Can You Use Savlon in Dogs?

Dogs can get scratches and injuries while playing outside or inside the house. To treat these, can you use Savlon in dogs? This is a valid question in the minds of dog owners because some medicines are common with humans in their scope and application. Savlon is one medicine that we reach out to for cuts and scratches, don’t we?

The question obviously is whether Savlon is safe and effective for dogs. Should it be a part of your dog’s first aid kit? Does it have any reactions? These are things we need to find out:

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Will Savlon hurt my dog? 

Scrapes and cuts are part of owning a dog. Getting these resolved effectively is what you would want. Dog owners know that dogs tend to lick their wounds to heal. This is perfectly okay for superficial wounds. However, this is a natural healing process that might take time.

Savlon is a popular medicine that is used to treat such wounds. Going by the records and experiences of dog owners, Savlon is perfectly safe to use on your dog. It is an effective antibacterial product that will help faster resolution of wounds in dogs.

The initial application might sting just a bit when used on the wounded area. However, that effect will go by in a flash. Savlon will definitely not hurt your dog in any way. Instead, it will expedite wound healing and get your dog back to health.

Having said that, it is important to remember this is ONLY FOR EXTERNAL USE. Do not use this for injuries or infections of the ear. The antibiotic combination in Savlon consists of chlorhexidine and cetrimide. This can be potentially ototoxic for dogs. For any injury that is more than a scrape or minor wound, a visit to the vet is essential.

Can you use Savlon in dogs and how will it benefit your pet? 

Savlon is good antibacterial medicine. It is regularly used by dog lovers to heal wounds and cuts. It is deemed safe and effective for dogs.

For what reasons can you use Savlon in dogs?

  • Savlon will help to heal the wound.
  • It will prevent infection from forming.
  • The medicine will speed up the recovery process. 

It is to be noted that the area where Savlon has been applied needs to be covered with a bandage. It will prevent your dog from licking the region and will expedite healing.

So, on the whole, the point is, as long as it is for external use, you can use this medicine for dogs. Savlon is a dependable antibacterial that should find a place in your dog’s first aid kit. It can be your first line of defense against any mishap that happens.

Can you put Savlon on a dog’s skin?

Rest assured that you can apply Savlon to your dog’s skin. There need not be any apprehension regarding this. It is a safe antibacterial solution for superficial injuries. The important thing is to make sure you cover the area well after applying Savlon. Your dog should not be able to lick the medicine off from the wound.

In general, Savlon is good for your dog. Just ensure that you clean out the wounded area first with warm saline. This is to be followed by the Savlon application. 

Is Savlon effective on dogs?

If your dog has scraped itself against something and is mildly injured, you may use Savlon. It is effective against injuries sustained on the skin. We are talking of superficial cuts and bruises here. For deeper cuts or bruises, a vet visit is in order. This will help treat your dog more effectively.

How to apply Savlon to your dog?

Check the wound. Hold your dog and reach for the wounded area. First, you need to check for the nature of the wound. If the cut is not too deep and there is not much bleeding, you can possibly manage it at home. Check out this video for better insight.

Clean the area. Clean any dirt, grit, grass, or other foreign bodies from the area of injury. For this, you may want to use antiseptic wipes from your first aid kit.

Apply Savlon. Can you use Savlon in dogs? Yes, indeed, and it is very effective. Dilute the Savlon liquid and apply it to the wounded area with care.

Do the dressing. This is very important. If the wound is in a place your dog cannot reach, it is well and good. Otherwise, your dog might have the urge to lick or scratch it. This way, the antibacterial layer will come off. This will impede healing.

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