Border Collie Chihuahua Mix: Health, Training, and Grooming

The Border Collie Chihuahua mix, as the name suggests, is a mix between Border Collie and the Chihuahua. Energetic and intelligent, this cross can be tiny and also might boast with longevity. 

Even though they are champion herders, Border Collie Chihuahua mix dogs aren’t for everyone. So you should learn everything about them before deciding to make them a part of your family. 

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How else do they call Border Collie Chihuahua Mix?

Border Collie Chihuahua mix dogs are also commonly known as Border Chigi, Collie Chider, Chihuahua Border Collie mix, Collie Chihuahua mix, and Chihuahua Collie mix.

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix: breed specifications

Average Weight3.5-50 pounds
Average Height6-22 inches
Average Lifespan10 to 20 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsDepends on genetics
PersonalityIntelligent, energetic, and sometimes stubborn

How big will  Chihuahua Border Collie mix get?

Border Collie breed can grow as tall as  19-22 inches. The average height of Chihuahua, on the other hand, ranges from 6 to 9 inches. The maximum height of the mix is about 22 inches. But depending on the dominant genes, it can also be tiny. As a result, this crossbreed can weigh anywhere between 3.5 to 50 pounds.

The lifespan of Border Collie Chihuahua

The lifespan of Border Collie is 10-17 years, and Chihuahua has an average lifespan of 12-20 years. So Border Collie Chihuahua can live anywhere from 10 to 20 years if cared for properly.

Collie Chihuahua mix temperament

Like with all the mix, you have to look to the parent breeds to imagine what kind of dog you might get. And even then surprises can still happen.

Border Collie has underlying herding instincts and willingness to serve while Chihuahua is somewhat aggressive, particularly with other dogs, strangers, and children.

Border Collie Chihuahua mix breed is cute and energetic. But they also can have their own unique personalities. And you can expect them to have any combination of the traits mentioned above.

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How easy is it to train Chihuahua Collie mix?

Chihuahua Collie mix is a highly intelligent breed that can succeed in most types of training quickly. They are usually easy to learn. However, they can be remarkably stubborn. So they might need a firm handler to deal with them and not to fall for mix’s cuteness.

Training tips for your Border Collie Chihuahua mix

Like all dogs, Border Collie Chihuahua mix responds best to positive reinforcement, so praising them when they do well is highly recommended. This crossbreed loves physical challenges, so you should plan to accommodate intensive exercise requirements.

They can be quite attached to their owners and require separate training to learn to be by themselves. Apart from this, proper socialization is also vital to make sure that Border Chihuahua mix is doing well with as many dogs and people as possible.

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Do Border Collie Chihuahuas shed?

Yes, Border Collie Chihuahuas shed heavily. They seem to take this shedding tendency from their parent breed Border Collie that is known to shed moderately as opposed to the Chihuahua that shed none to minimal.

Chihuahua Border Collie Mix: grooming and care

Chihuahua Border Collie mix requires minimal grooming and care. They feel better indoors as they are sensitive to dampness, humidity, and cold. You will need to clean their short hair occasionally while longer hair requires attention several times a week.

Their nails grow fast, so you will need to cut them quite regularly. Chihuahua Border Collie mix dogs, in many cases, known to be pretty picky about food. So choosing the correct diet and feeding the proper amount would be an essential step to make sure they are happy and healthy.

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Chihuahua Collie Mix: possible health issues

Even though Chihuahua Collie mix dogs are generally pretty healthy, they are prone to several distinct health issues. Mainly because both their parent breeds are so different.

So some of those problems include patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, pannus, deafness, and eye problems like Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Most of these problems are genetic, and they are common in either one parent breed or the other.  So with this breed, you have to be prepared for regular check-ups with the vet. 

Border Collie Chihuahua Mix: is it right for you and your family? 

Border Collie Chihuahua mix is an intelligent and energetic hybrid that can make an excellent pet for you and your family. However, because of their strong herding instinct and possible issues with aggression, they are not the perfect choice for a family home with small children.

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