Boxer Beagle Mix: How to Take Care of Boggles? Do They Shed a Lot?

Boxers and Beagles are two of the most popular dog breeds around the world. As such, their mix breed, known as the Boxer Beagle Mix, is desirable among people as well.

It is a very active dog with a bright and playful personality. A Boxer Beagle mix makes a great companion for casual dog owners and trainers alike.

Not all features of Boxers and Beagles pass down to their mix breed. There are several differences in their characteristics, habits, and grooming needs. And before getting a Boxer Beagle mix, you should know about it.

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What are the other names for the Boxer Beagle mix?

A Boxer Beagle mix comes in a variety of names. First, it’s a wide range of parent breed combinations. And second, some pretty cute nicknames. The common names for this dog breed are Bogle (or Boggle), Boxel, and even Beagle Box. 

Boxer Beagle Mix: breed specifications

Average Weight21-70 pounds
Average Height12 -24 inches
Average Lifespanup to 15 years
Easy to TrainYes
SheddingModerate /Seasonal
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger place with the yard is preferable
PersonalityLoyal, friendly, energetic

How big will Boxer Beagle get?

The Beagle is a small dog of about 14 inches. On the other hand, a Boxer grows up to 23 inches on average. Hence, a Boxer Beagle mix is between 12 and 24 inches tall.

As for the weight…

The Beagle is a light dog that weighs around 22 pounds. The Boxer breed is heavier in comparison and weighs more than 60 pounds. As such, the mix breed weighs between 21 and 70 pounds.

Example of a perfect Bogle – Cooper (@supercooper_thebogle)

The lifespan of Boxer Beagle mix

A healthy Boxer Beagle mix can live up to 15 years of age. To get the dog to live longer, you need to take care of a pet’s proper exercise routine and diet. It is an active dog that requires a decent amount of attention.

Boxer and Beagle mix temperament

The Boxer Beagle mix is a highly active pet. It has the friendly nature and intelligence of Beagles. They have a sense of loyalty towards their family and protect them whenever required.

Demonstrating high energy levels: Stella (@a_pup_named_stella)

At the same time, the mix can be a bit stubborn with people and other animals. And this pup is a natural-born hunter (solely due to the Boxer’s heritage).

They are not generally aggressive but can cross the line due to their activeness. You must start training the dog from the beginning so that the pup will learn the basics of self-control.

How easy is it to train a boggle dog?

The Boxer Beagle mix is intelligent and responsive towards commands. Even though the dog is a bit stubborn, you can gain its trust through daily walks and frequent interaction. Once you do this, the dog is unlikely to give you much trouble.

Training tips for your Beagle Boxer mix

The key to an obedient Boxer Beagle mix is to start training it at an early age. Young boggles respond better to commands and learn faster. Since the dog is very active, it is the part that you should train first.

Start with a simple activity, such as fetching, and get the dog to respond to you. Do not get discouraged with its stubborn nature and keep at it until your dog learns well. You should also take the dog on daily walks and help it socialize a little every day.

Super Cooper

Do Boggles shed?

The Boxer Beagle mix is not a heavy shedder. It has short hair that needs a low level of grooming. The dog does tend to shed relatively more hair in cold weather.

Boxer Beagle grooming and care

Since this Beagle mix has short hair, it needs very little grooming. A healthy routine is to give it a brush once every ten days. You need not bathe the dog frequently, as well. It has only a few grooming needs.

The most you have to care for with the dog is its activity. Since the dog is energetic, it moves around a lot if it is not on a leash. So you will have to dedicate some time to your pet every day. 

Very thoughtfully groomed Stella

Boxer Beagle mix: possible health issues

A Boxer Beagle mix is prone to obesity because this mix grows so quick. To keep the pup safe, you will need to balance the diet and set up a proper meal plan for your dog.

Other notable health problems that your dog may develop are hip dysplasia and ear infections. But overall, this mix is generally quite healthy. 

Boxer Beagle mix: is it right for you and your family? 

Your boggle does not have special grooming needs and is generally friendly. So, you and your family need not take care of it all the time.

But a Boxer Beagle mix needs a minimum hour of daily exercise. It is very energetic and active around the house. As such, it is not suitable to have with little children.

As long as you can manage the activity of a Boxer Beagle mix, it is one of the best dogs to have!

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and cool pups Stella (@a_pup_named_stella) and Cooper (@supercooper_thebogle)