Can I Give My Dog Loxicom? What Is the Correct Dosage?

You are probably among the pet owners having the question, ‘can I give my dog loxicom?’ after your dog got spayed. Then it is time to get all the details related to Loxicom and how to administer the dosage for faster recovery of your dog. 

This medicine is available in different forms. But, each has different uses. So, before you start to give your dog Lexicon, consult the vet once. The doctor will prescribe the needed dose and the type of medication according to your pet’s condition. 

Please remember that administering self-medication can become dangerous. Hence, always consult the vet before starting any new medication.  

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Is it possible to give my dog loxicom?

Yes, definitely, you can give Loxicom to your dog. It is a great painkiller medicine that may help your dog feel better. Loxicom is generally administered to reduce pain and inflammation in chronic bone conditions like canine osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders. If your dog has osteoarthritis, this medication may help it get some relief. Also, if your dog has pain due to an injury, Loxicom can help curb the pain. 

Besides that, vets also recommend Loxicom after spaying a dog. After spaying, it may reduce the pain and inflammation in canines. 

Chewable Loxicom tablets and oral suspensions are the most used medication to treat pain, inflammation, and acute musculoskeletal disorders in canines. 

In postoperative care, such as after spaying or neutering, the vet often uses a Loxicom injection of 5Mg/ml to relieve pain and inflammation involving ones and soft tissues. 

The vet may administer the injection if a dog suffers from acute inflammation and pain.

What is Loxicom?

 Loxicom contains the generic compound Meloxicam. It is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID used to control pain and inflammation in dogs and cats. This loxicom class drug is a specific COX-2 inhibitor. It prevents the production of the enzyme Cyclo-oxygenase. 

This enzyme encourages the production of prostaglandins, lipids present in cells. The lipid triggers inflammation, pain, exudation, or fluid leakage from blood vessels. Meloxicam prevents the production of Cyclo-oxygenase, which prevents pain and inflammation. It can prevent the body from getting the pain sensation and gives relief by blocking the sensory compounds for a bit.

What is the dose of Loxicom?

The dosage of Loxicom depends on the condition of the dog. However, the Loxicom oral suspension containing 1.5mg/ml is especially recommended for dogs. In some cases, the medication is also available in chewable form. 

The dosage often depends on the size and breed of the dog. In general, 0.2mg of Meloxicam is administered per kg of body weight for the initial treatment. After the second day, the dose is decreased to 0.1mg per kg of body weight. After that, the vet may prescribe the medicine once daily until the pain is cured. 

For a dog breed under 10kgs, 0.1 mg of Loxicom chewable tablets or oral suspension or injection is given regularly. If you have another breed with a weight of more than 10 kgs, the vet may prescribe 2.5 mg of Loxicom once daily. 

How to give Loxicom to your dog?

To ensure the medication works properly, it should be given to the dog in the right method. If you are unsure how to give your dog the medicine, you can ask the vet for suggestions and demonstrations.

If the dog is prescribed an injection, it is better to visit the vet clinic and administer it under expert care.

Chewable tablets and gummies of Loxicom often come in different flavors. You can give it to them without food. Place the pill in the back of their mouth and close it gently. Alternatively, you can also use a pill pusher. Encourage your dog to swallow the pill.

For oral suspension, hold the head of your dog with one hand. Then insert the tip of the dropper in the corner of the mouth, aiming toward the back of the pet’s head. Avoid tilting their head back to prevent accidental inhaling of the medication. Now, slowly squeeze the dropper to empty the medicine. 

After giving your pet the medicine, always provide them with a treat as a prize.

Loxicom is an excellent medicine for dogs to treat their chronic bone and musculoskeletal pain. It is available in different forms and works wonderfully to treat your furry friend’s pain. Before administering the medication, always consult the vet regarding the dosage, side effects, etc., as a responsible pet parent.

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