Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix: Training, Diet and Care

What might happen if you take two best Shepherds and create a new breed? You’ll get a reliable four-legged friend – German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix. 

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What are German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix dogs called?

This crossbreed sometimes referred to as German Australian Shepherd, German Aussie, Aussie German Shepherd mix, German Shepherd Aussie, and similar variations.

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix. Breed Specifications

Average Weight45 - 80 pounds
Average Height20 - 25 inches
Average Lifespan12 - 15 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarge home with fenced backyard
PersonalitySmart, loyal, affectionate, and energetic

What does an Australian/German Shepherd mix look like?

German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix is a medium to large dog inheriting the unique appearance and temperamental characteristics of its parents. The muscular body has a proportioned head with triangular ears. It has strong shoulders, round legs, and firm soles. 

Super cute Tracer from @tracer_pup. She took the best from both breeds 🙂

How much do German Australian Shepherd puppies weigh?

At 3 months, females puppies weight from 19 to 26 pounds. And puppy boys can be from 25 to 31.5 pounds at the same age.   

How big will a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix get?

Adult German Australian Shepherd weighs from 45-80 pounds. The height of this crossbreed might vary from 20 to 25 inches. Overall this mix can be characterized as medium to large-sized dogs. 

The lifespan of German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix 

The life span of the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is 12-15 years.

Australian German Shepherd mix temperament

This breed is highly attentive, they are also affectionate and smart. It’s also very dynamic, demanding a lot of exercise and attention. The Australian Shepherd enjoys working, whether it’s learning and performing tricks, training in dog obedience, or participating in any other physical and mental practice.

Meet Baby Blue from It’s hard to resist those eyes.

How easy is it to train is a German Australian Shepherd?

Aussie German Shepherd’s parents are both smart breeds. So it’s expected that the mix inherits the intelligence and will be keen on learning. So they are relatively easy to train. 

Training tips for your German Shepherd Aussie mix 

The training process has to be strict but assertive. Thus you’ll establish your position as a leader. You may treat the pup for good behavior. This will allow your dog to listen to your commands and to accept learning. Obedience lessons with basic commands such as “come,” “down,” and “heel” will help to correct their bad behavior. And never ever hit your pup. 

Baby Blue from

German Shepherd Aussie mix grooming 

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix has a beautiful coat. And to preserve the look, you have to brush it regularly. It may also make sense to consider buying a pet hair cleaner to maintain your house clean as this mix sheds quite a bit.

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 Grooming routine also has to include regular baths, ears cleaning, trimming nails, and brushing their teeth. So it’s pretty standard.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix care

As a high-energy breed, Aussie German Shepherds needs a minimum of one hour of daily activities, including hiking, playing, and exercises. Keep your pet busy and mentally stimulated by having puzzle toys. Long walks are also advised to reduce their boredom.

Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix possible health issues

The most prevalent health issues for the breed include elbow and hip dysplasia. They can also suffer from bloating, sudden swelling of the stomach. But overall, it’s a healthy breed that. 

Are German Shepherd Aussie mix is good for families? 

The Australian German Shepherds are extremely dedicated to their family members, spending time playing. He is affectionate and respectful to his family. What’s essential with this breed is to let the dog feel that he or she is a part of the family, even if it is still a newbie.

Tracer @tracer_pup.

Australian German Shepherd mix: fun facts to know 

 In 2011, USF Polytechnic Psychology Club began a project supporting a 2-year-old Australian German Shepherd in getting the certification of a therapy dog. Those are dogs who are taught to provide love and support to people in hospitals, nursing homes, and other stressful circumstances.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is it right for you? 

This mix has keen senses and innate loyalty. The breed is also intelligent and easy-to-train. The only downside is that it requires your attention and energy to play and needs a decent amount of grooming.

So if you don’t mind all the mentioned qualities, then the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix might be worth considering as a valuable addition to your household. 

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and to awesome pet parents of Tracer and Baby Blue.