Beagle Rottweiler Mix: Training, Grooming, and Trivia

Reagle is are a crossbreed of Beagle and Rottweiler, which are both known as quite the hardworking dogs. It’s a relatively new designer dog breed, so there’s still a lot of question marks about its personality and care. But I will try to outline some major points you might want to know about the Beagle Rottweiler mix.

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How else can Rottweiler Beagle mix be called?

Rottweiler Beagle mix is also known as Reagle. And also can be commonly called by various combinations of its parent breeds, e.g., Beagle Rottweiler mix, Rottweiler mixed with Beagle, etc.

Rottweiler Beagle mix: breed specifications

Average Weight50-85 pounds
Average Height15-27 inches
Average Lifespan12 to 15 years
Easy to TrainModerately easy
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger places with the yard
PersonalityCalm, affectionate, loyal

How big will the Beagle Rottweiler get?

 Reagle is a medium-sized dog and can weigh between 50 to 85 pounds. On average, Beagle Rottweilers can grow to between 15 and 27 inches in height up to the shoulders. 

The lifespan of Beagle Rottweiler mix

The average life expectancy of Reagles is between 12 to 15 years. The better you care about your pet, the longer he or she will be around.

Rottweiler Beagle mix temperament

Rottweiler Beagle mix is a pleasant dog, and he definitely loves spending time with family. More to that, their calm and loving nature makes them the best playmate for children. Reagles also love to play alone or even with other pets in the house. They have developed a sharp sense of smell, so don’t worry if you see your Reagle chasing around other pets in the house. 

Beagle Rottweiler called Valentino from @reaglevalentino

How easy is it to train Reagle?

At times, this Beagle mix tend to be stubborn, and that might make it hard to train them. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You will have to adapt to their personality if you want to have any success in teaching this mix.

Training tips for your Beagle Rottweiler mix

Reagles are independent dogs, and training them from the early puppyhood will help them socialize. Additionally, you will have to be calm and patient trainer to train your Beagle Rottweiler mix successfully. Being friendly during the training process will help your pup learn faster while at the same time, remaining flexible. Offering biscuits and other treats will help during the training process since they get distracted easily due to their advanced sense of smell. 

This little guy’s name is Kookszlon (@kookszlon). He is a mix of
Beagle, Rottweiler with a pinch of Husky, Bulldog, Chow, and more. But you can see the dominant genes here 🙂

Do Beagle Rottweiler shed?

Yes, the Beagle Rottweiler does shed but much less compared to other dogs. This will also depend on the type of parents you chose while crossbreeding your pup. If you didn’t do it yourself, it’s probably a good idea to ask the breeder before taking the pup home. 

Reagle: grooming and care

Grooming and care of Reagles are quite straightforward. They require regular brushing, about 3 times per week, to keep the fur shiny and healthy. Additionally, you can give your pup a bathe every month since they tend to get dirty during their playtime. Reagles are also prone to dental problems, so you need to give him/her a brush at least 2 times a week. Their nails also tend to grow fast, so regular trimming is crucial.

Sunny Kookszlon

Beagle Rottweiler: possible health issues

Generally, Reagles are relatively healthy dogs, but they are prone to inherit certain health complications from their parents. Some of the health problems include elbow dysplasia, heart defects, lymphoma, glaucoma, epilepsy, and panosteitis. So regular check-ups with the vet are necessary but don’t have to be over the top frequent. 

Reagle: fun facts

One of the famous Reagle owners is a pop-star Miley Cyrus. She adopted a pup that was abandoned in front of the Walmart store back in 2012 called him Happy.  

Rottweiler Beagle mix: is it right for you and your family? 

Generally speaking, Reagles are an excellent option if you are looking for a family pet. Besides their adorable puppy look, Reagles are loyal and loving dogs who enjoy spending time with families. 

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and cute pups Valentino (@reaglevalentino) and Szlon (@kookszlon)