Can you use Polysporin ear drops in dogs?

Has your dog been shaking its ears more than normal? Do you notice increased scratching around its ears? These are just a few symptoms of a probable ear infection in your dog. Can you use Polysporin ear drops in dogs? This drug in drops form is found in many medicine cabinets. We humans use this for ear or eye infections.

So, can you use human ear drops on dogs? Is it safe for them? Would you end up healing the infection or causing further problems? Let us find out more.

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Can dogs use human ear drops?

Ear and eye infections are common in dogs. This video will clear the picture for you. There may be multiple reasons for such conditions. To provide relief, can you use Polysporin ear drops in dogs?

This doubt arises in owners’ minds because Polysporin is basically a double antibiotic drug commonly used in humans. As mentioned, there might be different reasons for dogs having ear infections. Among these, ear mites and yeast infections are leading causes. 

Using human ear drops for dogs is safe if your dog does not have any broken skin in the ear. However, how effective is Polysporin for dogs will remain a matter of debate. Causes of ear infections in humans are usually different from those ascribed to dogs. In addition, vets believe that antibiotic combination in Polysporin might not be adequately effective against ear mites or yeast. 

As a worried owner, you may try a few drops of this primarily human antibiotic ear drops for dogs. However, it is always advisable to consult your vet to get the correct treatment.

Can you use Polysporin ear drops in dogs? 

Using Polysporin on dogs is not generally advised by vets, since it might cause irritation in the ears if there is broken skin. As a result, your dog will be in more discomfort rather than get relief. If you find your dog is in extreme discomfort and you cannot detect any cuts in the ear, Polysporin can be administered. It is safe and can save you a visit to your vet for minor ear problems.

Neosporin is another antibiotic that is more commonly used in the US to treat ear infections in dogs. Again, consult your vet to get the best advice on proceeding. 

What other remedies can you use for dog ear infections?

Dogs are prone to ear infections. Therefore, owners need to be very careful about this aspect of their dog. Especially if your dog has floppy ears, you need to be very careful.

Besides Polysporin drops, what other remedies are there for dogs?

Clean out wax and debris regularly. If the build-up is significant or difficult to remove, you will need to visit your vet.

Keep them relaxed and comfortable when applying drops. A gentle massage will surely help the effectiveness of the drops.

Regular grooming should be part of your daily schedule of dog care. Also, if your dog is into swimming, ensure routine cleaning to avoid inflammations or harmful infections.

Use established ear cleaning products only.

Is Polysporin safe for dogs?

Ear infections are common in dogs. If you are a dog owner like me, you would have faced this situation. So the question is, can you use Polysporin ear drops in dogs?

Polysporin is actually a double antibiotic. It is a combination of polymixin B and bacitracin zinc. A big factor in favor of Polysporin for dogs is that it is a single drug that has several pharmacological benefits. This is convenient and economical for owners.

However, vets are divided overprescribing such drugs for ear infections in dogs. Polysporin drops may only be used if there are no cuts or lacerations in your dog’s ear. That may worsen the discomfort in its ear. If there is no broken skin or allergies, you may use Polysporin on dogs. It is safe under the conditions mentioned.

Polysporin eye drops for dogs – dosage details

Polysporin drops are meant for the eye and ear infections in humans. Polysporin for dogs can also be used for both these organs. As mentioned already, usage in dogs should be for external use only. This is true for both ears and eyes.

Polysporin eye drops can be safely used for dogs, irrespective of age or size. The rider, of course, is that the applicator tip should not touch the infected eye. You may use 1 to 2 drops of this antibiotic solution 4 times a day for your dog.

Of course, if the condition does not clear up or irritation continues, it is best to consult your vet.

If you had been wondering if human ear drops are safe for dogs, surely you have some clarity over this issue. 

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