basin and a gentle dry-off. Voilà – your floors stay clean, and your pup feels pampered!

Remember, keeping an apartment pristine with a pet prowling around isn’t a Herculean task. It’s all about those daily mini-cleanups, rotating a select few favorite toys (to prevent the dreaded Toy-pocalypse), and a few other clever tricks up your sleeve. Stay tuned for more tips that’ll make cohabitating with your furry friend a breeze, not a battle! 

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