Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix: Appearance, Training, and Care

As the name indicates, the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler is a mixed breed, which results from the breeding of Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd. These are higher energy dogs, and the initial purpose for breeding them was to herd the cattle and work all day. But since this is a mixed breed, it is essential to know that these dogs have different sizes, behavior, and personalities. 

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What does an Aussie Rottweiler mix look like?

Most commonly, an Aussie Rottweiler has a grey, brown, or black appearance. They have a medium-length coat, which is identical to one of the parent breeds. Some experts also say that it is entirely based on gene overlapping and genetics, as some of these dogs have the middle ground between the two. Another thing to mention – it’s a big dog too. 

Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix: Breed Specifications

Average Weightup to 130 pounds
Average Height20 - 25 inches
Average Lifespan12 - 15 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger house with the yard is preferrable
PersonalityFriendly, energetic, and fearless

How much do Aussie Rottweiler mix puppies weigh? 

Typically, the size of an Aussie Rottweiler mix puppy is 50 pounds. Some of them can weigh more than 50 pounds – for instance, 55-60 pounds but not more than that.

How big will the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix get?

Since the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is the result of the breeding of these two individual dogs, the height it can gain is 20-25 inches with a weight of 110 to 130 pounds at maximum. This means that most of these breeds are pretty sturdy and big. 

The lifespan of Aussie Rottweiler mix

Similarly, the average life span of Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd is 8 to 10 years and 13 to 15 years, respectively. So, when it comes to the lifespan of the Aussie Rottweiler mix, it is between 12 to 15 years – on average. The life expectancy of the Aussie Rottweiler mix can be improved with proper diet and care. 

Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix temperament

As compared to the parent breeds, the Australian Shepherd Rottweiler has a shy nature. They don’t pose any threat or aggressiveness to the owner. When you get them at first, they are extremely timid. Therefore, it is necessary to pet them appropriately and play with them so that they get used to you. 

How easy is it to train a Rottweiler Aussie mix?

It is relatively easy to train your Rottweiler Aussie mix as compared to their parent breeds. It is a good dog that will listen to your commands. You must try to use positive reinforcements to get your dog trained easily.

Training tips for your Rottweiler Aussie mix

Since these dogs are non-threatening, you can efficiently train your Aussie Rottweiler mix. First and foremost, allow them to rest. Secondly, you need to provide them a comfortable environment in which it can relax. A regular morning and evening exercise is also a great training tactic to make your dog well-behaved. 

Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix care and grooming  

Basically, you need to get your Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix lots of exercise. Take him for at least 20 minute walks every day. Feed your dog a nutritious diet and make him housetrain right away. Create a grooming routine and be patient. 

As for the grooming part, brush your Aussie Rottweiler’s coat 1-2 times a day if it is a moderate to heavy shedder. It is important to clean your dog’s ear once a month, brush its teeth two times every day, trim nails when needed, and bath when it gets dirty or once in 4-5 months. 

Rottweiler Australian Shepherd: possible health issues

Like other dogs, some of the common health conditions that can occur in your Rottweiler Australian Shepherd are Hip dysplasia, Osteochondrosis, and Parvovirus, etc. Hip dysplasia refers to the muscles and bones problems that cause mobility issues in your dog. 

Aussie Rottweiler mix: is it right for you and your family?

There is absolutely no guarantee when it comes to how your Aussie Rottweiler Mix will turn out. However, good breeding, training, and working on the temperament, as well as making it socialize with your family members, can make your Aussie Rottweiler Mix a great dog. Just don’t forget to provide your dog with companionship, love, and leadership. 

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