Shih Tzu Potty Training: Basic Concepts To Learn (+ Infographic)

One of the most sought dog breeds today is the Shih Tzu. These adorable creatures are a great addition to your family. They can make any gloomy day shine again! But before you adopt a pup, you must know the ins and outs of Shih Tzu potty training. Otherwise, your house would be full of mess.

Many aspiring pet owners are quite perplexed when it comes to potty training. Specifically, people think that this is a hard task. In our end, we don’t want to deny that. Instead, we want to emphasize that it is doable. Yes. It is true that it will consume a bit of your patience. But the results will be truly rewarding.

Training your Shih Tzu where to potty is essential. Not only it will save your property from unwanted dirt, but it can also establish a good relationship between you and your dog.

Shih Tzu Potty Training: It is a Cooperative Goal

Before we proceed, we need to break the myth that dogs are like wolves. Although it is true that dogs are direct descendants of those wild creatures, the former still proves to be cordial. In application, it means that dogs will never go against us. They can cooperate with you because that is their nature.

Dogs are peace-loving animals. Therefore, if you will treat them right, these creatures would work with you in achieving any goals that you want.

Such concept is the core essence of Shih Tzu potty training. For example, if you show your love to your dog, they will surely love you back. Moreover, they will do their best to make sure that they can appease their owners. As we mentioned earlier, dogs prefer domestic harmony. They don’t want things to get complicated.

Specifically, most dogs aspire these following things: warmth, comfort, food, and love. If you can give all of these things to them, they will certainly give their loyalty to you.

We can say that most pet owners can give all of these necessities to their dogs. However, there is a particular aspect that we really struggle. And that is understanding our pets. In short, there is a gap in communication.

Boundaries in Communication

We already stated earlier that potty training is quite difficult. Most of the time, what we practice are patterned on various dog training myths. As a result, we cannot yield any satisfactory outcome. We end up frustrated, too. At the end of the day, we are just increasing the distance between our dogs and us.

Communication is essential in Shih Tzu potty training. We need to learn how to comprehend their nuances. Moreover, we also have to break any communication boundaries. Our dogs can’t speak human language. But on the flip side, we have the capacity to understand the gestures of our canine friends.

 how to train a shih tzu

Essential Aspects in Shih Tzu Potty Training

One of the first things that you have to figure out in potty training is the learning process of your dogs. Our current technology does not offer the capability of allowing us to tap the brains of our dogs. Since they cannot talk, understanding is really an ordeal.

Fortunately, various studies the recent years were able to dissect the mysteries behind the complex nuances and gestures of our dogs.

The first we discovered is that dogs are cooperative creatures. Second, we learned that dogs would repeat any act or deed that is rewarding to them. And third, we found out that serving punishment is not a proper means of potty training. Instead, it only induces anxiety to dogs. Well, this is the main reason of many potty accidents.

Dogs, particularly Shih Tzus, are fast learners. If we can communicate with them correctly, then the training would become a lot easier. Moreover, it is important to highlight that dogs do not feel emotions like guilt. Therefore, if you notice that your pup is looking “guilty” during a potty accident, the latter is actually is showing signs of anxiety. In short, the pup is afraid of you.

These are some of the essential things that you need to understand in Shih Tzu Potty Training. But if you want to dig deeper don’t forget to read the guide on Top 3 Shih Tzu Housebreaking Problems.

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