Can Dogs Eat Catfish? Can My Pet Get Salmonella from Eating It Raw?

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 Catfish is full of heart-healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids that are known to decrease bad cholesterol levels and even help with preventing obesity. And it is an outstanding choice for your dog in case he or she is getting fed up with eating the same food every single day.

Can dogs have Catfish?

Canines can eat catfish and catfish food products. However, the only condition is that it should be cooked. Catfish is a healthy and abundant source of food for dogs.

Let’s talk hard nutritional facts here. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and their food database, 100g of Catfish contains 92 calories, 16.2g of protein, 2.82g of fats, 56mg of cholesterol, 42mg of Sodium, and a bit of nutrient, including Vitamin C, A, Iron, and Calcium. That’s a great combo.

Fish is generally healthy, pretty inexpensive, and many dog food recipes include fish. So you can give Catfish to your dogs without any stress. Seafood is easy to prepare, and you can make your pup meal at the same time you are preparing it for the family.

Can dogs eat raw Catfish?

​Even if your pet dog is sushi nut, it is best to cook anything that swims. Although Catfish is known as a low-mercury fish, nobody has canceled Salmonella and other pathogenic organisms commonly found in raw produce.  

In one experiment in Malaysia, the researchers found 9 isolates of Salmonella enterica in 32 samples of Catfish. 

Source: Genetic Relatedness of Salmonella Serovars Isolated from Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and Tilapia (Tilapia mossambica) Obtained from Wet Markets and Ponds in Penang, Malaysia. Budiati T, Rusul G, Wan-Abdullah WN, Chuah LO, Ahmad R, Thong KL. J Food Prot. 2016 Apr;79(4):659-65. doi: 10.4315/0362-028X.JFP-15-372.

Maybe it’s not such a high chance to be infected, but why risk at all? Cooking your Catfish is safer for not only the puppies but also for grown-up dogs.

​There are some vets and pet authorities who believe uncooked fish is healthy for your dog. But when it comes to the health of your pet, you should always be careful and do a little bit of research before feeding anything new to your pet. And as long as you can’t make sure that the piece of fish you are about to feed to your pup is absolutely clean, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Catfish dog food

You can tell that the catfish is a solid choice for your dog, even judging by the fact that there are many excellent dog food choices created based on this ingredient. For instance, catfish dry food limited ingredients formula by Zignature. It tastes great and works even for pups with food sensitivities.

Or human-grade catfish skin sticks by Honest Kitchen. The best thing about this product is that it is 100% natural (no chemical additives, by-products, or any fillers). It’s also affordable, keeps your pup’s teeth clean, and simply delicious. 

Can dogs eat fried Catfish?

If you want to cook Catfish at home, then there are a few things you should note. The most important thing to consider is what you are adding to the fish. Cooking the catfish in a lot of oil might not be a good option for your dog’s tummy, and it will lead to problems such as gastrointestinal upset.

Seasoning could be challenging so, keep in mind if your dog has any allergies before serving the catfish recipe.

And let’s talk about nutritional balance for a minute. 

100g of fried Catfish has 228 calories (250% more than in raw!), 15.86h of proteins, 9.73g of carbs, 13.58g of fats. It also contains a higher amount of cholesterol (99mg) and Sodium (465mg). 

 So overall, fried Catfish might be not such a bright idea. But a piece of steamed Catfish is healthy and beneficial for dogs. Remember, just like we don’t need any bones in our cooked fish, the same goes for our pets and dogs. 

Catfish and dogs. Summary

Overall Catfish is an excellent choice for your pet food plan. It is nourishing, cost-effective, and simple to cook. However, make sure that you cooked it properly (steaming is the best way) and serve it to your pup without seasonings, oils, etc.

Or better yet, you can go for those dog food formulas, containing Catfish, and your pet will certainly appreciate it. Dogs, just like us humans, also get tired of the same meals each day so that you can spice things up with that special catfish recipe.

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