Pomeranian Australian Shepherd Mix: Appearance, Care and Training

Take two one of the most lovable dogs breeds, cross it and you’ll get yourself the cutest little nugget of joy and happiness – Aussiepom. But let’s dig into the breeds personality a bit deeper.

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What’s Aussiepom, and how else is it called?

The Aussiepom is also known as the Australian shepherd Pomeranian mix. They are small but adorable pets with lots of amazing features and distinctive traits.

Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix: breed specifications

Average Weight10-30 pounds
Average Height12 to 17 inches
Average Lifespan12 to 15 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsApartment is fine
PersonalityLoyal, amicable, and very affectionate

How big do Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix get?

The Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix can have up to 10-30 pounds depending on the dog. They are rather small and cuddly.

In regards to their height, the Australian shepherd Pomeranian mix can have 12 to 17 inches in length. They aren’t really known for being large. Instead, they do stand out with their incredible visuals and other distinctive features. 

Meet Aussipom called Penny. Isn’t she adorable?

The lifespan of Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix

You can expect your Aussiepom to have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. It might be even more than that. When you are taking excellent care of your pet and consider all possible pet care routines, including regular vet checkups.  If you do that, the results can be amazing. 

Aussiepom mix temperament

The Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix will be loyal, amicable, and very affectionate. They are known to be friendly with people in general, which is always a plus if you want them as a family pet. They are also intelligent, so training them can be a very interesting and exciting experience for you to try out.

You can tell that Penny is an affectionate gal

How easy is it to train Pomeranian and Australian Shepherd mix?

The Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix is easy to train. They are full of energy, and they like working out and exercising, which makes their training a breeze more often than not.

Training tips for your Pomeranian Australian shepherd

Keep in mind that the Australian shepherd Pomeranian mix loves to train with other dogs too. You will need to have some treats with you for the training sessions to work really well. They are ok with up to an hour of exercise per day, sometimes even more than that. Mental stimulation is a must to avoid boredom, especially during the training sessions. 

Do Aussiepoms shed?

The Australian shepherd Pomeranian mix doesn’t shed that much, he is a medium shedder. Weekly grooming might be needed, just to be safe. But you can see some fur on the floor at times, which is why weekly grooming is pretty much a must in a situation like this.

Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix diet

They require around a cup of quality kibble every day. On top of that, healthy supplements will help you keep your pet safe, and they are definitely something to take into consideration. We also recommend you to talk with the vet, as he might have specific diet tips. Those might be really helpful if you want your pet to be safe in the long run.

Only the best food to keep those paws so pretty. Assiepom called Duke (@beingduke)

Australian Shepherd Pomeranian: possible health issues

The Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix can have certain health issues. They are known to have cataracts, heart issues, kneecap problems, hip and elbow dysplasia. These are some of the more common health issues, but there are others that you need to think about. These include regular infections and allergies.

So, regular vet visits are pretty much mandatory in a situation like this. So it’s a good idea not to skip them and instead make sure that your pet is always taken good care of.

Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix: is it right for you and your family? 

The Australian shepherd Pomeranian mix is a terrific pet. They are very affectionate, great with kids, and smart. They love working out and exercises which makes them a pleasure to train. So you can have them by your side all the time, even if you work out often yourself!

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and Aussiepoms Penny (@pennytheaussiepom) and Duke (@beingduke) along with their hooman parents).