Border Collie German Shepherd Mix: Your Full Guide to Shollies

This breed is known as super energetic and lively as it comes from two very active parents. They are amazingly loyal and can be very hard-working too. So if you are looking for a lovely guarding dog, that might be an excellent option to consider. 

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How else Border Collie German Shepherd mix called?

Shollie is another name of the Border Collies, and it tends to be quite popular. However, people also might call it using different combinations of the parent breeds names, e.g., German Border Collie or Collie German Shepherd.

Border Collie German Shepherd mix: breed specifications

Average Weight40 - 80 pounds
Average Height21 - 27 inches
Average Lifespan13 - 15 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger places are preferable
PersonalitySmart, affectionate, caring

How does German Shepherd Border Collie mix look like?

If we talk about the shape and size of this dog, it has a large body. The overall look of this dog is more resembles one of its parents, a German Shepherd. The floppy shaped ears and the Collie tail give it an extra cuteness.

How big does German Shepherd Collie mix get?

This breed will result in general lean towards the German Shepherd parent, so they’re probably going to be on the larger side.

Adult Shollie can be around 21 to 27 inches tall. And weight about 70 to 80 lbs. However, if Border Collie’s genes will be dominant that you’ll get a lighter pup, around 40 – 50 lbs. 

The lifespan of Border Collie Shepherd mix

The lifespan of the dog is up to 13 to 15 years in general.

How easy is it to train Border Collie German Shepherd mix?

Shollie called Zolla (@zola_the_shollie) surely looks like she is easy to train

Shollie is smart, yet you have to establish your leadership first to deserve this dog’s obedience. As soon as Shollie considers you to be an Alpha, they will be glad to hear your commands and training process will turn easy.

This mix also quite friendly and love to run around and play. So, that also adds up a few points in favor of the ease of breed’s training. 

Training tips for your Collie German Shepherd mix

More toys and rewards for Shollie Merlin, please! (@merlin_getoffthecouch)

Positive feedback and praise are the best technique with any pup, but for this one in particular. If it takes them some time to get a new trick, don’t get upset or irritated.

If this dog feels your tension, it can have a negative impact on further training. Giving them treats or toys for the job well done, on the other hand, will accelerate the learning process. 

Do German Shepherd Collies shed?

They will have a straight, thick, medium-length fur, as their parents do. And it will be double-layered too. Which means it will be significantly thicker during the colder months. Hense more shedding will be happening in-between seasons.

German Shepherd Border Collie: grooming and care

Zola and her pretty coat

Shollies aren’t considered hypoallergenic because they shed a considerable amount consistently. So you should brush them at least once per day to maintain their coat pretty.

Focus on their ears and their nails too. You’ll need to check that their ears have no smell or dampness regularly. Both might be a sign of infection. Trim your little dog’s nails each half a month.

Collie German Shepherd mix: possible health issues

Designer dogs initially were created in an attempt to develop healthier and stronger breeds. However, some inherited health problems still can be the case.

Generally, Border Collie German Shepherd mix considered to be quite a healthy dog, but again, there are some conditions that the crossbreed is vulnerable to. The list includes a wide range of eye diseases, hip dysplasia, bloat, and epilepsy. So regular check-ups with your vet are necessary. 

Border Collie German Shepherd: is it right for you and your family?

Is it even possible to not fall for Merlin’s face?

This dog can be your next pet for sure because of its loving and caring nature. This dog is active enough that will keep you busy as well (and sometimes it’s a good thing, right?) 

Moreover, this dog can is super social. So if for any reason you won’t be able to be a dog parent, you can find your pup a new family, and the dog will accept any of the new owners. 

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and cool pups called Zola (@zola_the_shollie) and Merlin (@merlin_getoffthecouch)