5 German Shepherd Training Tips: Do it the Right Way

German shepherds are not only beautiful but smart as well. These can be your best buddies if trained the right way.

Here are 5 essential German shepherd training techniques that will help you to cover the basics of raising your puppy into a confident, well-mannered, lovable, and smart friend:

Socialize Your Puppy

The best training tip is to socialize your German shepherd puppy. It is important to get your puppy enrolled in a puppy socialization class after your puppy has completed the first set of vaccines. You should know that the developmental age of the puppy is very critical. If your puppy is socialized in this age, it will prevent future behavioral problems.

Food Treats for Training

Although this tip works perfectly with cats, it can also work for your pooch. Being a dog trainer you should realize that you should motivate your dog to do things you want him to. By rewarding the dog with things he like, not only you motivate the dog but assure him that you are loving him this way.

Food can be a nice treat for your dog when he is in the learning phase. However, you should not shy from petting, playing with him and taking him out for a walk as a treat. Ask him to respond and when he does, reward him with a little amount of food he likes. Do not overfeed him though!

In case if you are looking for some new options to try, we found natural treats by Fool Moon with vitamin E (great for your pups coat). And with no complains on mold, poor quality or health issues (happen all the times nowadays). German Shepherds in particular seems to enjoy it a lot.

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Litter Training

Dogs are lovely when they are litter trained. Use a crate with some mud and direct your puppy to it. He might not respond in the beginning. You have to be patient and make sure you are not punishing him for an accident. Puppies need to go potty more often than adult dogs. Take your puppy outside after meals and make sure he is learning where to finish the business. Want to learn more about this topic – don’t forget to check out this guide on potty training German Shepherd Puppy for more tips.

Stop Him from Jumping

Puppies like to jump on people. You might find it cute but when the dog ages, it may become a problem for you. When you get home and the puppy jumps on you, ignore him completely. Fondle the puppy when he is on the ground but as soon as he jumps, ignore him. It will convey the message to the puppy to not to jump on you or anyone.

Pay Attention to Your Dog

Dogs love their master with all their heart and like to be loved in return. The most important tip you should apply is to give maximum time to your dog. If you play with him, reward him, take him out and make him feel that you love him, he would learn things quickly and you will have a nice buddy to hang out with.

These are 5 German shepherd training tips you should use to make your puppy into a friendlier and smarter dog. In the beginning, you may experience some negative behaviors. That is the time when you have to be patient and maintain your calm. Time is the key to raising a perfect dog.

If you want to go more indepth in the subject we have super dense and comprehensive guide on how to train a german shepherd and suggest you to read it too.