Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Personality, Training, and Care

These gorgeous boys and girls combine ever-lovely golden retriever and the Australian Shepherd. This beautiful mix breed is desired by show-goers, participants, and families across the world. Something to keep in mind with any mixed breed dog is that temperament, weight, height, personality, and health will vary drastically. But let’s try to find out what to expect. 

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What does the Golden Aussie mix look like?

No matter the mother or the father of your best friend, it is guaranteed that he or she will have a beautiful, fluffy coat. Your puppy will also have a more athletic build, the longer snout of the Golden Retriever, and the downturned ears of the Australian Shepherd.

Meet the cutest Golden Aussie Mix boy called Kuno

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Breed Specifications

Average Weight45 - 55 pounds
Average Heightvaries greatly
Average Lifespan11 - 14 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger house with the yard is preferrable
PersonalityLoyal, friendly, Energetic

How much do Golden Aussie puppies weigh?

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd puppies usually weigh around 3 – 5 pounds. This will depend and vary greatly, though. As you never know, which parent breed’s genetics will take over. 

How big will a Golden Aussie mix get?

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mixes can get around 45 pounds to 55 pounds. With mixed breeds, it can be tough to determine precisely how big your furry best friend will grow. Still, you can be prepared for the mentioned approximations. It is a good idea to weigh and measure your puppy’s height as he or she grows. Not only is this good for medical purposes to make sure your dog is eating enough, but it can be very cool to look back on the progress of your puppy’s growth.

The lifespan of Australian Shepherd Retriever mix

It is common for Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mixes to live between 11 years of age and 14 years of age. This really depends on how well you take care of your puppy, you must also remember that sometimes dogs can get sick randomly, so it is always good to keep an eye out for their health.

Smiling Kuno

Golden Australian Shepherd temperament

As discussed earlier in our piece on this beautiful breed of dog, it can be hard to determine the temperament of any mixed breed. However, you can definitely count on spending a lot of time outside and exercising with this athletic breed. They are also loyal and make great family dogs. You may even notice your dog nipping at your legs here and there, that is just the herding instinct that comes with this breed.

Training tips for your Golden Aussie mix

While Golden Retrievers are very easy to Train, Australian Shepherds can be very crafty. So, this breed is relatively easy to train. But obedience classes might be needed for this mix in particular.  Also, you got to have an intense training regimen, since this breed requires a lot of exercises to combat the high energy level. 

” Hey, hooman, how about some cardio? “

Golden Aussie grooming and care

Regular brushing is highly recommended. Since the Golden Aussie has such a luscious coat, frequent bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and exercise is also recommended.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix: possible health issues

Both breeds are known to suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, eye conditions, epilepsy, and certain heart diseases.

Australian Shepherd Retriever mix: fun facts to know 

  • The eyes of this mixed breed can be brown, hazel, blue, and green.
Gorgeous Golden Aussie called Moose caught in the middle of his blep practice

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix: is it right for you and your family? 

These dogs are known to be very sweet but require a lot of attention. If you are up for the challenge and don’t mind of high energy, loyal, family-friendly dog, then this breed is perfect for you. 

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and pups (+ parents) called Kuno @kunothegoldenaussie and Moose @moose_the_goldenaussie