Poodle Teeth Health Essential Guide

Dogs have shown to develop major health problems if their oral care is not catered to. Poodle teeth are even more prone to infection, and this only increases fatality if left untreated over time. Chronologically, here are five steps that you must take to ensure your poodle teeth remain healthy.

#1 – Start to care about it as soon as possible

When your poodle is young, it is important to ground into them at an early age the daily process of cleaning their teeth. When you first bring them home, establish a set time of day and integrate cleaning their teeth into your daily schedule. If you don’t train them properly when they are young, they will likely put up a fight every time you attempt to clean them. Train them young.

#2 – Gradually initiate the process

Naturally, your poodle will do his best to wriggle away if you try to rub your finger in their mouth. Akin to making this part of your daily routine, it is also important to yield patience and persistence. Keep holding them, gently rubbing your finger to clean their teeth until they begin to fight less. Eventually, you will be able to rub more, and add toothpaste as well (never use human toothpaste, as they do not know how to rinse and spit).

#3 – Brush those tooth right

You can brush your poodle’s teeth with a canine finger brush, or one similar to that of a human’s. With canine toothpaste, spend about two minutes a day, making sure to get every angle and tooth multiple times. Additionally, never forget the gum lines, as this is where diseases will develop and spread. Once your poodle is trained properly, brushing their teeth will feel just like any other part of your daily activities. Even two or three times a week is still much better for their health than never.

#4 – Come up with the best diet for poodle teeth

Brushing your pet teeth is a key, but it is important to take as many other preventative measures as possible. Make sure they do not eat a lot of grains, or other food that may noticeably stick to their teeth. Giving them dental chews is also a win-win, as not only will this help clean their teeth, but they will also enjoy having something to chew. Additionally, this is a beneficiary in the sense that it can be done while you are not around, helping to clean their teeth throughout the day, as opposed to only once daily.

#5 – Schedule regular checkups

Even with all of that in place, your poodle teeth should still be checked by a veterinarian once or twice a year. Vet bills can be expensive, but the good thing is, just like with humans, you won’t be charged an arm and a leg if an effort is made to keep your poodle healthy. Additionally, a vet can also answer any questions you may have, or assist you in the tasks you already do for them.

Wrapping up, properly caring for your poodle teeth will increase their life by many years. Train them sooner than later to establish the routine of making them be still for brushing. Be persistent and make sure to use toothpaste and brushes designed for dogs only. Keep their diets in check, and visit your local veterinarian annually or more to keep bacteria and disease at bay.

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